Garcia LEAKS court docs to distract voters from his miserable record

Independent Auditor's report: "Financial Statements and Supplemental Information, Years ended September 30, 2014" dated June 29, 2015: 

Folks, there aren't enough free cups of 7-11 coffee in the world to make Carmelo Garcia's miserable record as Executive Director of the Hoboken Housing Authority (HHA) look good.

That's the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Well folks, plenty more where that came from, but you catch the drift.

So, it is NO surprise that the troubled and substandard campaign of the troubled and substandard candidate, Carmelo Garcia, would pull a rabbit named "Hail Mary" out of his bag of troubled and substandard tricks.  It is not the move of a confident, winning campaign.

As a SLAPP Defendant in Bajardi v Pincus, GA endured 540 days of discovery, dozens of motions and a trial before posting any discovery on this blog. Further, every document GA has posted here  was produced as an exhibit to the pre-trial/trial judge and as a matter of record, is a public document.

So, GA was genuinely surprised to read that "discovery emails" were given to PolitickerNJ in the middle of Garcia's litigation, before the close of discovery and 12 days before a municipal election!

GA could only imagine the Dark Side glee at "getting" the mayor who is so hated by them. Certainly, no such Dark Side indignation flared at either this:

Or this...

Def. Pincus' MSJ Exhibit: BAJARDI_00042948.doc 

Hey, did you know that this resolution written for 1st Ward candidate Terry Castellano by a radio-guy PASSED?

All that aside, the mayor's not on the ballot- Carmelo Garcia is. 

Releasing discovery to the press in the middle of the litigation, timed to influence the election outcome, could only 'hurt' the credibility of Garcia and his case in the eyes of the Court.  But... 

What may really interest the Court will be Garcia's explanation how Hoboken politico, Perry Belfiore, obtained the unpublished emails which he brought with him to the City Council yesterday and waved in the air while exclaiming, "[bla bla bla] wrote a resolution firing Carmelo Garcia, Here it is, right here!"

It is all on video.

Further, wouldn't you know a Beth Mason political operative employee sat in the back row of the Council chambers next to Belfiore, then filmed Belfiore's speech (and ousting) while Mason grinned and wriggled in her chair, weirdly barking in protest at the removal of Belfiore.

Well, who could blame Beth Mason for being happy... she FINALLY got her hands on someone's email.

One may imagine an 11th hour attack ad with this footage will be Mason's 'un-kind' contribution to Carmelo Garcia's campaign. Maybe Garcia will turn in an ELEC report one day.   If you wish upon a star...

Belfiore sits with known Mason operative (red shirt), Mason grins as Belfiore waves around Garcia's discovery email and cries, "Here it is, right here!"  Mason operative continues to film as an unruly Belfiore is escorted out by the police

Anyway, this is all inside baseball, red meat for political junkies. 

None of it will matter on November 3.

Please people, we need to get our DECENT, HONEST, LAW-ABIDING, DEPENDABLE Councilwoman Jen Giattino re-elected. By the way, she is the only 6th Ward candidate who has not cost taxpayers $150,000  (so far) for a politically-motivated "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit.

6th Ward peeps,  please, get as many folks as you can to VOTE for Jen Giattino on November 3.


  1. I haven't seen Beth Mason wear that handsome black pants suit since her little friend used to come to the Council meetings in what looked like a matching outfit and place a purple pillow on her chair. What ever happened to that guy ?????

    1. Whatever the election brings in a few weeks my one hope is that witch fades into obscurity as quickly as possible. She should go play innkeeper immediately

  2. ...and OF COURSE, the HR is right on THIS story! Dirtbags.

  3. Another stupid Carmelo pet trick. Why would he bring it to the publics attention that he was FIRED? The average person will ask WHY was he fired? That guy has more skeletons than the Paris catacombs. Political spouses are nothing new, one of them is running for US prez. So what. Idiot Carmelo opened up a Pandora's box.And he's bringing the whole gang down with him! Ha ha!

  4. Hector Torres JunyaOctober 22, 2015 at 7:38 PM

    This is the Carmelo we all know and love! Here in the fourth ward, we were just waiting for Carmelo to double deal the dirty card from the bottom of the deck.

    Hey, there's still more time left before election day on November 3rd.
    Carmelo may get his ass kicked by Jen Giattino but he's got more dirt to dish!
    And he has some media lackeys at the Hudson Reporter who will cover up the dirt but dish it on his behalf but good!

