Need an exclusive job?

What is an "exclusive" job?  A short-term job with a crappy hourly wage and no benefits "exclusively" for Stevens students?

If elected, would Carmelo Garcia really be the "first" alumnus (not "alumni") to do so?

Garcia did receive a Double Master's Degree of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) and Management from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken.  

Wait a minute... a double major... a single "MSIS" degree at Stevens is 30 credits of course work (GA checked) ... a Double Masters would be about 45-52 credits...

That double-major is FOUR semesters of full-time course work!  

Do you know when Carmelo Garcia received his Double Master's degree?

In 2004!

But.. but... Carmelo Garcia had a full-time Director's job with the City of Hoboken from 2001 through 2007...

So the "rumors" are true? That Carmelo Garcia was a NO SHOW at his city job while he got his "Double Master's" from Stevens Institute!

What was Garcia's salary "to manage and supervise 154 city employees throughout the city" from the campus of Stevens Institute?

Was he a NO SHOW on payday? 


  1. Reform needs to get over to Stevens and show Carmelo's history to those registered students if there are any. Any decent college student taking one look at Carmelo's history will realize he is not worth voting for

    Also does reform have any people at the MetroStop building? Seeing as how Russo screwed them over with Ricciardi everyone in that building should go and vote for write in candidate Solomon Dwek to send a message in the 3rd ward. They should also vote for the good school board candidates instead of Russo's ticket of 2 women who got fooled and a complete misogynist

    1. Hopefully the Carmelo flier went to Stevens. That's all anyone needs to know about the guy.

  2. I guess the kids from the PJ need not apply.

    1. Great Point!!! Has Carmelo offered this 10 dollar door knocking opportunity to anyone from the HHA? If not why?

      I would think that would be a nice gesture if his campaign has the money to spend. Get those kids knocking on 6th ward doors for Garcia. Why would he deny them the opportunity?

    2. So true... Carmelo's not hiring his friends at the HHA?

      He could've, He would've, He didn't, just WATCH HIM.

  3. Real Democrats of HobokenOctober 28, 2015 at 5:21 AM

    More spending from Carmelo. But still no ELEC report from Carmelo.


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