Make your own Blarney Stone

top: Blarney Castle, Cork Ireland- bottom: The Blarney Stone

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Irish peeps!

In Hoboken, some honor the Irish Saint with bar-crawls, projectile vomiting and public urination, others decorate doors and windows with symbols of Ireland.

And what could be more Irish than the Blarney Stone?

The (real) Blarney Stone is set in the battlements of the medieval Blarney castle in Cork, Ireland. To kiss it, one has to lean backwards (holding on to an iron railing) from the parapet walk. The prize is a real one as once kissed the stone bestows the gift of eloquence.

Well folks, did you know that you can make your own Blarney Stone?

GA didn't know either, until someone sent me these pics of Beth Mason's storefront window on 12th St.

Glad that sign is there or you'd be asking, "why the fuck is that paper bag wearing a hat?"

No, silly.  It's not a crumpled-up grocery bag it's the Blarney Stone.... *wink*.

Making your own Blarney Stone is a quick and easy way to honor the Saint who spread Christianity throughout pagan Ireland in the 5th century A.D.   All you need is a paper bag.

Instructions: Avoid bags with logos (i.e.; Target, Home Depot, ACME). Bag should be Blarney-stone color.  Crumple it up in a Blarney stone shape.  Put on a leprechaun hat.

Done!  Now you're read to display. "Top 'o the mornin' to you, Blarney-bag!"

I'll bet you can't wait for what shows up in Beth Mason's window for Easter!  The Crucifixion of Jesus in pipe cleaners?

Stay tuned!


  1. Blarney Bag courtesy of the Blarney HAG

  2. What do you expect from a woman who lives in a Victorian funeral home?

  3. Actually, I thought it was just a little bit creative...for a 2nd grader.

  4. Discarded brown paper bag = St Patrick's Day. Hey, I know things get a little out of hand, but that's a little harsh, Beth.


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