Behind the curtain

Most readers know that on July 8, 2015, GA was one of 3 SLAPP victims awarded in the $276,677 judgment against SLAPP suit filers Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal.

"The Court finds the Bajardis claims were frivolous, were pursued in bad faith, and with the purpose of harassment, delay and malicious injury in violation of N.J.S.A. 2A:15:15-59.1"
 -The Honorable Judge Patrick Arre Opinion, July 8, 2015

In fact, the victims presented some much clear and convincing evidence during the trial that the Court decreed  the "public figure" Plaintiffs' conduct "at a minimum demonstrates bad faith, and approaches a fraud upon the Court."

Remember, the Bajardis repeatedly claimed they were "defamed" by being called "political operatives" in a SLAPP which demanded "damages" of $2,000,000.

BAJARDI_00034100.htm, an email provided in discovery to Defendants which was filed with GA's August 2014 Motion for Summary Judgment, addresses the true extent and nature of the Bajardis role in Hoboken politics.  This email provides a glimpse behind the curtain about efforts of a political operative duo to influence Hoboken election outcomes.


  1. Its pretty ironic that if Mason had actually listened to Lane and Kim's political advice she probably would have won easily in 2009.

    And what was Lane and Kim's reward for truly being the only politically smart people in the Mason room? They got to watch all the inept paid consultants pad their pockets while giving horrible advice and now get to watch the Masons move on with their pampered lives none the worse for wear.

    Meanwhile, Lane and Kim are on the fast lane to the poor house. They have a right to feel victimized but I doubt they get that they were victims of the Masons not of GA, Horsey or Zimmer.

  2. It's a cautionary tale for windbags.

  3. Yes, windbags should tread very carefully before they step in $hit.

  4. Lane should have taken a page from the Russo's playbook, "don't do anything unless there is something in it for you". Dopes. Not only did they do the mrs dirty work, they are paying for it out of their own pockets. tragic really.

    1. Not real tragic for anyone on the receiving end of Lane Bajardi's vicious attacks over the years and I mean even before the idiots sued 2 dozen people and tried to crush the First Amendment.

      As for Lane Bajardi's fake lawsuit, he dragged many people through hell for 3 years and all they can recover are legal fees. Thats it for now. Not fair and not enough. The only tragedy are Lane and Kim's victims who got dragged through litigation for years that Lane Bajardi and Kim Bajardi could have withdrawn anytime. Yeah, anytime. They didnt want peace they wanted cash, lots of it. So they ran up their victim's expenses, wasted their time and forced them through scorched earth discovery.

      It is poetic justice that Beth has left them on the hook for the judgment and the rumored appeal. Appealing a sack of shit? Hard to believe.

      Are Lane and Kim tragic figures? NO. Like the judge said, they perpetuated fraud on the court and filed a SLAPP disguised as a defamation case.

      Anyone who thinks the saga of Lane and Kim is tragic, how about trading places with one of their victims?

  5. Any chance we can get a "best of Blowhardy" montage of video clips from his depositions to play on the infamous video truck around election day? Maybe something that makes a few of our least favorite tools currently running for office just look horrible?


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