What is it about Mike DeFusco that's got the Castellano camp so riled up?


That's the fear that the youthful, energetic DeFusco will plant his flag in Castellano's "Terry-tory."

Castellano knows why her seat is at risk; she's completely alienated herself from her constituents with a voting record that can be described in two letters: "N-O".

For years, Castellano has put politics ahead of her constituents, and the public good:
Funding Hoboken's 9-11 memorial?
Terry voted, "NO."   
Castellano has caused unconscionable delays in the construction of Hoboken's 9-11 Memorial.

A $5.5 M bond ordinance to keep hospital from closing?   
Terry voted, "NO."
Castellano forced Governor Christie to step in and provide the $5.5 million bond from state funds.  .

Bonding for a traffic light at 1600 park so the new soccer field could open? 
Terry voted, "NO." 
Castellano delayed the opening of the soccer field forcing Hoboken kids to schlep to Weehawken to play.

A free midtown garage bond refinance, required when the City's public asset (our hospital), was sold to a private buyer (Holdco).   
Terry voted, "NO."
Castellano cost taxpayers $4.5 million by refusing the cost-free refi.

Ordinances to allow eminent domain to acquire land for NW/SW parks?  
Terry voted, "NO."
The ordinances passed- no thanks to Castellano.

Replacing 5 HOP buses and a “bucket truck” damaged by Sandy?  
Terry voted, "NO."
Castellano's mean-spirited "NO" caused a reduction in HOP service, used widely by Hoboken's elderly.

Bond for Sandy repairs to Pier C park?  
Terry voted, "NO."
Castellano delayed the re-opening of the park for months, shutting out children and families from using the popular park.
As GA noted yesterday, Terry's "NO" list of politically-motivated votes that hurt Hoboken is much, much longer.
It is only logical that with such a miserable performance record, all the Castellano camp can do is fire missiles at DeFusco, and anyone who supports him.


  1. What is being said publicly by the Castellano supporters is benign compared to the horrible, hateful whisper campaign that is being wage against DeFusco.

  2. Carmelo is behind some nasty goings on in Ward 6. Anonymous letters. blaming Jen for leaving the ward after Sandy destroyed her home, saying she should have stepped down from the council because she was living outside the sixth ward.

  3. Terri is in full retreat telling any low information voter she's the reason Hoboken is doing well. Now she has no problem taking credit for the good which she tried to block time after time after time.

    It's time to put her out to pasture. Hoboken, Old, newcomer or in-between deserves far better.

    Send the Russos packing!

  4. Proof that Michale Defusco is evilOctober 10, 2015 at 7:22 AM

    I rest my case.

    After Michael Defusco turned me into a newt I was unable to perform my duties as a very important brain surgeon at the brain surgery place they got over there because for a lot of surgery stuff you need hands and whatnot. It's in all the brain surgeon training manuals so you don't have to take my word for it.

    Then my wife left me because the whole no-hands thing was like a big deal all a sudden. Plus my wedding ring would not stay on and she said that meant I was fooling around. So naturally she got everything in the divorce. All my houses, all my jets, all my helicopters and everything, all my art that I got from a very nice store at the mall that only sells very nice art and whatnot.

    Next thing you know I start drinking. Plus being a newt, you can't handle much alcohol. It was bad I tell ya.

    By the time I finally got better I lost everything. Now I don't look like a newt anymore so I can't even get newt disability. This is all because of Michael Defusco.

    That's why I'm saying vote for Terry Castellano. It's a vote against being turned into a newt.

  5. Basically, all of these anti-Defusco posters can't come up with a single good reason why anyone should vote for Castellano. Interesting, that after 22 years or so on the council, her supporters/minions/operatives can't posit any argument as to why she should continue in elective office. That they stoop to the level of smearing Bernie Kenny simply shows the level of paranoia and desperation that her crew is experiencing. It is actually sad that whatever shred of her public service legacy, which is not much, is going down the sewer with this type of excrement. It is good, however, to have "cleared up" that she has been a dismal failure as a steward of the First Ward.

