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photo credit: Charles Hack, Jersey Journal

GA had heard a rumor that former 2nd Ward Councilwoman Mason had "given money to the Ramos campaign."

If true, it's a slap in the face to her old ally, then- incumbent Councilman, Tim Occhipinti.

Recall that Mason was rumored to have planned Tim's 2013 mayoral run months in advance.  An insider laid out her November election strategy months earlier, in March:
Mason wants Tim to run for Mayor so she can pick his ticket. They know he can't win but would put all their effort into winning at least one at large seat so they could take back control and she could get the council Pres.back. They have blown so much smoke up Tims ass that he is actively bad mouthing Reuben which is the second part of her plan. If she can't have it,nobody can.
By the time Tim announced his run in September 2013, a "One Hoboken" machine was in place funded directly by Frank Raia and with in-kind contributions by Mason.   Recall,  Mason's pop-up cable access TV  show,  Hoboken Today, that lasted at least 2 episodes:  candidate Frank Raia was featured one week, and Tim Occhipinti the next. Here's a clip from that appearance:

So if Mason and Frank Raia's  One Hoboken  campaign set out to wreck Ramos' mayoral race in 2013, would  she be giving money to  Ramos for Council  in 2015?

No direct contribution from Mason is reported on Ramos' ELECs.

But... the wife of Mason business partner, Sara Barracato, reported a $2,600 contribution to Ramos for Council on November 2, Election day,  filed on a 48-HR form.

Hubby James Barracato gave $1,000 to  Garcia for Council

Odd, no?   Yes it is perfectly legal.

As a Hoboken resident taxpayer, GA asks why is money flowing in from Weehawken residents to influence Hoboken's local elections? 

Can Hoboken expect to see more money flowing from 'across the border' with Weehawken in the 2017 election cycle?    


  1. What a doosh bag, throwing his WIFE in the Hoboken political volcano.

  2. If they willingly jump into the Mason's cesspool they deserve to get covered with filth.

  3. Hector Torres JunyaJanuary 12, 2016 at 2:08 PM

    See like Barbara Reyes said about us in the fourth ward (and the Hoboken Housing Authority), "We're always the guinea pigs."

    These people treat us like garbage. Now Beth Mason and her dirty crew are caught laundering money to Ruben and Carmelo?

    It's disgusting and it stinks. We're not surprised. Hopefully, someone reports this to the authorities!

    1. Is this really a surprise to anyone who has followed "Backdoor" Betty's dirty little political career ?

  4. The Hoboken Today show might have been the funniest thing ever to hit Hoboken. Man Hands was the host of the show and the guests were laughable. In a world of you tube footage of everything there is no hint of the trainwreck show to be found

    "Honey buy me a talk show".....

  5. The problem has always been and will always be that no matter how much money they spent they still can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

  6. Mason thinks she can pick his ticket? She couldn't even pick her own ticket!

    1. Russo for Hoboken!January 12, 2016 at 3:33 PM


      Mikie picked it for her!

    2. LOL! yeah, she watched russo pick HER ticket and thought "hmm, well hey, maybe i should give that a try."

      they are all a bunch of back-stabbing liars, i hope they all get locked up someday before they eventually burn in hell.

    3. Full surveillance recordings of HOBOKEN COUNCILMAN MICHAEL RUSSO and SOLOMON DWEK

      PAGE 21

      COUNCILMAN RUSSO: You know, we have, right now, with Beth, you know, she sat with me before she decided to run, before I decided not to run.

      MR. DWEK: Um-hum.

      COUNCILMAN RUSSO: We sat together and she basically said to me, you know, to make a long story short, how do I get you on board. And I told her outright, I said, well, I want all three picks on your council slate. She said okay, all three of her council slate gives me a six-vote majority.

      MR. DWEK: She doesn't have too much of a say.

      COUNCILMAN RUSSO: It gives me a six-vote majority. I have a sweep majority, veto-proof majority.

      MR. DWEK: So you're the man?

      COUNCILMAN RUSSO: So at the end of the day, I'm going to have total control of this.

    4. Ha! From a six-vote sweep veto-proof majority fantasy to a 7-2 reform reality.

      Yeah, you da man, Mikey. You da man.

    5. I was Da Man! Peter Cammarano was going to win the race, Ma and I saw to that but I was suppose to have a six vote super majority on the City Council.

      Then I would take over as Petey moved on to bigger and better things. Could have had another Jersey shore home by now. Stuck with sharing it with everyone else in the family.

      Boosted my shares from $1 to a full third. One day I'm going to run this town and bring Hoboken back to its former glory.

      And enrich myself so you will think of me and treat me like Pupie.
      When I get my Hoboken money, you will treat me with respect!

  7. Youd think the big nerd would look out for her better. Not let her get suckered but he doesn't get it either.

    1. Their ego's will not allow them to see reality and they think that if they only just spend enough money they can buy back their respectability.
      Yet with each new expenditure they lose more.

  8. Scrub a dub. Makes no sense why Mason has to launder legal contributions through her saloon keepers. why couldn't she write Ruben a check herself? is she trying to hide these financial contributions from ricky?

  9. Beth buy a Laundromat yet?


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