    Shouldn't Carmelo let Eduardo play his dirty trick first? I mean at least let the OGs rotate the dirty tricks. It's not fair to let Carmelo hog it all. (And he will if you let him. Guy is a big bogart. We all know that here.)

  5. Great campaign slogan.

    You want troubled and sub-standard? Carmelo's your man! he'll steal your envelopes!

  6. Carmelo's used the press to declare war on the mayor. There's real hate there. Divisive. Why should anyone vote for a guy at war with the mayor?

    Carmelo obviously cant work with this administration for the public good.

    Divided government is not what Hoboken needs.

  7. Are you serious!!! Lmao you guys are a joke but yet can't admit what Stan did was illegal! Am sure if it was the other way around it would be a whole different story...good for Carmelo for exposing how corrupt and incompetent the current administration is..

    1. You must be the moron who thought dumping 500 emails DURING DISCOVERY of ONGOING litigation was a home run. An anonymous moron is evaluating potential trial exhibits as "illegal?" I suppose the judge will strike every one from the case now that Carmelo has dumped discovery in the media and to unknown persons sharing it with unknown persons- a real moronic move for a guy in litigation. This could not have been direction from Zayas. As for "illegal" sure, the First Amendment is illegal when used by the relative of an elected official- right. Debating fools is not worth my time.

      You guys shot your load and it went SPLAT,

    2. Garcia doesn't care if the case gets thrown out of court because he never filed it to win. His goal is to try and win the election by springing the emails, he could care less about the lawsuit (and the $150k of taxpayer money spent in fighting it).

      Also...wonder if moron@8:34 thinks Mama ever had any say in former mayor and convicted felon Anthony Russo's time in office? I'm sure she never mentioned city business once. Right?

    3. I don't know much about lawsuits but I can't imagine judges looking kindly on leaks by one side

  8. Anon@8:34, can you explain to all of us how it is illegal for Mr Grossbard to voice his opinion on something? I am willing to hear you out.

    You can certainly make the argument that he should not be involved and then use that info in determining whether to re-elect Mayor Zimmer or not. That is your right

    But how exactly is it illegal? I'm all ears. And while you are thinking about that please note that Mrs Russo has long been involved in her husband and sons politics, CAstellano copies paid political turds from weehawken on confidential city business, and Good God Beth Mason never once had a thought in her head that wasn't first written up by a team of paid political advisors

    1. What I don't get is why the OG thinks this matters for Garcia's race against Jen. As you mention, it could be a talking point (albeit is weak one) if it were a mayoral election, but how does the mayor's husband talking to HHA involve the 6th ward? Garcia's so desperate, he's just throwing shit against the wall and hoping something will stick.

  9. Don't you all remember when Hillary Clinton was arrested for her comment about if you elect bill, you get two for the price of one? The law is clear that political spouses can do nothing but sit and look pretty.

    1. the jails wouldn't be big enough to house all of the people who thought Carmelo was awful for the HHA and then expressed that opinion

  10. This is the Dean of Admissions. Messrs. Belfiore and Liebler are clearly historians worthy of the Harvard PhD program, much like their purported paymaster. There is indeed a measure of appropriateness for mayoral spouses' involvement in city affairs. For example, advising members of a board on policies that are consistent with citywide efforts to rout corruption and improve the quality of government is appropriate. An example of inappropriate activities by a mayoral spouse would be, to offer a hypothetical, shaking down city stakeholders for real estate brokerage listings in new buildings whose development approvals by spouse's administration were contingent upon said fees; or, to offer another, entering into "5 bucks a tow" arrangements with city vendors. These examples definitely fall on opposite ends of the spectrum of appropriate/inappropriate behavior by spouses of the Mayor of Hoboken.

    Messrs. Belfiore and Liebler may please report to my office. Harvard would welcome your intellects to our halls, as you are equally suitable for our intellectual levels of enlightenment as our esteemed alumnus at the crux of this article.

  11. If Carmelo Garcia tries to make another go with his failed lawsuits he may regret trying putting this stuff out in the media as the courts will have to move it some other location where the jury would not have seen and be made bias. If he can not play the race card with a jury he loses. If this is just a pre-election stunt I can not see how this could possibly help Garcia as his problem is not the votes he and Michael Russo can easily harvest but the rest of the voters in the Ward who if they didn't know his sketchy history will now.


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