schaden-fraud: "Wish there was a way to make them pariahs..."

noun, scha·den·freu·deˈ(shä-dən-ˌfrȯi-də\)
1.  a feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the troubles of other people

noun, scha·den·fraudˈ(shä-dən-ˌ\ˈfrd\)
1. a feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the troubles of victims of fraud, such as SLAPP suit victims (see fraud definition)

noun, fraud (\ˈfrd\)
1   adeceit, trickery; specifically intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right
b :  an act of deceiving or misrepresenting 
2   a :  a person who is not what he or she pretends to be :  impostor; also :  one who defrauds :  cheat

Those were heady days for schaden-fraud in Hoboken.

Giggling over "nervous defendants." Terrorized members of an opposing political faction appearing to give up their First Amendment rights ("going silent") to the delight of the schaden-frauders.  The schaden-frauders find the silence of the other faction  "hilarious" because they are "stymied by fear."

That should tell you everything you need to know about the intent and purpose of the SLAPP suit.

If it does not, read highlighted text below.

This fraud was perpetuated by the silence of those laughing.

Instead of  schaden-fraud, they could have spoken up for the First Amendment.


  1. Seems like "sandwich head" (plaintiff's mean nickname for him, not mine) has a comfy relationship with the 2 witches.

    Remember that when he tries to win reformers over for his 2nd ward ambitions. Whoever he was describing and accusing of being intoxicated was most likely a reformer

    1. I confess, it was Horsey accused.

      However, I've eaten at that restaurant maybe twice and never with alcohol (as they don't serve it).

      So, for whatever reason, a story was concocted but it isn't true. Horsey did not ever go to India on the Hudson and get blasted on fermented carrots.

      After the SLAPP, it's the least of ones concerns.


      FYI, I just received spoke with Peter who recalls our discussion that day in a chance encounter on Washington St. He called this "utter nonesense" and denied he ever said any such thing to Sara, FinBoy or Mason's pet WWF boy.

    2. Yeah, Well how can anyone believe anything Biancamano says... He may fool a few reformers like Mello and Bhalla who voted for him against Kids First but he isn't fooling most

    3. I don't Like or trust Peter B. He plays big doofus nice guy well, he also was part of all the garbage thrown at reform
      He also wages war against reform at the BOE, any "reformer" befriending him is NO true Reformer. He's Pupie's Puppet

    4. How do you know Bhalla and Mello voted for the Benedict Arnold of the BoE? Reformers can be such dopes.

    5. They told people... David- Charter School for my kid/ public school for Bronx Paycheck -Mello told everyone he was with Peter Biancamono. Mello's fog horn voice carries pretty far....Bhalla horse trades with the worst of them. Just ask the city legal contractors from Essex up to Bergen County. It's well noted and not just in diaries

    6. Oh geez, Anon @ this when we start talking about REAL reformers?? Or are you just trolling for the OG? Same difference, I guess.

    7. If you are going to attribute positons to the individual councilmen, don't you think the credibility of putting your name to it is needed?

      Of course if you think trashing them here is good for business, well please go right ahead. But can you be any more a coward then doing under one of many names listed as "Anonymous?"

      Just say'in.

  2. Loyal and savvy political strategists huh? Loyal enough to sue bloggers and savvy enough not to pay for it?

  3. Sandwich Head rules.

  4. Sandwich head is a real douche bag. A sack of $hit and a thief amongst thieves.

  5. Tribalism wins the day. Reform 'newcomers' playing footsie with sandwich head will find out eventually. You think he's not repeating what you tell him in private to Raia & co.?

  6. Dont you have a court date soon to get your SLAPP legal costs back? I heard it was this week or next.

    1. As GA has said many times before, she can't comment right now on that matter. Stay tuned, though...

    2. The New York Post will cover it.


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