Carmelo: "The envelopes may have been doctored!"

The Doctor is in

Someone pointed out to me that Carmelo Garcia had claimed the Fiocchi envelopes had been "doctored."

I didn't believe it... is that the third explanation his campaign has given so far for why he was, (according to Councilwoman Jen Giattino) "electioneering" in 1st Legislative District Republican Sam Fiocchi's envelopes?

Seeing is believing, in this week's Hoboken Reporter:

If that's not enough weirdness for you,  GA mentioned there was a mistake on the Assembly letterhead  Garcia has been using to bombard Hoboken's 6th Ward.  Carmelo sits on the Committee for "Transportation and Independent Authorities."  The printer for the NJ Assembly would not misspell the name of a Committee- but a doctor might.  Especially one practicing medicine without a license- or a brain. 

This is all very strange.  Perhaps the strangeness is what's compelled the media to continue covering the story.  GA doesn't see it going away any time soon.

This week's PolitiFax:


  1. How stupid does this man think everyone is? He by far has some of the worst excuses I have ever seen. This one is absolutely idiotic.

    1. Did you see his mailer? That stupid.

    2. Underestimating the intelligence of his voters has been very profitable for Mr. Carmelo.

  2. Oh the more the dirt comes out how Carmelo Garcia used Assembly taxpayer paid mailings to the sixth ward for political purposes, the more excuses come out.

    None of it makes sense or adds up. Of course the Hudson Reporter and Al Sullivan believe all of it and proudly publish the stupidity.

    Carmelo plays them or the Hudson Distorter enjoys publishing Old Guard lies.
    Great get breaking this story and then following up.

    I'd wager GA is right about the scam and the Hudson Distorter will have more egg on its face when it's all said and done. Hopefully it ends in a mail fraud conviction.

    Will Al Sullivan award himself a Pulitzer for this story?

  3. WTF is up with Carmelo's advertised "exclusive job" for Stevens Students to campaign for him in in the 6th Ward? This coming from the master of "Ethnic Cleansing" allegations!. So the less educated and under privileged students of mostly color in the HHA are not good enough to go door to door in the 6th Ward, Mr. Carmelo? But the more educated and less "ethnic" students of Stevens fit your profile and merit being paid? So much for having the back of the residents in the HHA. What an effing hypocrite. No one could make this shit up.

  4. Hopefully, Stevens' deans will inform and advise their students so that they are not exploited by someone who is alleged to have earned a dubious Stevens degree while working at city hall and running a mortgage lending business while being paid for a full-time position on our backs.

    The fact that only residents in his ward received the message with a misspelling in its fabricated letterhead, enclosed in envelopes from another assemblyman proves this is electioneering.

    But then, Garcia has a long track record of fabrications, ethnically motivated lawsuits included. What's astounding is that if what is said about him is true, that he would have the nerve to seek public office. That's a special kind of crazy.

  5. Carmelo G. Garcia, SHIM

  6. Stunning admission. You can safely bet he was forced into it. My guess is the printer has the office records to easily prove he had no involvement in this whole charade and told Carmelo to stop scape-goating him. At that point a new story was needed that excluded blaming the printer. Et voila!


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