Does Mason know that....

..Tiffanie Fisher is the Second Ward Councilwoman?

"Elizabeth Abruzese Mason, Councilwoman, Second Ward" sends Hoboken resident this card in 2016

One of Tiffanie's 2nd Ward constituents sent the pic with this note:
After receiving a Christmas card from the Mason family... we then received a Happy New Year card on Friday from “Second Ward Councilwoman Mason” which had to have been planned for, produced (if not paid for) and mailed AFTER she was no longer our councilwoman. What the hell is she thinking???? It’s like a form of harassment.
I agree, it's weird.  And what's with the P.O. Box?


  1. I doubt that Mrs. Richard Mason actually does anything herself.
    Her husband pays people to do everything.

    1. Hey, you can't blame Beth Mason for this screwup. Other people messed it up. Sure it's an insult to Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher and Hoboken residents but Beth's an equal opportunity offender.

      Besides, her medication may not even been updated in 2016. Show Beth some mercy.

  2. Mason's not going away. She's a cockroach; the slapp was a nuclear bomb and she survived.

    1. Her menagerie will be delighted to hear that.

    2. Yeah who inherits that genius now that Mason is done politically? Does he focus on his art gallery experience and transition into something in Soho perhaps?

    3. Apes can't flyJanuary 11, 2016 at 2:26 PM

      or in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhatten Bridge Overpass).

  3. Imo this was intentional. Households that don't vote may think she's still in office. blurs the lines for her next run, keeps her relevant to the low information crowd.

  4. If she had mailed them for 2015, we could have counted the days until she was out of office.

    Without any other title, she probably intends to use the title "councilwoman" indefinitely, like former presidents and governors do, because without it, she's nobody. Well, even with it, she was nobody.

  5. January 1, 2016

    A Farewell Message For You....

    Dear Mrs. Richard G. Mason

    We're glad to see you leave the dais
    All we want to do is say is
    You stayed too long and made some muck
    At this and all your jobs you suck
    No need for us to fume and vent
    As you've become irrelevant

    NOT Your Second Ward Constituents


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