Monster Attacks Hoboken Moms!

HOBOKEN- On Mother's Day, May 10, 2015, a monster devoured the story, "Moms make lunch for the Homeless" from the Hoboken edition of the Hudson Reporter.

The story was about a group of Hoboken moms who have been bringing lunches to the Hoboken homeless shelter for 8 years.

One of the moms is also an elected official, Jen Giattino, the 6th Ward Councilwoman.  Mrs. Giattino, mother of 3 boys, began bringing food and helping at the Hoboken Homeless shelter "long before [she] became a councilwoman or before politics entered [her] mind."

Is there any coincidence that the monster devoured the story in the Hoboken edition but not in the Jersey City edition?

Could it be that Jersey City residents don't vote in Hoboken elections? 

Could it be that monsters want to elect their kind, not the kind that quietly serve the Hoboken community?

After devouring "Moms make lunch for the homeless" story, the monster regurgitated one about North Bergen and West New York mayoral races.   It landed in the space where the one about Hoboken moms feeding the homeless belonged.

Monsters do monstrous things.


  1. Couldn't the monster have eaten Carmelo instead?

    1. ...and Joe Branco for dessert.

    2. He's not really a monster, more like a Chatty Cathy doll. Talks up a storm, but does nothing. He needs a pull string coming out of his back.


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