An Earwitness Not-Special Report

Fresh off a Q-Tipster...

GA received an Earwitness dispatch from a drop-in at Thursday's "Night of Celebration" at the Elks Club.

GA calls it a "not-special" report because my Earwitness was a little waxy on the details.

As you know, Thursday's celebration was held "for Carmelo Garcia, Assemblyman, 33rd District, in appreciation of his work and achievements in the NJ Assembly" featuring free food, wine, beer and entertainment.

Here is what GA's Earwitness shared in this not-Special report:
Carmelo's Party a complete dud.  Not one politico. For some reason here though. So is HCV. No Mason crew. Food is pretty good. Sandwich platter, pizza, Yeungling beer, cheap wine and "Carmelo margaritas."  Not kidding. That dude Holmes is here. No Branco. They're not friends anymore. I hear they say hello and goodbye, thats it. I don't see Barbara Reyes or the Braxtons.  40 or 50 people here max.  The guy is really making this a thing, he's interviewing every staffer. The entertainment was some guy lip synching for 90 minutes. Supposedly Romano and Ramos both said hi and left around 7.
Left around 7????  The "Night of Celebration" started at 7 (PM.)

Holy cow.

Romano and Ramos were pretty anxious to beat it out of there before any photographers,  videographers and/or media showed up!  They must have slipped in before it got started, then hoofed it.  I wonder if they had track shoes on, or even came to a full stop when they said "hi" to Carmelo.

Did anyone clock how fast were those two were going when they fled out the door?

The Romano-Ramos courtesy visit sounds an episode of The Road Runner. 

First in Romano...

Then Ramos...

What happened to Wiley Coyote?

Well, GA thanks Hudson County View for capturing the flight of Romano and Ramos on film (beep! beep!) and for their excellent coverage.   

It appears scrapped their story; maybe they would have ran it if Romano or Ramos had stuck around.

Beep! Beep!


  1. Hector Torres JunyaJanuary 9, 2016 at 4:32 PM

    Some people say Ruben watches Arsenal soccer but he's not that fast.
    Just look at him go! See he is too speedy. That's our boy!

    Mr. Carmelo should move to Newark or say West Orange, someplace where his corruption will be admired. We don't want him here in the fourth ward. People say he was a whore to Beth Mason but that's not true. He was Raul's little whore long before.

    Raul let everyone know it!

  2. Only 40 or 50 people and no one of any stature? Stick a fork in Carmelo!

  3. That's real embarrassing. No Mike Russo even. Maybe Holmes was there to collect info. LD-33 includes Union City and JC. No one from UC or JC there. Or no one of any political stature. No movers and shakers. Garcia couldnt bring vision 20/20, so no developers, contractors, no stack.

  4. Watch that video. Ex- Councilman Campos ( the obese one to the left ) [edited].... So creepy

    Bye Bye Narcissist

    1. Christopher Campos who many in Hoboken remember for his NYC DWI charges when he was on the City Council was a paid member of Garcia's Assembly staff so no surprise he showed up.

      Also not there was Mayor Brian Stack who after he made Garcia his Assemblyman saw the toxicity of the man and has made it a point of never being in the same room with him lest they be photographed together. Ramos even while on the same ticket with Garcia has gone out of his way to publicly distance himself from Garcia.
      Ditto for Binacamano, Castellano and Gonzales who also ran on the same ticket.
      No Beth Mason who funneled over $11,000 into Ines Garcia-Keim's PAC to funded those attack mailers in the last election to help Garcia.
      No Mayor Roberts who in his day picked an unqualified Garcia to run the HHA.
      No former BFF Joe either...

  5. Former Director, Fred Bado was there ...hmmm.... he's a good loyal pal of Bernie Kenny.
    Seems odd he would go

  6. Anyone know why Branco broke up with him?

    1. word is he couldn't trust carmelo. DOOFus finally realized it, a couple years after the grossbard transcript.remember carmelo threw Joe under the bus with ramos. 2 or 3 years ago. DOOFus finally caught on.

    2. The break-up of former BFFs circulated during the election last year. There was evidence of the rift at a Hudson County event last year too.

      Both parties arrived within 10 minutes of each other. Carmelo was uninvited but the County people tolerated him showing up. Not a word was said by either and a few people noticed.

      Word on the street is Joe got double-crossed (like everyone else who's ever dealt with Carmelo). Royally pissed off, Joe vowed it would never happen again.

      They live not a block apart on Hudson Street. During the election, there was no Carmelo sign in Joe's window. No one on Carmelo's block put up a sign for Carmelo either (other than Mister Carmelo).

      Word is Joe said he voted for Councilwoman Jen Giattino.
      Maybe he'll turn around and be a happy funny guy again. Poor guy's been miserable since flipping to the dark siders.

      At least he's shaken off the worst of it.

    3. FYI - Carmelo and Joe live on Bloomfield Street.

    4. Branco was ALWAYS an asshole. He faked "funny, nice guy" because he wanted something from reform.
      Thought he could get reform to allow him to influence things like ST Patricks Day,reporting violations and punishing his neighbors like Basiles Pizza for their Sidewalk doors and object to Food Trucks.

      Screw "Topsider Branco" and Memo ( Gang name? ) Garcia....
      Hard to believe anyone bought their BS and went on Vacations with them too!

    5. Yeah, story is Branco wasn't into "water sports" like Carmelo was....

    6. So Branco is mad because he can' trust Carmelo? I wouldn't trust anyone in that group and it is insane those people are dumb enough to think they can trust each other to be anything but untrustworthy.

    7. Branco had an issue with the Landlord at the time not Basiles. At one point he owned the salon on the 2nd floor.

    8. He went after Basile's doors and sidewalk incline that's a fact!

    9. I've no opinion, don't know anything about it, don't care. IMO, $3K seems like a small sum to litigate over. I can imagine the legal fees on both sides were exponentially more.

  7. here's the transcript where Carmelo throws branco and ruben under the bus (transcript says Joe Garcia- NOT correct)


    1. Interesting article- not sure what it has to do with the post, but thank you.

  9. Anyone ever notice the photo in the lower portion of this article? The woman seems to be avoiding someone like the plague


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