Not-Stempler: The Campos Complaint

In the early years of this blog, GA had a Legal Department.  His name was "Not-Stempler" (I'll explain later).

Guess what?

A federal criminal prosecution of the seismic kind in New York and New Jersey districts has lured Not-Stempler away from his high-paying gig to his no-paying gig at GA.  GA is referring to The United States of America v Julio Alvarez, Christopher Campos, Marco Blasio and Geuris Ramos.

Not-Stempler, a veteran of federal cases from Capitol Hill to the Garden State, has returned to GA with his assessment of  the Campos complaint. These are notes from our discussion:
This kind of complaint is designed to strike fear and dread in the hearts of anyone remotely connected to the scheme. 

It was obvious there were many participants. Its obvious some have started to cooperate. It's obvious many will wind up in jail.  It's obvious to any competent criminal attorney that they'd better strike a deal and give up as much and as many in exchange for leniency. 

This is a race to the prosecutors office.

This is the type of the situation that the prosecutors have structured to grab as many people as possible. They are on a witch-hunt, they will take as many bodies as they can get. This is the effect.

Chris Campos has exposed the underbelly of Hoboken grifting in a way that nobody could have anticipated.  You will see a wide variety of issues, arrests, pleas. This will have tentacles all over the place.  

Worse, is that the NY Feds got it. They get to drag in and tweak the NJ Feds for allowing this to happen on their watch.  It becomes a matter of pride that the NJ Feds have to jump on board to be seen as tough and aggressive as the guys from NY.

The Feds threw chum into shark infested waters to see what they can catch.

This is explosive.  This is so far off the charts of any of the penny ante [crime] the Old Guard mess with. This is the Feds. This is the full weight of the FBI, NY and NJ and the DOJ.  This is unprecedented in Hoboken.This is a giant powder keg of dynamite in Church Square Park.  Nobody has said BOO.

It’s so explosive that they have no idea where the next shockwave will come from.

The Feds have figured out there’s a kind of crime syndicate here in Hudson County interwoven with politics.

There will be more arrests.
Take it from where it comes, folks...  if you want Not-Stempler's professional  services, his fee is $850/ hour.

Oh yes, his moniker...

Not-Stempler's real name is "Larry."  But, back in 2011, GA was writing about a(nother) lawyer named  'Larry" (whose last name was Stempler. )

To avoid confusion among Larrys, I called mine "Not-Stempler"

And Larry Stempler?  Back then, he was a Beth Mason donor and fund-raiser and National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) Board member.  In November 2010, Stempler trafficked a ghostwritten hit piece through the NJDC's back door which linked directly to The hit piece was intended to destroy yours truly on an epic scale. Oh yeah, Beth Mason was an  NJDC donor. 

Take a look!

read from bottom up

Now you know why GA has called the NJDC a corrupt organization: political favors for donors: "can you make sure Beth has seen this...."  

But I digress...

GA thanks the REAL Not -Stempler (not to be confused with cheap imitations) for his thoughts on The United States of America v Julio Alvarez, Christopher Campos, Marco Blasio and Geuris Ramos

Welcome back!


  1. Me and Julio Down By The School Yard.

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    It's against the law
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    good by to Rosie the queen of Corona
    See you, me and Julio
    Down by the school yard
    Me and Julio down by the schoolyard

  2. Inter-agency competition could make this interesting.

  3. "The Feds have figured out there’s a kind of crime syndicate here in Hudson County interwoven with politics..." Lol how true.

    1. Or when people defaulted on loans the lenders investigated, gave the info to the FBI, the FBI in turn questioned the borrowers who gave up the whole scam.

      I doubt this will sprawl into Hudson County politics unless someone can hand over a big fish, like a sitting state or US senator.

    2. But it already has sprawled into HC politics- ex city councilman Campos. NY has reached into nj. the squeeze is on.

    3. It has not sprawled, Campos is part of the central fraud found in the indictment. Campos "bird dogged" which is the term used to describe finding and convincing strawbuyers to participate in the fraud.

      At this point the indictment has nothing to do with Hudson County politics and it may never spawn anything that has to do with Hudson County politics.

    4. Anon 9:33- you think the feds are done?

    5. No idea. If it does sprawl in the political direction it will be for a big fish. Someone likely larger than someone like Garcia.

      The feds like slam dunk cases and it seems they have one. They may not be eager to to trade a slam dunk for an outside 3 pointer.

  4. The tentacles of corruption in Hudson County reach much farther than the local scene. We've experienced federal investigations which only go so far and then die. Will this be one more? If Campos got caught, then it stands to reason that someone higher up had something to sell in a plea deal. Is that where it ends? Sorry to sound cynical, but I've come to believe that the corrupt Democrats in Essex & Union Counties hold more sway over what goes on here than we know, and god knows what connections they have in Trenton and DC.

    1. I am with you on the cynicism but the difference this time is that the complaint was filed by New York Feds, which casts NJ Feds in an bad light... like Not-Stempler said, NJ Feds look like slackers and "as a matter of pride" will have to DO something. My (hopeful) opinion!

    2. I hope you're correct.


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