Carmelo's "White Haven" Lawsuit is Alive

One of the stranger, more interesting tales in Hoboken's unfolding election season remains unreported in the press: PolitickerNJ and now, The Hudson Reporter.

That is, a candidate for Hoboken City Council is currently suing an at-Large Councilman, Mayor Zimmer, her husband, a(nother) candidate for City Council and the former HHA chairman.

The candidate is Carmelo Garcia, who is running against incumbent Jen Giattino in the 6th Ward.  The latest iteration of Garcia's ever-evolving lawsuit against members of the governing body he aspires to join, was filed on April 7, 2015- only 4 months and 19 days ago.

Folks, IF you CAN put aside the fact that (1) defending Garcia's lawsuit has cost taxpayers $150,000 (the City's deductible),  (2) Garcia failed to protect Hoboken taxpayers from harm by settling his dispute before dipping into our pockets, (3) Garcia is conflicted out of serving on a governing body with Defendants of his "rackeetering, discrimination, etc." claim...  

IF you can put all of that aside, GA implores you to READ Garcia's April 7, 2015 complaint, embedded below. 

In my opinion, both as a Hoboken taxpayer and 6th Ward resident  there is some seriously batshit crazy stuff in here.

Batshit Crazy* SAMPLE 
 Mayor  Zimmer sought to "transform Hoboken into a white haven..."

White haven?  

What's a "white haven?"  Anybody know?   Is that where white people dine on crustless watercress sandwiches and play golf all day?

Are Jews allowed?  Some white havens don't care for my people, the Chosen. In fact, some white havens tell Jews to "get lost"- you call those, "WASP havens."   Mayor Zimmer, please make sure our white haven takes Jews and Hispanics (90% of whom are "white".)

Just ask that white guy, Carmelo Garcia

I am not sure I'll get into white haven when I die; there's always white Hell.  Please Mayor, let me in! 

I hope white haven has a swimming pool and the life guard allows floaties.  Mayor, can you put in a swim-up tiki bar? In white haven, I want to float around in a heated pool with one of these in my hand:

Now that's white haven!

Garcia's "white haven" lawsuit is fascinating!  There is so much more to it, it may take weeks of analysis for Hoboken taxpayers to understand WHAT they are paying to defend.

Is that why The Hoboken Reporter forgot to mention that Garcia is suing Mayor Zimmer, et. al because she wanted to transform Hoboken into a "white haven?" ( Is publisher Dave Unger afraid of getting booted from white haven?) And that this lawsuit is alive and well heading into November elections?

Here is all the  Hoboken Reporter wrote about Garcia's lawsuit: "In a 2013 lawsuit alleging illegal interference in the HHA, Garcia accused Zimmer of pursuing a campaign of “ethnic cleansing.”  

Hey guys, the best part is yet to come.  There is a trial pending.

See you in white haven!?


  1. Yes it's Mayor Zimmers fault that Hoboken is only affordable for the affluent, most of whom are white.

    Has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with every "luxury" development that was approved by a parade of mayors and council persons over the last 30 years.

    And so much of the development he's bitching about has been built since Terry's been on council. Hmm. Misdirected anger.

    1. Don't forget Carmelo's support for his Godfather Joe Barry's removal and evictions of 60% affordable housing in Applied Housings Hoboken Buildings.

    2. I don't think his bitching is misdirected. Carmelo knows what he is saying is blatantly untrue but he also know that his only option is to spew these lies.

      He has failed at every public position he has been handed and the only way he can rationalize that is to say it wasn't his failures but blame other.

  2. Even Carmelo Garcia is smart enough to understand that the only thing he ever had going for him was his ethnicity. It got him his job in Hoboken City Hall, the HHA and the to be Brian Stack's Hispanic pick for Assemblyman.

    What he has done is insulting to all Hispanics but when the only card you have to play is the race card you play it.

    Now backed by the Russo family who's political stock and trade has always been hate, class war fare and dividing Hoboken they has mixed up a truly toxic cocktail.

  3. Oh please with this mess. Carmelo has always been at the forefront of helping everyone in the HHA and the City of Hoboken. The mayor only does not give two cents about minorities in Hoboken. It is time for Zimmer and her administration to go!

    1. Good, keep playing the race card, dope. Carmelo is trying to get elected in the 6th ward, not HHA. Every time you try this tactic it's another nail in his political coffin.

