Petro Blog Comes with a Disclaimer

Say it ain't so!

GA should have read Dr. Petrosino's disclaimer before I started making a fuss about him not telling the truth and that other accuracy-junk. 

It looks like he's not sure of his completeness, accuracy, reliability or suitability either.   All of that original research and "related graphics" should only be relied upon "strictly at [our] own risk?"

Elections are a risky business. 

Sometimes production of inaccurate and unreliable "related graphics" by purported academics has a way of electing the wrong people.  You know, dopes or unethical types.  Sometimes both! 

Omission and/or redacting unpleasant data has a way of manipulating public opinion; in the political world it's called 'spin.'  Spin with bar graphs and curves, cloaked in mumbo-jumbo: deviations, triangulations, distribution curves, variables, and blabbity-blabber, may cause election of
incomplete, inaccurate, unreliable and unsuitable officials. 

So that's why Dr. Petrosino warns us about the veracity and reliability of his articles.  Because without a warning label [a.k.a. "Disclaimer"], he knows we might BELIEVE his crap and otherwise elect dimwits and/or scoundrels.    

Curiously, Petrosino's other academic blog has no disclaimer.

WARNING: Do not rely on the completeness, accuracy, reliability or suitability of this graph, etc.


  1. Just when you thought he couldn't be more of an ahole.

  2. Very strange. Is he afraid of getting sued?

  3. Thank you very much, prosbus!

  4. If he were a true academic and trusted his data, no disclaimer would be needed.

  5. How did the Bajardis know Petrosino was ALLEGEDLY posting as prosbus and Curious Gal unless they were WORKING TOGETHER to bait bloggers on Patch?


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