"Has she been served yet?"- UPDATE

Updated- 08/12/2015

Yesterday we learned that on May 17, 2012, future-SLAPP Plaintiff Kim Cardinal asked 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason's chief political operative, James Barracato:

"Has she been served  yet?"
Barracato replied:

"Not sure shes been served yet, I'll find out tomorrow."

How was Barracato to "find out" whether I had been served?  Was Barracato contacting attorneys directly himself or through (another) third party? How many others were involved?

Judge Arre called it a "SLAPP suit disguised as a defamation case."  The full cast of characters involved in the plot to silence the Reform blogosphere in 2012 has yet to be revealed.

But known facts are indisputable.  The fact that the Bajardi's attorney, Jonathan Z. Cohen of Wayne, Pennsylvania, refused to produce court-ordered discovery (including, but not limited to, the Bajardi's bank records, financial statements, credit card statements, wireless phone records, emails) from the date he entered  Bajardi v Pincus on November 21, 2013.  ALL of these records witheld would have shown the movement of money through the Bajardis' bank accounts to pay for the litigation.

A total of 68 motions were filed in Bajardi v Pincus, nearly all after Cohen's entry for the Bajardis, a period during which no court-ordered discovery was turned over to Defendants

GA estimates the blizzard of litigation in several states, including but not limited to retaining a NYC firm, the retaining a California firm, subpoenas to Google, AOL and other media companies,  videotaping depositions, endless motion practice, trial preparation and a 2-week trial for a total 446 days (November 21, 2013 - February 10, 2015) cost roughly $500,000.

The question of how Plaintiffs Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal paid for 929 days of litigation (July 26, 2012 - February 10, 2015) goes to the proofs that a SLAPP was perpetrated by them on over a dozen Hoboken residents. 

On July 14, 2011, Lane Bajardi discusses his financial status with Hoboken411, including his [Bajardi's] need to focus on "revenue-generating opportunities" so that he does not "end up having to dip into [his] 401K" to pay his mortgage.  This exchange took place one year before he and his unemployed wife,  Kim Cardinal filed Bajardi v Pincus.

6 months and 25 days later.....

The following was published previously on GA, "Under Oath: Plaintiffs "can't recall their litigation costs"; both Plaintffs respond to questions under oath about their litigation expenses and payment:

July 16, 2014

In short, he don't know nothin' bout birthin' no babies, nor the cost of his lawsuit.

Lane Bajardi did confirm that his Bloomberg 401K was not being tapped for the litigation,  he payed for the last payment on his credit card and he expected his 2014 salary to be "in the neighborhood of $120-130K.

September 12, 2014

Did you follow that?  Me neither.  But I'll take a shot.

According to Cardinal Bajardi:
  • Lane reviews the litigation bills, she only pays them from her credit card.
  • Lane and she have credit cards linked to the same account.
  • All litigation bills are charged on her credit card.    
  • Their litigation bills are paid in full each month.
  • She writes checks for the litigation bills from her TD checking or HBI account.
  • On September 12, 2014 there was $5 left in her "Hubbard" bank (HBI?)
  • She gets the money to pay her credit card off in full each month from "Our account. My checking account in Minnesota"  [page 250]
  • Her lowest monthly legal expense has been $7-8K, the highest monthly expense "over $40,000"
  • Her legal costs are "devastating"
  • She "can't recall" their litigation expenses in 2012, 2013 and 2014.
  • She "can't recall" her last month's legal expense because "Lane paid it."  
  • Lane is not authorized to write checks from the Minnesota account[page 247]   (Note, TD Bank has no branches or ATMs in Minnesota.) 
  • The Bajardi's disposable household income (after taxes) in 2013 was approximately $85K. (page 259)

Original post- 08/11/2015


  1. Let me get this straight... Kim Cardinal asks Beth Mason's chief political operative if GA has been served yet.... holy shit.


      It gets better. In September earlier, Beth Mason tells FinBoy and Lane to collect online comments against "member of ours." There was emails about FinBoy sending over things to Lane and Kim for "their" lawsuit.

      Now Kim just before the summer when the lawsuit is filed is asking FinBoy for information on GA being served?

      No wonder Kimmy didn't know anything about the bills. FinBoy!!!

      What happens to bad Catholics who lie under oath? Repeatly lying under oath is a mortal sin. When you do it to bear false witness against a dozen Hoboken residents that's 12 times worse!

      I think the Pope said for such grievous mortal sins, they go straight to hell!

