BIG Petrosino Lie- is he hurting his case?

Folks, the whoppers that this "academic" continues to publish on his blog about an ongoing case in which he is a Respondent never cease to amaze me.

One has to wonder when does his credibility on matters relating to his litigation become an issue in court?

My perspective on today's Petro-gas harvest comes from my experience as a litigant in Bajardi v Pincus.

I cannot ever imagine publishing demonstrably false statements before, after, or during my litigation.  In fact, I cannot ever imagine publishing demonstrably false statements and/or verifiable statements which I believe to be false about anything.

But here is Anthony Petrosino, lying his ass off about a relevant historical fact in his litigation, which is a matter of public record.  In my opinion, Wilentz Attorneys at Law, representing HoLa, should be furious and muzzle his lying trap.

Anyway, let's get to it.

On December 15, 2015 Pinocchio-sino wrote:
"As you may recall, the original concept for HoLa in 2008 was a strand within the district, housed at Connors, the Hoboken public school with the highest concentration of low income students."

I was there in 2008 at the BoE meeting when Superintendent Raslowsky told parents that space would be needed for the HoLa program in Wallace,  so Wallace students would have to be moved out. 

How could I forget that?   My daughter was in kindergarten at Wallace and my head nearly exploded as the words left Raslowsky's mouth.

Oh yeah, another inconvenient fact: Connors was slated for a major renovation to begin in the 2009-2010 school year, a two-year project.  As noted in the Jersey Journal on November 18, 2008.

Petrosino was Assistant to Superintendent Jack Raslowsky, knew that Connors was to be vacated for renovation and knew HoLa was NOT to be "housed at Connors."

What a liar. 

GA cannot find video of that 2008 meeting.

Beth Mason has/had it.

Let me explain.  At that time a website, owned and operated by former Councilwoman Mason was regularly videotaping public meetings, including Hoboken City Council meetings and Board of Education meetings.  GA would love to have posted the clip, but Mason took her site down years ago.


Even if Beth Mason did not want to continue videotaping meetings, why didn't she leave the videos up for a nominal cost?

A possible clue as to why Beth Mason pulled down wethepeoplereports may lie in a Bajardi v Pincus email exhibit.   Take note: according to the email,  the Raslowsky-Petrosino administration were editing out public comment against HoLa for the Channel 77 broadcast.

Wilentz peeps, are you paying attention to what your client is doing to your case?


  1. Didn't Dr. P get outed as "Curious Gal" ?

  2. "Beth Mason marches on the Bastille moment"????

    Screaming "Axxxxxcussseee Meee" instead of singing Les Mis songs?

    1. Classic political operative at work email! Telling Beth Mason to pull down videos "that could be used against her" on her TRANSPARENCY web site! I hope you read this one in court! Priceless.

    2. Ill bet lil Napoleon applied similar wildly conflated historical analogies to himself for suing bloggers.

    3. It's almost like he had a Complex

    4. It is scary to read how someone who wants to be considered a newsman is giving instructions on how to edit and manipulate the news ?

  3. Doesn't this guy live in Texas now? Why does he still get his knickers in a twist about Hoboken schools? It's kinda creepy, like the boyfriend you break up with who keeps sending you emails and commenting on your Facebook page, yuck.

    Dude, put on your big boy pants and get a life, huh?

  4. Because he's not legit. He had a good gig and blew it. It drives him nuts.

  5. We The People "Action Plan" aka censorship of public information and lying to the public.... Omg what a doosh.

  6. I know conversations took place prior to presentation to the public at the Board meeting people attended. The first discussions involved the then Connors principal (Erbe) and some people who wanted a dual language program in the public schools (my cousin's wife worked in Connors at the time).

    1. I don't doubt that's true, the HoLa gals met with administrators through out the district prior to the presentation. That's not what Petro is saying: "the original concept for HoLa in 2008 was a strand within the district, housed at Connors." The only specific location ever publicly proposed for the dual language program was Wallace, by Superintendent Raslowsky.

    2. The first time the "hola girls" met with petroino was in Connors. Hola was to be placed in either one of two places, wallace- by displacing childen or Brandt.

  7. Why was Connors never mentioned at a public meeting and only mentioned now? Curious


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