Monarch Man breaks local law

Tragedy: mass suicide in the 5th ward. Eduardo flyers dove into a garbage can after ripping themselves to pieces. credit: GA reader  

That is so sad!  

I understand things don't seem to be going well for Eduardo over in the 5th Ward.  GA heard about a gal who was "afraid to open the door" when he came canvassing- one look through the peephole and she thought, "Creepy!"  

But I digress... GA wants you folks to be aware of local Ordinance 110-45.  This ordinance, better known as "Don't stuff your campaign shit under my windshield"  reads:

City of Hoboken Ordinance 110-45:
No person shall throw, cast or distribute, or cause to be thrown, cast or distributed, any handbill, circular, card or other advertising matter whatsoever, in or upon any street or public place or in a front yard or in any vehicle or in the vestibule or hall of any building or in any place from which such matter may be blown by the wind onto a street or public place, or place on any pole or public sign any advertising matter unauthorized by the owner of the said pole or public sign
Oops! Somebody tell 2nd Ward candidate Peter 'Monarch Man' Biancamano!

A reader sent GA this photo early today...

Monarch Man breaks local law, Mother Nature gets her revenge

Before the monsoon arrived.

GA doesn't mean to be un-kind, but... for days, the weather forecast for today was predicted to be rain, rain, rain.

Who is the idiot on the Biancamano campaign who decided to distribute flyers on the day of a rainstorm?

Here 's a tip: people hate these things.  Hate 'em.

When these people  come to their cars later to find an unreadable pile of wet pulp shoved under their wiper or tomorrow,  dried to their windshield, they will not be endeared  to candidate Biancamano.  No, in fact they might say, "I wouldn't vote for that prick if you gave me a dozen roses and a box of Godiva chocolate."

But really, to avoid this distasteful situation, simply remember to obey Ordinance 110-45.

And please, don't vote for anyone who breaks local law. 


  1. They own this stupid newspaper and control what's in it. Don't they read it?

  2. Fonseca's no dope. Somebody must have gone off the reservation.

  3. Wet and soggy just like the meathead Biancamano.
    Who would vote for a guy named Eduardo?

    Tiffanie Fisher all the way,
    Councilman Peter Cunningham will save the day.

    (Very childish I know, but just having fun at the morons expense.)

    1. Shades of Cammarano. Didn't he also pepper people's windshields with flyers? I seem to recall some people having to scrape that sh1t off their windshields. I'd say this is akin to vehicular vandalism.

  4. They were dumb enough to pick him as their candidate so don't underestimate their stupidity. Heck, not like they really are depending on anything but the VBM crowd anyway so not sure why they even wasted the money on flyers and street workers unless it is to give their "workers" and excuse to pretend they were working.

  5. Peter Biancamano's running mateOctober 29, 2015 at 6:02 AM

    I look forward to being Vice President of the second ward. We'll put an end to divisiveness by going along with whatever the developer with the most money wants. It will be a real meritocracy that way because the person with the most money always knows what's best. Duh, right?

    Please vote for Biancamano/Murray.

    Change you can smell a mile off.

    Here's a picture of me in action. In my defense they told me I wouldn't have to answer any questions. So I didn't. Duh, right?

  6. So records show Biancamano and Murray have the same campaign treasure.
    So Murray lied when she said she was independent
    So records show Michael Russo loaning thousand of dollars to Biancamano's campaign.
    So Russo is running Biancamano with Murray as a spoiler to replace Mason.

    So vote for Tiffanie Fisher for 2nd Ward City Council

    1. Susan Costimiris is Biancamano's Treasurer. She's Bonnie Murray's Treasurer TOO????

      That's PROOF Bonnie Murray is teamed up with Monarch Man.

    2. Anon @ 12:22 and 1:01 AM

      Costimiris is not Bonnie Murray's Treasurer. Stephanie Sgambati is Murray's Treasurer, on her ELECs.

    3. Costimiris signed a nominating petition for Murray. Now why would she facilitate the campaign of someone running against her, um, boss?


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