Three's a Crowd - UPDATE

(update at bottom of post)

Will the real Freeholder Romano Chief of Staff please stand up?

That's easy, it's Marelyn Rivera, a successful event planner/entrepreneur.  Rivera is CEO of her own business, an accomplished, professional woman who is active in Hudson County Democratic politics.

She lists her official position as Chief of Staff to Freeholder Romano on LinkedIn:

Unless GA is mistaken, Rivera was swapped for Carmelo Garcia when no one was looking.

Remember, Garcia's contract as Executive Director of the Hoboken Housing Authority was terminated in August 2014; 2 months later Marelyn Rivera came on board as Romano's Chief of Staff.  I couldn't help but notice she is a natural beauty.

Freeholder Romano Chief of Staff  at 2015 gala [source: Facebook]
So, here's where the story gets confusing....

If Rivera is Freeholder Romano's Chief of Staff (she is) then how can Joseph Branco be Romano's  Chief of Staff, like he told witnesses on the Chamber train to D.C.?  

I have no idea!   Let me ask my fortune-teller.

"Gypsy, what do you see in your crystal ball?"


A reader sent GA the following screenshots and note:
Joe is pretending to be the host of Sticks event tonight! Its Marelyn, not Joe.


  1. She looks like Shania Twain. Gorgeous!

  2. Joe Branco is much prettier. And smarter too! Did you know he graduated from NYU? Beauty and brains all in one amazing package. No wonder every political wannabe wants Joe on his or her team. Garcia's loss is Romano's gain. Big time.

    2017 is a done deal unless someone is smart enough to woo Branco away from Romano.

    1. Joe Branco, kingmaker.

    2. You guys are killing me. Too funny.

    3. Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder. Mr. Carmelo's rumored eclectic eye for physical beauty is different than Mr. Sitck's much more conventional one.

  3. Romano is going to clean Zimmers clock.

    1. Only literally. I.E., he will do it in a janitor capacity. But he'll probably delegate it to cabana boy.

  4. But Romano is collecting money for his freeholder campaign. So unless Zimmer runs for freeholder, there's no clock to clean. Dumbass....

    Another OG brain donor who thinks he's helping and doesn't realize he's screwing the pooch for his candidate.

  5. transference:when a man crush is transfered from Carmelo to Stick.

  6. The 2 Marine View Plaza address given in the invitation to send money has changed ownership from Anthony Romano to an LLC for the sum of one dollar.

    1. It's a rental, isn't it? Romano would have a lease (?) so how is that transferable to an LLC?

    2. Public records show that property ownership was transferred from Anthony Romano to ALR Properties.

    3. Oh goody. Another chance for the taxpayer to subsidize Hoboken's Freeloader. Not only does he live in subsidized housing - despite his 122k pension, his bar and his other real estate holdings.

      But now he wants to claim a tax write-off for his undeserved unit as a business expense.

      Can't wait til this dirt-bag runs for city-wide office and finds out what John Q Yuppie thinks of this classic case of double-dipping while others pay their fair share plus HIS fair share.

      Hey, dipshit, if you own anything with the word "Properties" in the title you should not be squatting in housing meant for teachers and people who really need it.


  7. ROMANO2017 will crush Zimmer. CRUSH.

    1. Only if If he falls of his tax payer subsidized Balcony at Marineview plaza and lands on her head.

      * 2 bedroom apts there for 1300 per month max! Discounted muni garage parking and a FREE POOL!

    2. Romano2017 is a freeholder campaign. What's that got to do with Zimmer? Wait, are you saying he's laundering money in his freeholder account to run for mayor?

      Does Anthony know you think he's a felon?

  8. "Your are here by cordially invited...", WTF??? LOL, OMG, is this guy really that illiterate? No wonder every campaign Cabana Boy gets behind crashes and burns. Can't make this stuff up, these OG knuckleheads are too funny.


    Business Name: A L R Property Management Corp
    Categorized In: Real Estate Leasing and Rentals
    Address: 2 Marine View Plaza Apartment 22a Hoboken, NJ 07030
    Phone Number: (201) 798----
    Contact Person: Anthony L Romano Jr
    NAICS Code: 531210
    SIC Code: 6531
    Business Type: B2B & B2C
    Founding Year: 2004
    Employee #: 1 to 4
    Location Type: Single Location
    Annual Revenue ($): $100,000 to $499,999

  10. Reverse Robin HoodMarch 1, 2016 at 3:40 PM

    Marine View Plaza is a property of Low Income Housing Corporation (LIHC)

    Is a rich guy like Stick allowed to run a political operation in affordable housing?

