What an exciting election season it's been in the 6th Ward of Hoboken!


There's "Garcia for Hoboken Council's" failure to file his 29-day pre-election ELEC while re-filing his April 2015 "Garcia for Assembly" ELEC in October 2015. 

Simply put, Assemblyman Garcia has reported NO new financial information since April 2015, and 6th Ward candidate Garcia has NEVER reported a single financial transaction: account balance, campaign contributions, campaign disbursements, in-kind contributions... while candidate Garcia is spending loot like a drunken sailor...  he's hosted a block party, paid for coffee give-aways at Dunkin Donuts and 7-11, mailed constituents from both the Assembly and his local office....

All amidst RUMOR that he's tapped his "$41K Assembly monies" for his Hoboken campaign!

Uh-oh!  ELEC permits Garcia's self-contribution maximum of $8,200 from his assembly committee to his council committee- including in-kind, although  Hoboken's anti-wheeling law permits only $500.    

The SCANDALS: Gandhi-gate and Hair-gate

GA readers know all about Gandhi-gate: Carmelo Garcia electioneering in Hoboken's 6th Ward with Gandhi-grams (letters) sent in Republican Assemblyman Sam Fiocci's envelopes.
Note,  GA will feature exciting breaking news tomorrow on this scandal, so "y'all come back now!"

What is Hair-gate?

It's a FASCINATING breaking scandal which portends to drag in well-known figures on Hoboken's political scene including elected officials.  Hair-gate will unfold on the tortuously slow time-clock of our courts, and not at the speed of anyone's political agenda. In short, it appears a group (members unconfirmed prior to depositions) sought a very dubious political orgasm while being ignorant of SERIOUS legal consequences.  GA is referring to the "500 email" dump of a private citizen's emails during the discovery phase of litigation without consent of the court AND the dissemination of these emails to others in a 'conspiracy' to leak court supervised discovery for political purposes: impacting an election and damaging the Zimmer administration.

Were any elected officials on the council complicit in knowing beforehand what was going down before a duly constituted governing body of the state of New Jersey?

And now... for the latest....


As GA headed out yesterday, I found this in my mailbox:


Holy cow!  A FACT-BASED educational mailer about Carmelo Garcia, from "A CONCERNED CITIZEN" arriving ON THE SAME DAY as the Hoboken Reporter's one-sided 'Hair-gate' story...

Coincidence? It seems a little too coincidental... 


Historically, this kind of arrow has been in the Dark Side's quiver... but aren't those Dark Stars aligned for November 3?  We may conclude it was a person or entity with loot and enough animus toward Garcia to gift (the 6th Ward? city-wide?) with the truth about Garcia.  Possibly, it came from outside of Hoboken.... maybe the Assembly. Payback from Republicans for embarrassing FiocchiGA sources say 'they' are plenty pissed at him.

Who knows.  GA wonders if "A CONCERNED CITIZEN" will appear again in our mailboxes, perhaps in a different ward next time?  Be on the lookout, people!  And please, send your pics to GA at

Yep, this has been an exciting election season.


  1. This is an open question to the Hoboken Reporter editorial staff, who are no longer even attempting to conceal their role as a compensated appendage of the Mason/Russo/Garcia political apparatus:

    In your effort to help boost Garcia's campaign by pitting him as a bold gladiator (his word) taking on the administration, have you considered the following?

    What percentage of 6th Ward voters are going to be persuaded to vote for Carmelo because he's going after Mayor Zimmer's husband - at taxpayer expense - for advising the board to fire him for obvious rank corruption and well chronicled insubordination?

    As your scheme backfires, I hope Giattino thanks you for the free advertising.

    That is all.

    1. Hector Torres JunyaOctober 25, 2015 at 12:13 PM

      Hey, the Hoboken Reporter doesn't answer questions, doesn't do retractions and won't even apologize when that douchebag Lane wrote a letter pretending to be my father.

      Carmelo's insubordination is nothing. Look how much corruption he got away with in Hoboken, the HHA, the court and of course through his friends at the Hudson Reporter?

    2. Yep, Hector Junya.

      The Reporter didn't give two shits when they white-washed the disgraceful fact that 14 generators ordered in 2012 by CARMELO GARCIA with FEMA money to replace HHA Sandy-damaged generators sat in an HHA parking lot for almost 2 years! (generators delivered to HHA in Summer/Fall 2013) The lack of fully operational generators put many lives at peril, were there a FIRE in one of the affected HHA buildings... did the Hoboken reporter give two shits?

