Heads up, Hoboken Dems!

What's this?...

Sounds like a blast!

Thanks, Donald for negotiating such a great deal on drinks... because nothing brings Hoboken Dems together like $3 drafts, barstools and watching the New Hampshire Presidential Primary Results together!

That's right!  

Celebrate the official kickoff of the Presidential Primary season with new and old friends on Tuesday, February 9th at 7PM at Moran's Pub, located at 501 Garden Street (northeast corner of Church Square Park.) 

Root for your fave: Bernie, Hillary or Martin... and the Donald has agreed to lend us his comb-over to wipe up spilled drinks.

Whether or not you can make it, check us out (and 'like' us) on Facebook !

And everybody, THANK the Donald!


  1. I vote for "Pet the Pelt". Sounds more like a carnival game.

  2. Donald's hair reminds me of another useless blowhard who lives in our borders

    "All Hat and no Cattle"

  3. Pin the Unibrow on the Bajardi

  4. They should add some local politics to the mix. Maybe pictures with the weasel with an easel? Or you could put fluffy purple pillows on on the seats and have a some well dressed twit run around all night fluffing the pillows for customers before they sit down? Just thinking out loud here.

    1. And serve Fluffernutter on bananas.

  5. This would be a great opportunity to organize candidates for the Hoboken Democratic Committee.

    Hoboken may be stuck with the Stick for another year but it should be easy enough elect enough Committee people to neutralize the toxic influence of former mayor and convicted felon Anthony Russo's family.

  6. That's a particularly il douche-looking shot of Benito Trump.


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