Source: "Sensing a lot of panic..."

Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia held a private fundraiser at Teak on March 7, 2015

A source tells GA:

"Sensing a lot of panic from Team Carmelo... they're complaining his name shouldn't be mentioned in the stories about Campos... that Carmelo wasn't the one arrested... Carmelo's inner circle is trying to create distance between him and Chris..."

If true, that sentiment is a long way off from the "Three Amigos" days  Al Sullivan recounted in 2013. 

Let's be clear, folks.

Chris Campos was arrested for alleged crimes committed from "on or about" October 2012 to "on or about" September 2013 AFTER he served as Chief of Staff for Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia.  Chris Campos was Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia's Chief of Staff for a 2-year term beginning January 2014, 13 months after the alleged criminal activity ended.

GA sympathizes with Team Carmelo! The mainstream media gets it wrong a lot.

Since the complaint doesn't use the actual names of any individual who is included in the complaint (but not a Defendant) the public doesn't know yet who these parties are.   For example, we don't know the identity of the two "Straw-Purchasers"  allegedly recruited by Campos:

Nor do we know the identity of any other parties (aside from Defendants)- including CW-1 and CW-2, the two cooperating witnesses!

 It appears CW-1 and CW-1 avoided being named as Defendants by cooperating with the F.B. I.

Don't you wonder who they are?

So, if Campos' alleged activities have been ratted out by CW-1 and CW-2, what kind of cooperation could earn Campos "lenient treatment?"

Hmmm. What kind of information could former Fourth Ward Councilman Campos possibly have, of interest to anyone?

GA has no idea, and am certainly not alleging any wrongdoing!

At least, Assemblyman Garcias' Chief of Staff Campos should know about how "campaign" meetings,  fundraisers and events  funded by "Garcia for Assembly" were spent.  How much of that money was spent by "Garcia for City Council?"

Campaign meetings? Assemblyman Garcia was off the ticket.

The outgoing Assemblyman was fundraising for WHAT?

How was this paid for?

Aside from the use of Garcia  for Assembly funds, what else might Chris Campos know about? Vision 20/20? Contracts at the HHA?  The "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit? ?

Who knows!

Campos is deeply loyal to his childhood friend, Carmelo Garcia.  On January 7, 2016, Campos told's Steve Strunsky, "He can run for dogcatcher and I'll always be with him."

GA believes that.

Chris Campos certainly has no shortage of friends.


  1. And another one bites the dust.

  2. You know who sweats over being associated with crime? Fellow criminals.

  3. Most times you can indeed judge a person by the company they keep.

  4. Carmelo Garcia and Christopher Campos....perfect together.


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