It's Alive!

Ruben Ramos appears at yesterday's seniors lunch at the Elks Club hosted by Anthony Romano

There they are folks, denizens of the Dark Side: Carmelo "Happy Meal" Garcia,  Eduardo "Residential Towers" Gonzalez,  Terry "NO hospital" Castellano,  Mike Russo  and Stick "Peek-a-boo"Romano.... 

Oh yeah, and Ruben "70% hike in tax levy" Ramos.

Ramos was reportedly napping through the campaign, but that may not be true because his campaign has produced both a full-color mailer and a walk-around-piece!

GA got a copy of Ramos' walk-around piece; it's notable because Ramos mis-spelled his opponent's name: "Occhipin-it."

Here it is:
Side 1
Side 2

Wow, that is some hand-out! And very informative.

Will 4th Warders elect a triple scoop?


  1. Don't forget the Director of Constituent Services job created just for mama Ramos.

    Judy Tripodi got rid of it in round one.

  2. Don't listen to these anons. Vote for Mike and the whole Russo-Garcia ticket. Low/no-show jobs and health benefits for Michael and Ruben's family!

    Let's take back Hoboken to the way it was and stop what Judy Tripodi and Mayor Zimmer and her council are doing to Hoboken!

    Vote for the whole gang: Terry, Peter, Michael, Ruben, Eduardo and Carmelo.
    We'll make Hoboken great like it was.

    This is our town!


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