Dear Anons

While GA supports commenters' use of the screen name Anonymous, I would like to encourage folks to start using a screen name.   Online conversations will be easier to follow.

Of course, you are welcome to use Anonymous.  But it is just as easy to use a screen name.  There are (at least) 2 ways:
1- Register a Google name. You need to open a gmail account. In your account settings, your "Display Name" will be your screen name. When you post, just select the "Google" option on the scroll down menu and log into your Google account. 
2- Use the scroll down menu.  Instead of selecting "Anonymous" at the bottom of the scroll down menu, you will choose the option right above it: "Name/Url".  Click on "Name/Url"- see STEP ONE screenshot:


Under "Name" enter a screen name. You can leave the "URL" field blank. Click on the "Continue" button- see STEP TWO screen shot:


You're ready to comment under your screen name.  If your "Cookies" are on, the name will be saved, but you will still have to pick the "Name/URL" option every time you comment.
Ta da!

See how easy that is?

Stick with ONE name, please.

The days of the Mason bullies gloating that "finally" our sites are silent, and that our "new-found silence" CAN'T "keep [us] safe" are OVER.  


So, partake in online political discourse without fear from SLAPPers and bullies.  And feel comfortable using a screen name.


  1. Thanks GA - I couldn't use a gmail because I have client accounts under a Gmail account & couldn't figure out how to separate my name on those and my handle on these. The name url works as a good option.

    1. You've got it! The name/url feature i,s just as easy as picking 'Anonymous,' so folks should feel welcome to select a name.

  2. Do you know if the name "JayZeke is God" is available?

  3. Thanks to Lane and Kim, Hoboken411is dead, Hoboken Now is dead, Hoboken PATCH is sanitized into oblivion.

    Hoboken Horse is roaring and Hoboken Grafix Avenger is soaring !

    1. The Hoboken Reporter is fading fast too.
      All the media outlets of the Dark Siders have been shut down by the Dark Siders.
      All that is left is to them is those midnight flyers.

  4. Hector Torres JunyaAugust 3, 2015 at 5:16 PM

    I like writing letters to the Hudson Reporter except I never wrote a letter to the Hudson Reporter. I've seen "my" letters there and was told by my neighbors I should have been paid for it. That's a fourth ward rule. Where's my money Beth?

    I like this quick instruction sheet GA. I'm checking to see if my name is available on Google. I'm not sure if they already took that too.

    This Sara person doesn't sound too bright but she's very funny! I always thought that there was wrong and then there was Laine Bajobseeking wrong. But I see he has company. In the spirit of fairness between them, let's call it a draw.

    Wonder with all this truth coming to light and the court acting on same how that humilation is working out?

  5. Suggested screen namesAugust 3, 2015 at 6:23 PM

    21 and never been SLAPPed
    Not a SLAPPer
    Where's the money?
    SLAPP virgin
    SLAPP me five + $276K
    Arre Fan Club
    Sanctions for SLAPPers
    Sanctions for Hacks
    U owe $276K
    No bouncy checks
    Justice for SLAPP victims

  6. Sarah must feel like to total ass, now that everything she said in this email has been proven wrong in a court of law and in fact boomeranged to woo Team Mason on the head (and in the pocketbook). What a bunch of losers, in so many ways.

  7. Dear #SaraStojkovic

    Of course the blogs went silent. You all tried to f with our civil liberties and that is scary as we, citizens of the United States, were under the belief that our civil liberties were protected.

    Who, dearest dim-witted Sara, is the dumb one? Turns out your deranged crew of fruitcakes fell for the pretrial procedure called d-i-s-c-o-v-e-r-y. WHO IS SILENT NOW?
    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! GA has all your emails showing just how underhanded, unglued, manic, uncharitable, ungodly and merciless you, Lane, R&B, #InesKreim and company are and have always been.


    Thomas Jefferson

    PS Love GA but going to stick with Anon because it's easier. The hate filled losers you are can suck eggs all day while we blog away anonymously. Peace out MTRFRS!

  8. Hilarious post! And so true.

    No worries about sticking with "Anon", Thomas J. Peace out!

  9. I noticed people occasionally make reference to "Mr. Sara", what's that all about" Has her husband been known to send emails under her log in?

    1. Sara's husband Branko Stojkovic posts were part of the emails made public in the failed Lane & Kimberly Bajardi lawsuit.
      If he posted under his wife's account I can not say.

  10. Hey Sara,

    Some of us have more in our lives than posting online. Being nasty behind a computer screen might be all you have, but not me.

    That was my first summer as stay at home mom. I had fun thing to do with my kid. I didn't turn my computer on just to post, and most of these sites are harder to post on from my phone.

    In fact I had turn my computer on to post this, because the preview/human check does not love iOS Safari.

    Bye bye, off to have fun with my kid.

  11. Three Mules for Sister SarahAugust 4, 2015 at 2:18 PM

    Well it's nice to hear from Journey and the positive message for our Berjerkoff friend.

    I wish to share a message with Sarah too: Go Fuck Yourself! How do you like the truth, justice and the American-Hoboken way now asshole!? Go rant to your sicko friends and Beth Mason.

    What a bunch of sick, twisted excuses for human beings. Karma baby!


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