      No wonder Beth Mason hasn't been seen and missed four straight City Council meetings since this SLAPP-suit legal decision was issued! WoW!

  2. Umm, wait a minute...I thought Kim was the one DOING the serving. I mean, she and Lane were the plaintiffs, right? It's almost as if she and Lane aren't really the ones behind the case and it's really Beth Mason's right-hand business partner who's doing it. That's just nutty, huh? Say it ain't so, Beth! Beth? Hello?

    1. Counsel for Beth & RickyAugust 11, 2015 at 6:40 PM

      I'm sorry but Beth is unavailable to comment. An anonymous spokesfish may get back to you with a non-denial denial comment.

      Beth stands by her testimony and will not further comment about any perjurious comments by her or her friends. Thank you.

  3. This is serious. If anyone has the appetite and $ to go after these people on a slapp back or abuse of process complaint you have plenty of evidence to make your case. Easy for me to say but IMO legal fees are not enough for what they did to you. This is a conspiracy- Mason and Barracato are leading figures. It looks like Barracato was the point man between Plaintiffs and underwriters. I hope one of you blows their shit up once and for all.

  4. SLAPP-crastic FinBoyAugust 11, 2015 at 8:03 PM

    This is worse evidence then Klaussenfluffer (the real one) handing out people's registration information to the SLAPPers. Much worse.

    Is it true FinBoy is hiding out from a subpoena? Wonder if there is a subpoena out there in search of Klasussenfluffer (the real one) ?

    None of this is good for Ricky or Beth. Didn't Beth Mason say she pays FinBoy at the trial? Believe that she did.

    1. Beth Mason testified about James Barracato: "He's my business partner." That includes SLAPP business. Beth wasn't underwriting the SLAPP without Ricky's buy-in. They are so busted.

  5. All you silly bloggers. You can't lay a glove on me. Unless there's proof, I'm going to say I had nothing to do with that SLAPP-suit. Ricky laughs at you fools. Don't you know how much money we have?

    Certainly, I can't be held responsible for anything FinBoy did without our authorization.

  6. At this point, no reasonable person would conclude that Beth and Ricky did not fund the SLAPP suit.

    Beth said she didn't - under oath. That's perjury.

    Did Ricky also swear out a statement that he did not fund the suit? That's worse. He is an officer of the court.

    Were Vorys and Cohen coordinated by Barracato?

    Who paid them? How?

    What did they know, and when did they know it? Did one or both suborn perjury, knowing full well their client was lying?

    This is far from over. Assholes.

  7. THEORETICALLY, if the Masons paid a shell company and the shell company paid Lane and Kim's legal fees, then TECHNICALLY Beth wasn't committing perjury. I think. Maybe.

    Kim didn't know if defendants had been served or how much the lawsuit costs, pretty obvious ALTHOUGH JUST MY OPINION that she and Lane weren't the drivers.

    1. A slew of subpoenas to financial institutions would unlock the mystery of how this lawsuit got paid.

    2. Moral bankruptcy.

      It appears that these people like playing word games to try to cover their tracks.

      That is un-exceptabile for the general population but news people and politicians it unforgivable.

      Hopefully their attempts to destroy others will return to them tenfold.

    3. Or they washed cash through that Weehawken shit hole they co-own.

  8. Hector Torres JunyaAugust 12, 2015 at 10:08 AM

    This feel like a karmic debt can be paid with required reparations. We like to talk about this karma in the fourth ward, especially me and my dad, Hector Torres Sr.

    Karma is taking its shape among many Mason political operatives. Karmic retribution will reach the co-conspirator SLAPPers.

    We're karmically stunned by this latest SLAPP suit revelation. Surely, Beth and Ricky are enjoying this karmic moment too.

  9. All of these SLAPP emails reveal Team Mason to be so obsessed with "the blogs", always going on about what's just been written on MSV and GA. Can you IMAGINE how their heads must be exploding since the verdict and judgement?!

    We've seen how Beth is too scared to show her face at the council for the past 3 or 4 meetings, has anyone seen Lane, Kim, Perry, Sarah? They must be either furious or mortified (actually, you have to have morals to be embarrassed, so probably not).

    Hey there, Team Mason! Hope you enjoy reading these posts and comments, LOL!

  10. Great update today GA!!!!! You basically lay out a perfect case for a SLAPP back if you so choose

    How about the weird email comment from LB to 411 about "Anal Rape". WTF... So weird

  11. RE: the update...that's painful to read, Kim is either a complete idiot or a massive liar.

    On second thought, the two are not mutually exclusive. IN MY OPNION!