    Is a rich guy like Stick allowed to transfer his affordable housing unit to an LLC?

    A reverse Robin Hood takes from the poor and gives to himself.

  11. Romano is delusional if he thinks Hoboken will elect him over Zimmer.
    He lives off the city/county with housing and a car, gas and insurance.
    He has a fat pension.
    He lives in affordable housing and everyone knows he has money.
    Shame on him for not allowing a person who is less fortunate to have a low-income affordable apt.
    Romano is for Romano.
    Furthermore if you look at his last election and on his Facebook page he brags to other "Old Hoboken" cronies that this is "Our Time and Our Town".
    This is not the making of a mayor who should be representing the best interest of the town vs. the best interest of Romano and his long list of money sucking cronies who would all be looking for a hand out, job or other.....


  12. I wonder if Stick's legendary carnal appetite will matter in his race for mayor. Like ladies coming forward. Personally I could care less about that kind of stuff.

  13. Stick is having fundraiser to pay off his Freeholder campaign debt BEFORE he registers a new campaign for Mayor. Technically he is allowed to do this. I don't think he'll run for mayor ultimately. His base shrinks daily.

  14. Not defending Romano, but he's a product of the old guard, who have gamed the system for so long, they don't even understand why reasonable people would find it disgusting. Apart from Romano, there are significant numbers of people living in Hoboken's subsidized / affordable / low-income housing that shouldn't, including our current chief of police and assemblywoman.

    1. There's nothing "disgusting" about people who legally qualified for the housing when they moved in continuing to live there if that's what the rules permit.

      Should those rules be changed when it becomes possible? I think they should be. But that's not possible until the PILOTs expire When that happens I won't shed a tear for those who can afford to pay market prices and who will then have to do so. And if and when people who shouldn't qualify for a continuing subsidy fight to tooth and nail to keep it I will judge them accordingly.

      But reasonable people expect others to play by the rules as they exist, and whether you like it or not the current rules permit people to stay in their homes and pay a surcharge to reflect their current incomes. Is it disgusting to claim a deduction on your taxes that the law says your entitled to even if "reasonable people" think the deduction ought to be abolished? I doubt many reasonable people would think so.

      What's not reasonable to me is the hypocrisy of the people who rail about Marine View and Church towers residents paying below market costs no matter their incomes, but who are not only OK with exactly the same "rules" applying under rent control, but who want to perpetuate those rules forever claiming their subsidy is somehow "consumer protection."

    2. Anon at 11:05 is very naive and disregards the fact that freeholders, chiefs of police and assemblymen are public figures. As long as they have a seat on this gravy train, someone who truly needs it cannot get it. They know it, you know it, and I know it. That's the disgusting part.

    3. It's a perfectly legitimate political point to make but that hardly makes it "disgusting." I want my elected representatives to be better than "disgusting" I want them to be good people by any measure.

      For example, nobody is obligated to give anything to charity but if I found out that a candidate for President had never made a charitable contribution, I would consider that as a negative character factor when I considered who to vote for.

      But personally I reserve the word "disgusting" for things far more serious than doing something that benefits someone economically that is entirely within his rights to do.

      And I suspect that many of those who call living in Marine View legally "disgusting" would do the same if they had the opportunity.

    4. You say potato, I say disgusting.

      Here is (one of) the definitions of "disgusting" from Merriam Webster: "so bad, unfair, inappropriate, etc., that you feel annoyed and angry" Exactly how many feel. You seem to feel complacent of the status quo, defensive of a broken system rife with abuses and resigned to let those who should know better to continue benefiting in ways they're no longer qualified to.

      Public officials should be held to a higher standard than the average schmo, gaming the system, however "legal" you may spin it, and it's easy to take pot-shots at Romano here, because the average poster on GA is not a fan of his, but the chief of police and assemblywoman and many others, are in that same category of living off the public.

  15. Let's be honest, Joe never told anyone he was chief of staff, that's just what some shit stirring blogger threw out there to try to get people to pile on like a bunch of middle school adolescents. Just another hit piece brought to you by reforms biggest embarrassment.

    1. Of course, he did! Straight from sources on the Chamber Train.

      Where do you think the pic of the Tattletale cup came from? Exhibit A!

    2. is that what Joe's telling Rivera?


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