Debate: Monarch Man scores, Garcia flees and declares victory

When it comes to debates, there are winners and losers.

Last night's QLC debate of 2nd, 5th and 6th Ward candidates was no exception.   GA watched the Hudson County View  report and spoke to several attendees.

The winner, according to Carmelo Garcia was Carmelo Garcia. 

Unfortunately, Garcia didn't stay long enough at the debate to realize who he was debating.  This is what he posted on Facebook today:

Earth to Carmelo...

"After two impactful debates where Mayor Zimmer and her candidate councilperson tried to excuse their lack of representation..."
Huh?   Is Carmelo punch-drunk on Happy Meals?  Have those freebie Dunkin Donuts rotted his brain?  Too many trips to Target, CVS and ShopRite? 

Maybe he'd better check his wire. Surely Garcia taped Mayor Zimmer "debating" him at the Elk's Club and Hudson Reporter.   

Check your wire, Carmelo!
GA is astounded at the chutzpah... The guy who fled the debate after 10 minutes is criticizing his opponents'  "lack of representation."  Ummm, she was there.  You weren't.   Garcia's empty chair spoke volumes about his "lack of representation" on that dais.

Needless to say, Carmelo's assessment about Carmelo is, in my opinion, way off. 

GA gives the winning performance of the night to Monarch Man.

Monarch Man was simply artful;  his eyes darted down to some secret, scripted developer code for "shut the fuck up" when asked his opinion on the Monarch project.  Monarch Man leaped over the broken developer agreement  in a single bound, then pirouetted into a blame game attacking the City and Planning board.  


Monarch Man's avoidance of the words, "I oppose the Monarch project" and "the developer MUST honor their agreement with the City of Hoboken" was so complete, GA almost forgot how many times we've been fucked over by developers' broken promises.  

Monarch Man supports "open space."

That's nice. When Tiffanie Fisher was fighting for it, where was Monarch Man?


  1. So what you're also saying GA is that Monarch Man, aka Peter Biancamano is wearing phony glasses. Obviously his super developer vision doesn't require real prescription glasses.

    Think you got an incomplete picture of Carmelo at the forum. He was fighting with the Zimmer people who are trying to withhold a reasonable settlement where he walks away with $4,000,000 for his pain and suffering being caught doing a crap job at the HHA and pocketing thousands of dollars from its vendors.

    He was at McDonalds and placed an order for a Happy Meal but they had run out of their toys and told him to come back. So he had to leave the council forum early as they texted him his prize had arrived.

    Also, he went to go pick up more loot from another fundraiser. Win or lose, Carmelo is making sure he gets paid!!

  2. If you watch any of the BOE meetings Biancamano reads his long rambling speeches.
    One really telling point of those readings is that since they were pre-written he often asks dumb questions that had just been answered by others on the Board. If he actually wrote what he was reeding he would not make that mistake.

    Much like Tim Occhipinti on the City Council did, his handlers want him, as the single old guard soldier on the BOE, to get as much air time on the TV coverage as possible on the theory that their voters will be impressed with quantity over quality.

  3. Team Ramos Damage ControlOctober 1, 2015 at 6:03 PM

    Thanks to the helpful images of our Great Leader, we have been able to narrow his code name down to 2 possibilities.

    What does everyone like best?

    Deep Donut or Deep Burger?

    1. Deep Donut.

      I also like 'Happy Meal' Garcia and the Hoboken Hamburglar

    2. OK but isn't Michael Russo using the handle of "Happy Meal" after his lunch with Solomon Dwek and his his sewer meeting with The Donald ?

    3. The Donald met Mikey Russo in the sewer?

    4. Weeeeeeeeehawken I

  4. Arrive late, Leave earlyOctober 1, 2015 at 6:15 PM

    Obviously going to a bar for yet another photo op with a non-constituent was more important.

    Just like when he was on the BOE. At least 6th Ward voters know what to expect. If he can't even turn this crap off for a debate while he's campaigning, what do you think he'll be like in office?

  5. Looks like carmelo pulled a carmelo. Hha was really akin to his vacation get away and expense account and his boe attendance record of missing nearly 2 out of every three board meetings or constantly showing up late and leaving early at the meetings he did attend.
    Zebras don't change their stripes.
    Can't say you don't know what your getting with that one.

  6. The Carmelo TicketOctober 2, 2015 at 11:18 AM

    If you think some hamburgler riff is going to keep Carmelo from victory, you're wrong. He's winning this way, he's depositing vendor checks that way and no matter what you do, Carmelo gets paid.

    Vote the entire Carmelo Ticket and keep the money train going! Castellano, Biancamano, Russo, Ramos, Gonzalez and Carmelo Garcia to bring Hoboken back the way we all liked it!

    We're getting paid no matter what you dumbass reformers do.


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