HOBOKEN- In news that has stunned the Hoboken political world, 2-term Councilwoman Beth Mason has rejected the pleas of her constituents, deciding not to seek a third term in office.

Apparently Mason ignored the roar heard all weekend throughout the 2nd Ward, "Run, Beth run!" when early this morning she issued a statement on Hoboken's most respected news source, Hoboken411.com.  In it, Mason pledges to remain involved and continue to help improve Hoboken in the way that has made her so popular citywide.

A lucid, coherent "Editor's note" penned by the mentally stable, Lithium non-user Perry Klaussen gives insight into... well, it is not clear:

Not to be scooped by a blog,  Hoboken's second most credible news source, The Hoboken Reporter, followed with it's own SPECIAL Beth Mason EDITION.  In an exclusive, Mason reveals she is departing Hoboken politics to focus on her other business ventures.

In a 2013-2014 application to New Jersey's Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Board obtained by GA, the liquor license for a Weehawken bar was transfered from it's original sole owner to a partnership: Councilwoman Beth Mason and James Barracato. The application shows Mason and Barracato each"owns or controls" a 50% share of the applicant business.

The 2013-2014 application shows the "license period applied for" is 07/01/2012 through 06/30/2015.

Bajardi v Pincus was filed on July 26, 2012, 3 weeks after the "partnership" obtained the license. Voluminous documetary proofs (emails) show "business partner" James Barracato acting as the SLAPP's Project Manager.

The "(bar) business partnership" created between a serving member of Hoboken's legislative body and her business partner involved in a very, very expensive SLAPP suit against her political enemies is a developing story.

For example, how do parties "running out of cash" in 2011 file an (estimated) $500,000, 3-year  SLAPP suit in 2012? 

Councilwoman Mason's mournful constituents can look forward to more on this developing story.


  1. The Witch is Dead, hi ho the Witch is dead. Now what is she going to do with herself? Are we going to see her in her back window rocking back and forth? Kids gone, hubby having the time of his life with his career.... Beth you are such a loser.

  2. Excellent news. Will she show up on Weds for the council meeting?

  3. The SLAPP did her in...killed her off. Each SLAPP email was a coffin nail. Lol.. she split for Virginia, left the $276k check on the table for the Bajardis, Finboy got a pink slip, and the blogs are going strong.

  4. Beth gives Perry her exclusive, then he whacks her with a 2 X 4.

    1. Perry the perv took her stupid "exclusive" already cashed her last check and then whipped out his d#%^ and pissed on her.

      Hahahahahahahahahaha! The last major act in the crashing Hindenburgh and FinBoy makes her look like a total jackass! The Hoboken411 loon was nothing but a pure mercenary. She was an idiot handing him her "gift." Pervy doesn't give two shits about her now that she won't be paying him money!

      With all those emails showing what Hoboken411 was all along, Beth Mason got her final and just reward!

      Ricky will be next to take a chop out of her ass. Watch what happens!

  5. This will not be good for those obsessed with Beth.

    1. We would appreciate if you would leave us out of it. We are no longer with Beth nor do we wish to be associated with her failed support of our SLAPP-suit.

  6. Hey Beth could use a couple more "soldiers" on the 411 article commenting. I mean there is no one pining away for her return over there. And Klaus pretty much took a dump on her in his editorial

  7. Big debt of gratitude to Nancy and Roman and their lawyers. I have to believe that the SLAPP suit killed what little political future Mason had left.

    If they did not fight it as hard as they did, maybe the outcome would have been different. God Bless Nancy, Roman and their lawyers for the amazing side benefit of ridding the town of Beth Mason.


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