Party at Moran's

Do you feel it?

GA did last night at the Hoboken Democratic Social Club's New Hampshire Primary Returns Watch Party at  Moran's.

All one could really do was watch, not listen, because it was loud in there. Yep, lots of folks turned out for the kick-off of Hoboken's newest social club for Democrats, and you know it's hard to get people to leave the house on a cold night.  Especially me.

Therefore I was pleased to see a mix of Hoboken's political spectrum show up. There was "Deepak Chopra of the county Democratic Party" (a.k.a. Bernie Kenny)-  but you can call him "Number 9."

Who else?

Hoboken's Top Gun -  but you can call her "Mayor Zimmer"- and her spouse whats-his-name....  the emailing guy who gets recorded on hidden wire and sued for ethnic cleansing once in a while.    BTW, the rumor that he wears Versace glasses is not true!  (I checked.)

Members from Hoboken City Council showed up: Peter Cunningham, Mike DeFusco,  Ravi Bhalla and Ruben Ramos.  GA was excited to finally meet Ramos. It's always fun  to meet the Dark Siders I've blogged about, cause you never know what to expect.  Ramos was a good sport.

Other officials there included newly crowned NHSA Commissioner Kurt Gardiner and HHA Commissioner David Denning. Former NHSA Commissioner Frank Raia showed up but didn't look happy.

Hoboken Freeholder Anthony 'Stick' Romano arrived late. GA cornered him with a question : "Do you support Hillary or Bernie?" He gave some non-answer. So I asked if he was a Trump-man. That sent him running.

I am not sure why Stick wouldn't say which Dem he preferred.  Why not?  I got the feeling most attendees were rooting for Bernie, but Hillary was the 'do no harm' choice.   Sorry folks... Larry David for President!  Bagels and lox in the White house!

Yes, it was a lovely evening. and the beer was cheap.  GA would like to thank the hostess,  HHA Chairwoman Dana Wefer. 

Speaking of the hostess, a little blond birdie told me another Hoboken Democratic Social Club event will be calendared soon...  Stay tuned, people!

And GA hopes to see more faces next time!


  1. Where was Beth Mason ? I she over the Hill already ?

    1. I think the bouncer threw her out.

    2. A shame they didn't throw out Ms. Blanco. From the video, it doesn't seem she is very stable.

    3. Apologies - not relevant to this thread. Intended for Washington St.

  2. The HCV interview with Stick was so funny, he called the NH Sanders win an upset. My 6th grader knew Bernie was supposed to win NH- i'll bet yours did too. EVERYBODY knew Bernie was supposed to win- EXCEPT Stock Romano!! Does Stick know anything about Democratic Party politics? Stick is the Dem Committee leader and doesn't know anything. Wow.

  3. Did Mr. Happy Meal show up?

  4. What's the point of having a club for so-called "Democrats" when characters like Stick and Ramos show up? I don't care what their stance is on national issues; there's no way in hell I'd ever affiliate with them regardless of what political party they claim to be a part of.


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