Carmelo Attacks!

Carmelo's flyer: both sides-  8 1/2" x 11"
Here we go! Retaliation for Saturday's superb "A CONCERNED CITIZEN" mailer - this dopey, amateurish, dreck from "Real Democrats for Hoboken" arrived today in 6th Ward mailboxes...

This schlock-in-your-box announces that Giattino has "eliminated parking for residents."   After that, Giattino rounded up residents, machine-gunned them, then stuffed them in 6th Ward pot holes.

Problem solved!

Oh look, the schlock-in-your-box  stuck Jen's head in a parking meter and tagged her "EXPIRED."

"Expired?"Is that some kind of sick, subliminal death-wish?
expire [ik-spahyuh r]
Word Origin verb (used without object), expired, expiring. 
1. to emit the last breath; die. 

Yikes.  Carmelo says that Jen's "TIME HAS EXPIRED..."  




  1. That's kinda limp. Carmelo is suffering from E.D. (Election Disfunction) if that the best his expensive political consultants can get up as an attack flyer.

    Frank "Pupie" Raia did it much better with his "No pak'in here" years ago.

    1. That image continues to disturb me... Carmelo decapitated Jen and displayed her head over the 'blade' labeled "EXPIRED." Reminds of how medieval armies would display their vanquished enemy's head on a spike. A truly disturbing image.

      IMO this will hit others in my ward the wrong way.

    2. wait...that carmelo/grim reaper photo is real, from the flyer?? i just assumed it was something you photoshopped as a joke. that's REALLY sick if so. wonder if it's actionable?

    3. Not from the flyer, its GA's commentary on the macabre flyer.

    4. Ha...ah, ok. You never know with Carmelo and the OG, they do crazy things when they get desperate (like now...)

    5. Very true, it is going to be a wild week in Hoboken.

  2. Paid For By Real Democrats for Hoboken? Really?
    How real a Democrat can Carmelo Garcia pretend to be if he endorsed Republican Chris Christie?

    1. Just as real as Zimmer saying how lucky we are to have Christie

  3. Mr. Carmelo was in the men's room again recording his memoirs for posterity when a staffer sent that mailer went out.
    He can. He does. Close the stall door for unless you want to watch him.

  4. i certainly hope voters don't take this drivel seriously.

  5. Real Democrats of HobokenOctober 28, 2015 at 5:19 AM

    Who are they - Ines, Eduardo, Team Ruben

    Ines explains they are a PAC and why they failed to register.

    Connection to Occhipinti.

    Have they registered yet? Is this the equivalent of taking credit for an act of terrorism when the cops know who you are and how to find you?

    More ELEC trouble for Ines "I'll put my name on anything" Garcia-Keim?

    Eduardo, is this the transparency you will be bringing to the 5th Ward - secret PACs that fund midnight attack fliers?

  6. Swibinski's work product? Wow it sucks.

  7. This flyer will have no impact on this election, Jen is going to crush it. Now I know we have a bottom feeder among us who thinks that means don't bother to vote or don't bother to campaign for Jen, but let's face it- the catfish is big on his vocab and short on intellect. One could say reform has it's own "Belfiore". Regardless, get out the vote and lets get Jen re-elected!

    1. You are right about needing to get out the vote. Take nothing for granted!!!

      Talk to everyone you know and let them know who to vote for DeFusco, Fisher, Wefer, Cunningham and Giattino For council and Kluepfel, Dallarah and Velez for school board

    2. Oh no! 8:59. Are you kicking me out of "us" and "we"? And because of insufficient intellect? Oh dear, oh dear. And here I was so desperate to have you like me.

      Tell me - what can I do to get back into your anonymous good graces? I don't think I shall be able to bottom-feed until then.

      And since you couldn't get through saying, with true anonymous heroism I might add, "get out the vote" without attacking me, it's likely you're having trouble eating and sleeping too.

    3. Anon @ 8:59, take your beef with other screen names outside. DC is big on intellect and vocabulary, whether or not his opinions offend others. Hardly a 'Belfiore' and do you know his shampoo?

    4. I'm calling no fighting internally in reform for the next week! Let the OG Raia squad versus Ruben squad fight each other

      For the next 7 days get off your butts and recruit neighbors and friends throughout town to vote

      Word of Mouth!!!!!!


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