      No., they didn't. Read the Hoboken reporter's white-wash of this atrocity for yourself here.

      The generators were delivered last September and October and are stacked in a lot at Fourth and Harrison streets.

      The generators’ complicated installation process requires that the heating and electrical systems in an entire given building be shut off for up to several days. The risk that the current cold weather poses to residents is not worth taking right now, said Garcia, who added that for the time being, there is no rush to install the new generators. HUD also said that the weather will have to subside before they are installed.

      The new generators were designed for outside use and specifically built to withstand Sandy-type forces of nature, HUD said, so they are confident that they will remain undamaged until spring. Garcia said that if not, they’re covered by a full warranty.

      In fact, HUD said, the generators were delivered in fall on purpose. At the time, HUD, Garcia and the vendor were aware that inclement weather might be looming, but the manufacturer wanted to prove that its new model generator, more powerful than previous iterations, could withstand the elements.

      "Installed in Spring?"

      No, installation began AFTER Carmelo Garcia was booted, UNDER Chairwoman Dana Wefer's control of the HHA Board.

    3. Didn't Stan willingly go to Lunch with Garcia, where Garcia taped him?
      Were they friends once?
      Obviously Grossbard isn't the common ordinary citizen, who else gets an audience with a State Senator, City Attorney and the HHA Director?

    4. So what? That's dopey. If you got "an audience" with Pres. Obama or even the Pope, does that make you a public figure in the eyes of the law?

    5. I only know what was written in the press.

      Mr. Garcia repeatedly had asked for a lunch meeting. Mr. Grossbard had said he did not trust Mr. Garcia and wanted a third party at the lunch. Former Senator Bernard Kenny is an almost universally respected to everyone in Hoboken. As we all know now that questioning trustworthiness of Mr. Garcia was justified as he came hard wired to surreptitiously record the conversation.

  2. Race card politics.

    Carmelo Garcia and those around him have continually used the race card whenever he needs to increase or protect his taxpayer pay checks.

  3. Russo, Castellano and Mason need to be deposed by Grossbard or the City. It's obvious to me watching the video they all knew what was coming. IMO Belfiore got played, and he least can afford a protracted legal involvement. Belfiore should flip on them all. Like Russo has his back? Whoever sent Belfiore there with those emails got him into this mess.

    1. That certainly could be a bad hair day.

    2. I hope since Grossbard is not getting his defense paid by the city since he is married to a co-defendant...Especially since he's a "private" citizen

    3. No, he isn't. Grossbard, a private citizen, is paying for his own defense just like you would be were Carmelo suing you for trying to turn Hoboken into a "white community. " Lawyers cost a lot of money, don't they. Hence Stan is racking up damages, which I hope he recovers in full. Did that answer your question?


    'The elements of an action for civil conspiracy are the formation and operation of the conspiracy and damage resulting to plaintiff from an act or acts done in furtherance of the common design. . . . In such an action the major significance of the conspiracy lies in the fact that it renders each participant in the wrongful act responsible as a joint tortfeasor for all damages ensuing from the wrong, irrespective of whether or not he was a direct actor and regardless of the degree of his activity.'' (Doctors' Co. v. Superior Court (1989) 49 Cal.3d 44, citing Mox Incorporated v. Woods (1927) 202 Cal. 675, 677-78.)' (Id. at 511.)

    1. Give it a week. Come Nov 4th, Carmelo and Zayas will have a lot more time to work on a strategy after he gets his ass kicked in the election.

      It's interesting that just as you guys can't come up with case law that will be useful in court, you can't come up with an October surprise that's useful in a political campaign.

      Hopefully on January 1, 2016 Carmelo starts doing the job the people of Newark are paying him to do NOW. God knows, it will be a no-show job until then.

  5. What exactly does a California case from 1989 regarding the obligation of an insurance carrier to defend a lawsuit have to do with anything related to an "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit in NJ and the termination for cause of the executive director of a housing authority, in accordance with the terms of the ex-director's contract? Here's a clue - NOTHING! Please don't try and play lawyer. Jay Zeke tried the same thing and failed miserably. The case was very easy to find via a Google search, simple to read and should have been readily understood, even by a garden variety moron.

    1. Perhaps the moron was raised in a hothouse?

  6. This looks like the work of Anthony Amabile- a hard charging political consultant Garcia owes thousand of dollars to for a past campaign. Amabile won a judgement and Garcia still owes him. Mayor Turner hates Garcia , likes Zimmer and uses Amabile in his town...