  6. One has to wonder what Mr. Kenny has to be thinking, and planning to do about the vile and largely irrelevant attack on his father. Am I missing something or is his father running for the First Ward seat? I have heard about the dead voting in Hudson County, but never a dead candidate. I doubt that BK will let this go, even if his revenge comes in the form of behind the scenes retribution.

  7. DeFusco would never have voted to shut down the hospital or refused to fix a park or refused to replace drowned HOP buses.... all to cause pain and hurt the mayor. Castellano hates Zimmer more than she loves Hoboken.

  8. Can someone enlighten me as to the Bernie Kenny issue?

  9. Please GA can you highlight candidates that we know for sure will do the right thing for Hoboken who have proven to do the right thing?

    Focusing on this candidate is not what we need to do at this time. Jen Giatinno, Peter Cunningham, Tiffany Fisher and Dana Wefer, need the press. Remember, the Dark Side declared WAR on reform.

    1. whoa, this is one major dig at michael disguised as a pro-reform comment, LOL! if you weren't trolling, you would have just said "hey GA, michael needs everyone's support but so do peter, jen, tiffanie (correct spelling) and dana, so don't forget to give them some press too".

      but you didn't say that. cuz, ya know, trollin'.

    2. 8:55, it's a blog, not "the press." It does what it wants. Pretty much like you do. Wanna pay for it to do what you want and press your hidden agenda? If not then stfu.

    3. Sorry that is where you are wrong. Real reform knows what's going on and many do not support MD and have not given a red cent to him. This candidate in the larger scheme of things does not matter. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Hoboken needs the others. They need the press.

      If the likes of the Dark Siders get in then TC or MD is the same thing. If our team gets in and should MD then yes, I am certain he will vote lock step with the reform majority. Duh.

      And thank you for the correction of the spelling of Tiffanie. I suggest though you go back to school to learn to capitalize proper nouns.

      And for the record GA has made mistakes in the past when it comes to individuals. She did publicly profess her love once for Branco.

    4. Not sorry to point out that you are wrong and real reformers are backing Michael Defusco. The big news is that also many of the people who used to vote for her are also supporting Michael Defusco.

      The truth is that TC is maybe for the first time in 20 years in jeopardy of being voted out of office.

    5. The "love" for Branco was for a specific reason. Here's the link.

      When you make this type of flagrantly disingenuous remark as if the kudos for Branco were for a political reason or should have been withheld for a political reason, you lose all credibility for whatever case you are trying to make and appear merely as another agenda-driven operative. But since you are yet another anon, you can always try, try again to manipulate opinion and hope no one will bother to do any homework.

    6. Anon @ 8:55 and 9:26- You use the 'language' of reform, but are a big two-faced phony. I will advocate for whomever I want, it's my blog. Start your own, lazy-ass.

      As for bringing up Branco, you are disingenuous. Yes, in January, 2012 I called Branco a "mensch" for throwing a fundraiser for homeless fire victims at First and Jackson. When the Nazi Truck rolled into town 9 months later, and other incidents which frankly disgusted me, which showed his "true colors" and I came to the 'light.' I have always been honest about the fact I felt betrayed by him, and have written that here. It is no secret.

    7. People are repulsed and think of filth when they see a rat.
      That particular rat hiding in the shadows up to his neck in the filth but is still working this election.

    8. anon @8:55/9:26...anyone who uses the term "real reform" is either an ass (because they actually believe it's a thing) or a troll (using it to stir the pot). which are you, my trolly friend?

      while i think michael has potential, personally i'm in the ABT (anyone but terry) camp. does our trolly friend actually think anyone, including michael, could possibly be worse that castellano? that's hard to believe. and if our trolly friend believes it is wrong for "not-real" reform to back michael, then why didn't trolly run his own candidate...or himself?

      my guess is cuz, ya know, trollin'.

  10. The members of the reform Council majority are the best judges of who they think can best work with to get things done.

    In the 1st Ward that is Michael Defusco.


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