He could, he didn't, watch him

GA doesn't make this stuff up, I promise you.

Former Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia posted a Patch article, "Hoboken Truck Crash Caused Red Light Increase, Significant traffic on Observer Highway: City" on Facebook yesterday.

Either Garcia didn't read his article, or else is lying like a rug, when he wrote:
These are the failures caused by the observer redesign which has only increased traffic, congestion and carbon emissions! We must do better. ‪#‎WeCanWeWillWatchUs‬
Umm, no...

The article clearly states the above average frequency of red lights at  the recently renovated roadway was due to damage from a Jan. 26 motor vehicle accident.

The accident was a result of the snow removal- a dump truck crashed into a traffic signal at Observer and Willow. City officials stated, "As a result of the damage, the signal timing sequence was affected, leading to very frequent red lights along Observer Highway, causing significant traffic congestion issues in southern Hoboken since Wednesday. A second repair attempt this morning was successful, and the signal is now functioning properly. During the three weeks prior to the damage to the signal, there had been no observed deterioration in traffic conditions due to the roadway reconfiguration."

So what does this all mean?

He can, he will, watch him run for At-Large Council in 2017!


  1. I think we all know that a large part of the criticism we see coming from Russo and Garcia is self-serving political rhetoric.
    Mr. Garcia has proven himself repeatedly to have little veracity, and even less ethics and morals.

  2. UGH !!!! Yesterday the face of the rape guy and today Mr Carmelo.

  3. Go Harvard Reading Is Fundamental class!

  4. Good lord. Even the Carmelitos are getting sick of his tired BS at this point.

  5. Carmelo never posts about what he does at his Newark J-O-B, even though he has a big title: Executive VP and Chief Real Estate Officer of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation... what's that?

    1. A no-show job courtesy of the north jersey machine.

    2. How much $ are taxpayers shelling out for that empty chair?

  6. Run on what ticket? Ruben doesn't need him.

  7. This piece of political garbage is finished. Anyone crazy enough to put him on a ticket in 2017 will be defeated at the polls because the public will realize that the candidate who runs with him has questionable judgment.


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