Campos: "He can run for dog catcher and I'll be with him."

Chris Campos is in luck!

According to a January 16, 2016 article on, Campos will follow former Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia to run for dog catcher, and (see ad above) it looks like a dog catcher position has opened up! 

In Hoboken!

With an Assistant Dog Catcher opening, which would allow Mr. Campos to "be with him" all day!

Isn't that terrific?

 article and photo by  Steve Strunsky

According to the article,  attending Garcia's recent "Night of Celebration"  were "80 supporters, staffers, public housing residents, family and friends who took in the food and drink, testimonials, thanks to and from Garcia, a video with lots of comic relief for the bitter-sweet occasion, and a final chant — for the meantime, at least — of Garcia's signature call to action: "We can! We will! Watch us!"

80?  The other 64 must have been sitting behind the camera.  Maybe counted the elk-heads?

Um... I don't think there was any Zimmer "engineering" involved in Assemblyman Garcia's removal from the ticket.  Stack "engineering" is more like it.

Oh, well.  One should always look toward a brighter future, and not dwell on the past.

GA's guess is that Carmelo Garcia will be on Ruben's 2017 ticket- if only he can catch him....


Ramos zipped through Garcia's party like The Roadrunner!

In the meantime, GA wishes Garcia and Campos luck in their new positions with the City of Hoboken!


  1. They'd have to count the horns on the elks to get to 80.

    1. Hector Torres JunyaJanuary 26, 2016 at 3:03 PM

      The end of the gravy train and Mr. Carmelo's feebie taxpayer paid party (until he can coerce Ruben or Stick Romano to get on their at-large ticket anyway). If they had any brains they'd tell him to go scratch.

      Here in the fourth ward he has quite a following. People are very impressed how he got away with so much and hasn't been arrested. Yet.

      We all heard Chris was getting $40,000 as Carmelo's "top" aide. Well if he can get that as aide to the dog catcher, we expect he will.

    2. Chris Campos was not getting paid by Carmelo Garcia to be his aide he was getting paid + benifits by the taxpayers of Hudson County.
      He had to do things like ghostwrite apology letters for Pat Waiters (also on the taxpayer payroll) when she had her public anti-simetic rant.

      Some may also remember the highly embarrassing DWI arrest Chris Campos was involved in NYC.

  2. Carmelo ain't finished collecting tax dollars. Rumor has it he landed a job on one of the Newark payrolls. Check it out. And, how can he be a dog catcher -- he's a dog?

  3. Thats right. Carmelo's title is Executive Vice President and Chief Real Estate Officer at the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation... which is WHAT exactly? He gets a paycheck for...

  4. Its' the game in NJ... job shifting on the public payroll to earn that pension... the "McGreevey" strategy.

  5. I'm sure he'll run for an at-large seat, that was always his best chance, not a head-to-head against Jen. And I'm sure he'll still be able to rally some of his HHA troops, but from what I hear the longer he's gone the more residents realize how much better things are there now.

    As with Raia, the times (and demographics) they are a changin' and his support and influence declines with every passing year. Still a threat, I'm sure he'll stir plenty of shit during the campaign, but hopefully this next election will be his last.

    1. That is assuming he doesn't jam himself up with a shady real estate deal or something in Newark.

    2. Anon@1:10, Carmelo's ego is such that I'm sure he believes he's like Trump: he could stand in the middle of Washington St and shoot someone, and he still wouldn't lose any votes. Reality was never his thing.

    3. He probably in his previous life when his "gangsta" name was "memo"

  6. Looks like Christopher Campos is working on his "gangsta" cred with the help of the Fed's $7,000,000 fraud charges that hit the press today.

    As the Feds say:

    We Can. We Will. Just Watch Us.


  7. Awesomeness in action.


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