Belfiore supports Campos, Carmelo hides

In a shocking statement today to MSV, Perry Belfiore stepped up as the only Hoboken politico (so far) to publicly support Chris Campos.

Belfiore told Horse:
"I love Chris Campos and time will tell the magnitude of his involvement.
Belfiore is correct.  Time will tell the magnitude of Campos' involvement; it's called a trial. Campos is presumed innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law.

Which means Belfiore is the only Dark Sider with any balls whatsoever.  

Deserted by his childhood friend Carmelo Garcia, and not a peep from his old Hoboken gang, Belfiore is the only one of Campos' peers to give him the presumption of innocence, the only one unafraid to show kindness to the accused in his time of need.

Ruben sure stuck the knife into Campos (and twisted it) when he told the Hoboken Reporter  "I'm disappointed."

Hey Ruben, what happened to the presumption of innocence?


  1. Crickets from Mike Russo! Russo served with Campos from 2003-2007. 4 years and cat got his tongue?

  2. Time and the tapes the FBI likely has of the central figures in the fraud discussing the fraud with the straw buyers.

  3. Hector Torres JunyaMarch 17, 2016 at 10:15 AM

    If you expect people to talk here and in our neck of town forgettaboutit.
    Mike Russo learned all the rules from his dad An-tuny. When the feds make a hit on one of ours, no one says nothing.

    If one of ours goes away, you just don't talk about it until they get back.
    Perry is the only friend Chris has left. Maybe because he doesn't have one of those car leases.

  4. Perry loves to hear himself talk and doesn't know when to shut up. Remember when he showed up at city council with a stack of Stan's email that he couldn't explain how he acquired? Now he tells everyone that Campos paid off his loans when the charge doesn't identify Campos as a buyer.


    1. Lol! Loose lips! How does Perry know this?

  5. Perry Belfiore should be the president of
    The Good Friends Of Hoboken Felons Society.


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