"...where CRAZY people get into LEGAL TROUBLE and LOSE THEIR CONDOS"


On May 24, 2011, future-SLAPP Plaintiff Lane Bajardi told Hoboken411 what happens to "crazy people" who "make shit up."

Eagles?  More like cuckoo-birds.

ghostwritten by Lane Bajardi for Hoboken411com

This is Lane Bajardi's "FBI Update" as it appeared in print on Hoboken411:

Nutty screed ghostwritten by SLAPP Plaintiff  Lane "not an operative" Bajardi

Note, the author of this screed, a "credentialed journalist" employed by CBS news, admits he is "relying"  on "rumor."  

This shocking claim is quickly followed up another:  "each rumor is supported by fact."   Where are these facts?  

GA has a reasonable basis to believe the ghostwriter's nutty narrative could be called "making shit up." 

What happens to folks who make shit up?  

I didn't say that.

Curious, that on May 24, 2011 the Hoboken411.com ghostwriter  Lane"Red Haven" Bajardi knew what a "GIF audit" was yet five days earlier he "had no idea". 


  1. The old saying goes ...Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves...and they did.

    1. Hector Torres JunyaAugust 11, 2015 at 12:15 PM

      Great insight into their delusions and the little guy's obsession with getting his hands on other people's condos.

      What makes it all the more fascinating is they actually had the mayor's emails and wrote a legal argument in advance of the FBI's knocking on doors in Hoboken for doing so using the Pentagon Papers defense.

      So the little angry dude and his sidekick fluffer sock puppet published a defense of having the mayor's emails while telling the public the mayor's administration was under FBI investigation.

      Is this the kind of reporting approved by CBS at 1010 radio?

      So the Hoboken Fire official who gave them the mayor's emails was fine as they "had a legal right" to "inform the public about the government's operations."

      So then it's all okay to steal and distribute 100,000 emails from the mayor's office? Truly a fascinating justification.

      That sounds so like Beth Mason lunacy. It's hard to tell the difference between her moronic blatherings and Lane.

      Lane did you tell the FBI about your "Pentagon Papers" defense? I'm sure they would find this all very interesting.

      Have you turned over the mayor's stolen emails to the authorities yet?

  2. lane's comment is coming true...except it pertains to himself and Kim instead of the defendants. karma, baby.

    1. Bottom line - you're admitting my client was right again. No one cares about those other details.

    2. "Karma takes its shape in many forms"


    3. Good ole "Hector Torres!" Hysterical- which one of the "Hoboken couple" do you have a reasonable basis to believe wrote it?

      The Reporter story clearly outlines what happens to be ongoing harassment suffered by the Bajardis, who claim they never blogged under two anti-Zimmer screen names, but suffered the horrific consequences from her zealot cadre of hit-squad internet bloggers.

      Funny, the Bajardi's seemed to have lost their "horrific cosequences" on the way to court. As the judge said, they had NO evidence, and defendants showed the court evidence that their allegedly-defamatory statements were TRUE.

      "Hector" is right, "Karma takes many shapes."

  3. When is Beth Mason going to speak out about the all vile bloggers she had work with her ?

    NEVER !

    As dumb as she is she is still not dumb enough to admit what everyone who reads these emails can plainly see.

    BTW - Where is Beth ?
    She didn't show up for another City Council meeting and has not bee seen at the City Council or publicly in Hoboken for months .

    1. Beth's too busy advising Hillary on campaign strategy.

    2. Oh, she's traveling with Hillary- someone warn Hillary, quick!

    3. Well we can kiss Hillary goodbye as a candidate then. One sure fire way to lose is to listen to a born loser.

  4. Yeah it was pretty CRAZY for a Hoboken411 smear merchant to sue his victims for defamation.

    1. Even crazier not to withdraw it before he gave up all those emails and forced it to trial.

    2. that's a really good point! Why let it go that far?

    3. Why let it go years and not stop the frivolous litigation? Because they had gotten pretty far along and the court had not chastised and identified their "misrepresentations" to that point.

      They felt they were exceptional liars and were going to get away with it.
      It was the biggest and longest political operation they ever ran and with a blank check, why would they stop?

      It was only at the end when the trial judge asked, "where's the beef" that all the lies fell apart.

      They had nothing. No evidence just a bunch of claims they said would eventually show damages and proof. But none was ever produced when the case went to trial.

      They got their day in court. The court saw what they did and busted them and their carpetbagger attorneys.

      Trial judge is a hero for spelling it all out. That legal decision will be studied in NJ law schools for some years to come.

      No one's seen Beth Mason in four City Council meetings or in public since.

  5. Guys, have sympathy. Imagine how YOU would feel if you had to write a giant check to pay back for 3 years of costly and frivolous legal harassment against people engaging in First Amendment protected political discourse?

  6. Any appeals filed yet?

  7. Pretty funny in there Perry Belfiore not digging Scott Delea.
    Delea was the Mason-Russo candidate on the sly in 2011. He was of the new "independent" mode that hatched Timmy in the fourth ward.

    Didn't work out for them but Perry is a funny guy!

    1. Funny as a heart attack.

  8. Speaking of "Owning Condos" , has GA and Horsey evicted Lane from their new property on lower Park Ave?


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