Over the rainbow

And they're off!

Tonight is the first Hoboken City Council meeting of 2016 and it features a packed agenda.

The meeting kicks off with a swearing-in ceremony for: Mike DeFusco, Tiffanie Fisher, Mike Russo, Ruben Ramos, Peter Cunningham and Jen Giattino.

Next... the Council re-org.

Who will be appointed Council President?

Rumor has it the next Council President will not have a Y-chromosome, but will be a Ward council member bearing two X-chromosomes!

And the Council VP?  GA hears the appointment will go to an At-Large Council member with a Y chromosome!

City Council appointments include (2) regular and (3) alternate seats on the ZBA, Hoboken's chief municipal prosecutor and chief municipal defender, a member of the ABC Board, and a dozen special law enforcement officers.

Mayoral appointments include (4) members and (1) alternate to the Planning Board, (3) to the Historic Preservation Committee, and (3) to the Shade Tree Commission.

Speaking of the mayor...

Not to forget the dedication and service since 1968 as 11th Street and Washington's crossing guard, Mayor Zimmer will present a proclamation to Hoboken original Margaret O'Brien.   Margaret retired from her post last week. 

Margaret O'Brien on CNN's American Morning- watch video

Of course, you know Margaret. 

Author, Margaret O'Brien  
She's a familiar Hoboken voice; a long-time civic activist, local observer/historian, author, commenter/contributer to Hoboken411 (before the greasy-web tabloid's death-spiral), always outspoken in her political views.

Agree with her or not, Margaret is a treasure of sorts.

GA recalls her shouting at mayoral candidates from the audience at a 2009 OLG debate. In 2011, a friend and I were campaigning for 2nd Ward candidate Tom Greaney on the  corner of 12th and Washington when Margaret passed and shouted:

"He's never gonna win!"  

My friend (still) does a hilarious imitation: "     (anyone)      's never gonna win!"

You can buy Margaret's book, Veritas Columbus on Amazon.com.

Thank you, Margaret O'Brien!

On that note, good luck to Hoboken's newly-minted 2016 City Council, and here's tonight's agenda:


  1. Ahh Margaret, defender of Cammarano

    I wish her well in retirement though

  2. Jen is Pres.

    Dave is Vice Pres.

    1. always a bridesmaid never a bride....

  3. Many people have worked to bring Hoboken's government to this point and this City Council and Mayor Zimmer's Administration is not likely to squander the opportunity to collectively make OUR city even greater.
    I look forward to lively debate on how to proceed without the constant political negativity and stagnation of the past.

  4. Never underestimate the ability of people to squander opportunities.

    1. I am optimistic.

      The fact that Hoboken now has opportunities become better without having to overcome the blanket negativity, nastiness and obstructionism of Castellano, Mason and to a lesser extent Occhipinti is a cause for optimism.

  5. I thought reform was about being independent and having your own ideas and not being influenced?
    Seems the Zimmer PsychoPhants cant take it when elected independent candidates who won ON THEIR OWN in WARD races by LARGER MARGINS than Zimmer ever has feel the need to trash free thinking in the name of Saint Dawn.

    HCDO kingpin , Bernie Kenny swearing in the council? Really? Viva Reform!


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