    1. No love for GarciaOctober 25, 2015 at 7:45 PM

      Last I heard Amabile got a court order to attach Garcia's salary which is one way to collect a judgment ( lane Bajardi are you listening?) but not sure what happened. Sure Tony reads GA if he wants to tell us but then maybe he can't. Anyway there is no love lost there. But that doesn't mean he's behind this one. If he isn't he probably wished he was. If he is there's someone paying him. Who could that be?

  7. It's all over but the midnight flier.

    The Garcia "game-changer" came and went with minimal notice other than the OG clique who were in on it from the planning stages through to the staged appearances of Belfiore and Liebler for a smirking Mason and filming ape at the city council. As a final act Klaussen published Belfiore's letter on his long-since irrelevant, unread website.

    So that just leaves the midnight fliers. Check in the windows @ 1200 Washingon; they're probably sitting in boxes on the floor - like last time.

    There might also be a commercial using the ape's footage, assuming anything is visible around his thumb.

    But that's about it. Ask any of your neighbors if they heard about Carmelo's latest stunt. They didn't. But you know who will? The judge in his doomed lawsuit.

    Meanwhile the Hobroken website is attracting the usual flies who are always drawn to that particular... substance. None of them are asking who is behind the pop-up site. It's the same crowd, after all, who never asked why Tim Occhipinti had to pay 575 "workers" for 1240 votes. In other words, scumbags.

    BTW, Tim is the only candidate advertising on 411. Tim is an idiot. Still.

  8. CarmelosPettyTrashOctober 26, 2015 at 7:36 AM

    Garcia has raised over 40,000. He knows he can't win. But he can use the money for other purposes after the election.... Like defense funds....just sayin'

    And yes it's classic Amabile.
    But honestly, not properly "paid for by..." is something NOBODY should be supporting especially "reform", today it's Greasebag Garcia tomorrow it could be any of the good guys

    1. Hey Goody two shoes. It IS the good guys that always get whacked with ugly crap. this time its not crap it is all the TRUTH sourced from audits and documents all the truth that your local paper won't print. just say Thank You.

    2. CarmelosPettyTrash is right. "Paid for by..." language absolutely should be there.

      Just because Garcia is a dirty dealing politician doesn't mean people should stoop to his level. It is enjoyable to watch him get slammed though and yes everything in the mailer is true, unlike the mailers reformers get hit with

  9. I just saw this comment on the Hoboken Reporter site. At first it seemed like another "concerned citizen," but then I realized something about it just felt kind of... PHONY.

    21 Hours Ago
    I could care less whether or not an elected official's spouse (man or woman) provides another brain. Didn't have a probablem with the Bill/Hilary 2 for the price of one either. The difference here is that our 1st husband pretends to not have any involvement; zero, none, nada. So, the optics reveal him to be a liar.

    The other part of this is that I often suspect, without the input of Stan, no wheels would turn at all in this town other than bike share and flooding. It's not that a woman can't handle it and be a good leader, it's just that this particular woman, even 6.5 years later, is still too inexperienced for the job.

    I worried from the start that she didn't have the experience and, while well meaning, she's proven that my concerns were well founded. Hope she steps aside in 2 years and another reform candidate steps up so I have someone to vote for other than the 'least worst' that is Zimmer.

    Sorry Mayor, not taking any quarters isn't enough anymore. If you really love this town, you'll step aside instead of running again. please, please, please get out of the game and give Hoboken a fighting chance to not go back to the old corrupt ways.

    1. I can't imagine many Hoboken residents read the Hoboken reporter print let alone wade into the online version.

      Bottom line, if you are reading this get off your butt and recruit everyone you know in town to vote for reform. Call them, email them, text them through now and on election day. The bad guys are hoping for overall low turnout. They have their set votes and are counting on reform to fall asleep

    2. yeah, this is definitely a phony comment from an OG op.

      the telltale signs:
      - referring to the mayor's husband as "stan" (the same way they can't help themselves from always referring to the mayor as "dawn")
      - starting the comment with a fake shot at the bad guys before pivoting to rag on the reform candidate (a variation on that reoccurring classic "i voted for dawn last time but...").
      - the old nugget about the mayor's "inexperience", despite that fact that she's accomplished more good for this town while in office than any other recent mayor.
      - the make-believe "i really care about reform and ask that you step aside for the good of the cause because we reformers don't want to lose" meme.
      - and my personal favorite, the weak attempt at a yuppie/"newcomer" name (franklyn, ha!)

    3. Franklyn. So true. They always pick a ridiculous name


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