Gandhi-gate: wooing 6th Ward Republicans?

Democrat Garcia and Pacifist Mahatma Gandhi hold campaign mail from Republican Fiocchi

With Gandhi-gate poised to go national- GA was interviewed by Politico today, the question of why a Republican Assemblyman (Sam Fiocchi) was sending campaign mail for a Democrat (Carmelo Garcia) running against a popular Republican incumbent (Jen Giattino) for City Council remains unanswered.

Further, Republican Assemblyman Sam Giacchi's race in NJ's 1st Legislative District is one of the most highly contested races in New Jersey.  Why would he be 'helping' a northern Democrat?  How could Carmelo's staff not 'notice' they were using the Republican's stationary?

Fiocchi serves the 1st Legislative District with Bob Andrzejczak, a Democrat also up for re-election. GA contacted Andrzejczak's office, they were unaware of Fiocchi's mail going to Hoboken. 

The strangeness of it all and the timing- close to election day - is attracting attention across New Jersey.

What is either coincidence or isn't is that the Fiocchi mail (given to GA) went to the residence of 6th Ward registered Republicans

Another registered Republican got this birthday card, twice

Who paid for the card?

Coincidence?   Maybe so.

Any 6th Ward Dems get a birthday card from Assemblyman Garcia?

Any 6th Ward Dems get mail from Sam Fiocchi?    GA is asking.

There has to be a reason why a Republican in a contested race in southern New Jersey is sending campaign mail (Gandhi-grams) to help a northern Democrat, Carmelo Garcia.  

Accidents like this one don't just happen.

What's it all about?


  1. Oh boy! The Politico story is up but you need to be a PoliticoPro subscriber to view it. Can someone with a sub do a screen grab?

    See right column:

    1. I'm trying, thanks for the heads-up.

    2. It's got legs.....Augie Torres picked up on it too in his weekly column with a link to GA

  2. The thing with a politician getting caught doing something so blatantly unethical is that people tend to think what else are they doing that is unethical.

  3. I've read the Politico story. Garcia LIES and says the letter was not "electioneering."

    Then why was it addressed to Hoboken and not the rest of his district?

    Why did it only go to the 6th Ward?

    Utter bullshit from a professional liar.

    1. Yeah so ! We knew he was a shameless liar.

      Anyone who reads the letter know it is electioneering. He does too but at this point all he can do is continue to lie.

      The fact that the stink of his stuff is getting out into the media is the only surprise.

  4. Lies, damned lies and Carmelo Garcia. He quoted Ghandi; what's next? Mark Twain?

  5. WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhOctober 16, 2015 at 6:44 AM

    Everyone had a good cry.

    Chief of staff Pete Oneglia: Waaaaaaaaaaa! I'm a victim. Waaaaaaaaaa!

    Senior apologist Chris Campos: Waaaaaaaaa! People are soooo mean no matter how sanctimonious I try to sound. Why is that? Waaaaaaaaaa!

    Liar in Chief, Carmelo No-Show Garcia: Waaaaaaaaaa! Stop criticizing me! Here's another picture of my family that proves I'm not a weasel, right? Waaaaaaaaa!

    It's good practice for all the crying you losers will get to do on November 3rd.

  6. Councilwoman Giattino received one! At the debate she thanked him publicly. It was a hilarious retort. Brains and brawn is what Hoboken needs. Little boys full of shit are not welcome.

    1. I've always loved how reform has so many smart women with strong leadership qualities on board. Nothing against their male counterparts on the council and elsewhere, but the equal-opportunity aspect of reform is inspiring in a world of OG good ol' boys (and that includes Castellano and Mama Russo).

      Less said about Beth Mason, the better. (BTW, isn't it WONDERFUL to have her not running and soon not on the council anymore? Monarch Man would be trouble as a councilperson, but just the thought of Beth not sitting on that dais is SO GREAT!)


    2. Yes, Mason is definitely NOT a shining example of Women in Leadership. In fact, she is quite the opposite and what a terrible waste. She could have done such good. This is what happen when you lay down with fleas and the sad truth is she never had to do so.

  7. word is Carmelo "discovered" some very interesting emails between HHA commissioners and a certain non elected public figure and shared them with the world yesterday.... drip drip drip


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