    2. Carmelo has only ever helped Carmelo and anyone who Carmelo thinks can help Carmelo.

    3. Carmelo is a Millionaire off the backs of the Latino Community.
      The only people he supports is himself and his baby mommas...

    4. Hector Torres JunyaAugust 24, 2015 at 3:03 PM

      You are making some kinda dumb joke right? The finance director of the entire city of Hoboken was African-American you dolt.
      Even here in the fourth ward we know that.

    5. More like he was at the forefront of harassing tenants who opposed him, like on Vision 20/20- funny how the harassment stopped after Carmelo was fired. Abracadabra.

    6. Anon at 12:06 : The mayor's Communications director is JUAN Melli, you moron. Her Chief of Staff is Vijay Chaudhuri, an ethnic East Asian, her former director of Finance, Solomon Steplight is black. But what the hell does this matter? The 6th Ward isn't looking for a smart, competent, effective representative on the Council. That ain't Carmelo Garcia. Look at the nitwit he surrounds himself with.

      Carmelo had better get himself some help with brains. But who else but a moron would work for him?

  4. Carmelo, your digital fingerprints are everywhere! Carmelo Garcia, the chairman of the new tenants' group, who has been involved in town politics for more than a year, emceed the evening, peppering his frequent visits to the podium with fist-pumping chants like "Viva Applied!"

    The biggest cheers came after Barry implored the crowd to fight alongside him against people who do not live in Applied Housing.

    "We have been together a long time," Barry said. "And we are asking you now to join us in defeating these outsiders." Barry then went on to explain that Helen Hirsch, an 80-year-old Hoboken resident who has lent her name to the suit against Applied, was the "only person on the suit who lives in Hoboken."

    "She moved here three years ago," he said. "And she lives in a $1 million dollar apartment in the 1st Ward where she wants to run for City Council."

    Later, Barry admitted that he had no proof that Hirsch was interested in running for City Council. According to documents she filed related to the suit, her apartment is likely to be worth a little more than $500,000.

  5. Google Joseph Barry's mansion Gladstone.

  6. My God, if a "white haven" is anywhere near as bad as is portrayed in the lawsuit, I'd hate to see what a "red haven" looks like. Oh, wait, we already know!

    1. We do: a psychotic, lying sack of shit with narcissistic personality disorder. In short (about 4'-11" plus a 10 lb unibrow) a remorseless psychopath. That's my OPINION.

  7. “If I am elected it will no longer be about ‘us’ and ‘them.’" ~Carmelo Garcia

    Really, Mr White Haven?

    1. No it won't be about us vs them, it will be about "Me Me Me "

  8. White Haven : What one buys from a city employee who works under your supervision with limited financial acumen for 1/3rd of it's value then does illegal non permitted basement dig out causing the collapse of the adding wall to your WW2 veteran , Widower neighbor, displacing him for 1 year. Usually comes in the form of a Hoboken townhouse on a affluent block.

  9. It blows my mind that any judge can read that paragraph 24 and not just immediately throw out the entire case, WTF? It's entirely ludicrous and non-sensical, even Zayas must have rolled his eyes when Carmelo insisted it be stated that way.

  10. We can, we will, watch us race-bait our way to a huge payday at the taxpayers expense.

  11. Just have to ask, why so much about Carmelo this week and nothing about Michael Russo running un opposed? Has he less corruption in his back ground? It almost seems as if the powers that Be do not want anyone to run against him. Sorry to express a contrary opinion but that does not seem like a good idea to me and it is very curious. I think it is a fair thing to ask and I am doing it anonymously considering last time someone waded into 3rd ward comments they were accused of trolling.

    1. I saw a similar comment elsewhere who questioned whether the mayor had a "secret deal" with Russo. So let me lay it out for you.

      First, Carmelo is a horrible candidate and he is running against one of the better council people we have. So there is a focus probably to make sure he does not win. Also GA lives in that ward, its her site, so naturally this is a huge issue for her.

      Russo may end up running unopposed. This absolutely would suck but as long as his family controls Church Towers and the rest of the 3rd ward stays quiet and uninterested he is VERY hard to beat. Maybe reformers in the 3rd don't feel the need to spend time and treasure on a lost cause? However, you seem interested so why not step up? We will help you get petitions signed.

      And this site has EXTENSIVELY covered Russo corruption for years. Along with MSV and Hoboken Journal none have been better. Certainly not local media

      Finally you can always create your own blog and you can supply whatever content you choose. I say go for it!


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