  12. probus and the curious girl were in on the slapp. they set you up. bet petrosino knows all.

    1. Ding Ding

      We have a winner

  13. This entire debacle, in fact all the machinations of the last several years from these people, is what happens when you have a group of people who would rather scheme their way into power rather than run on the issues and win or lose based on how the voters cast their ballots.

    It really is both shocking and disgusting how wasteful, counterproductive and destructive all this scheming was.

    1. Narcissism run amok, an easy mark for the sleaze bag Barracato. Do you know Mason is partners with Finboy in the LLC that owns the Weehawken dive bar? Bars are a CASH business, good for washing big sums of money. The kind of money that pays for slapp suits.

    2. Agreed. Colossal waste of everyone's time and money. Doubt it's over for the Bajardis. No biggie for Ohio and Pennsylvania lawyers to hit them with lawsuits to reclaim their professional reputations... we were lied to! Manipulated! Will Beth foot the bill for those? Doubt it.

  14. Word on the street is no more money for the Bajardis. She's not picking up the phone. Mason cut em off.

    1. Mason is f'd. If she paid for the suit and perjured herself lying about it in court, she can't very well turn her back on the people best positioned to reveal that lie.

      I would almost guarantee you Calicchio also knows stories that make it impossible for Beth to fire him no matter how many times he gets dragged into court or propositions underage girls.

    2. Reveal that lie to whom? Nobody cares. Ask Patrick Ricciardi. Mr and Mrs Slapper don't have the cash to keep this going, not without "assistance ". Lot of tension over this in the hudson street mausoleum. Mr. Wallet says "no".

    3. Beth blowing off every council meeting, the OG and Hoboken since slammed with the a 300K bill. Spending time at her Virginia inn while the checkbook nerd hangs back in the mausoleum and watches the SLAPP spiral out of controll. Think he's told anyone what's happening at Wachtell?

      Mason is pissing everyone off, not returning calls or emails. She's abandoned Hoboken, the second ward and doesn't give a shit about anyone. Beth being Beth, now more than ever. OG tired of her ultra-narcissism. They hate what she's doing to their kid in the second. Fisher racking up support as people flocking to her putting their guy on ice.

      So why would Lane let the Masons off the hook and be wiped out? Lil' angry man is very, very angry and can't look himself in the mirror or take any responsibility for what he did to a whole lot of residents. He was set on destroying lives, families and getting his lifelong dream - their condos. Never been happier in his entire life. Then caught in one too many of his pathological lies to the court. Poof! All gone.

      Ricky doesn't want to hear it but what happens if he doesn't cough up a last mega payment on the SLAPP-gone-bad? Slickster thinks if he's stuck with one more master payment that's the last of it in the divorce. He's pissed as much for looking like a total fool as being left holding the bill.

      We're not solely talking the "D-word" about the Blojobeez either.
      Watch what happens.

  15. Really?? Hard to believe she's going to stiff them now. It'll take another $300k at least to get out of this.

    1. They have no leverage. Of course they will get stiffed.

    2. Well if they are getting stiffed on the 300K wait til they lose a SLAPP back suit. Even more $$$$ down the tubes. Everything above points to this being an organized SLAPP as a political operation. And wait til the financials get pored through....

    3. 300K? Way too optimistic.
      It'll be a lot more than that.

  16. Fish filet is done in hudson county. Nobody decent will hire him. It's like he's got leprosy.

  17. https://youtu.be/3MG1YaMq0Tk

    lies lies lies yeah (they're gonna get you)
    lies lies lies yeah (they won't forget you)
    lies lies lies yeah (they're gonna get you)
    lies lies lies yeah

  18. Yeah, whatever happened to that Lincoln guy? He was such a putz.

    1. Your jakes at Greg's expense are not appropriate. He served to the best of his abilities and should be thanked for his efforts.

    2. I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that the post from 12:43 was actually from Mr Lincoln. From what I had seen he always had a good sense of humor

      If so he is to be commended. Hoboken would be 1000 times better if he had beaten Russo

    3. Welcome back? We need you in the 3rd ward!

    4. Well, I'm not "back" per se, just always lurking. I'd been wondering if my name would get dragged out at some point with all the emails.

      But then, as GA's source said in 2011, they never could find anything on me. I'm just so boring that way.

    5. LOL - You should know by now that Beth has "friends" in low places.
      Hope all is well.

    6. Hey, LL. I don't recall offhand, but contact me offline and I will have an answer: grafixavenger666@gmail.com


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