Hillary, watch where you step

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Oh, dear!  As a lifelong registered Democrat and supporter of Hoboken's first Lady mayor (and first Jewish one), GA has become increasingly concerned about big problems ahead for (potentially) America's first lady president!

So, let's say your shoe were headed for a steaming pile of dog doo, wouldn't you want someone to tap you on the shoulder and say, "Hey, don't step there!"

That is what GA would like to do.

Hillary, imagine what the local and/or national media would do with this?  Before FOX News operatives  embarrass you, GA would like to say, "Hey, don't step there!"

There is more.

The  2012 The Nazi Truck was not the first time Beth Mason introduced a 1935 poster of "Triumph of the Will," with a swastika (digitized by GA) into Hoboken politics.

There are many examples in the public record.

Here is one: a newsletter to constituents.

Mason's "Dear Neighbor" newsletter, "Pincus Letter.doc" was (according to document properties) created on Novmber 4, 2010 at 10:26 AM, and saved at 5:37 PM.

According to the email it was attached to, the Nazi poster newsletter was "put together" by Beth Mason's personal attorney and her chief political operative.

It is a matter of public interest and public concern that viable national candidates do not soil their campaigns with ELECTED OFFICIALS who have used Nazi era Movie posters emblazoned with swastikas to attack political opponents. 

Please Hillary, keep your shoes clean.


  1. Mason and her gang were showing that movie poster with the swastika since 2010. Lane Bajardi started it! I never saw that swastika-movie poster anywhere in Hoboken politics until the Lane showed it at the City Council.

    1. I remember Lane running around Hoboken his collection of color turd pics in his briefcase, handing them to elected officials at televised public meetings. He seriously frightened boe members when he approached the dais without permission to give them his color turd pics. I remember the boe attorney told Roe Markle she could have the police remove him. I read it in the HR. Imagine liking turds that much. Does Lane like turds more than Beth Mason?

  2. "Ines thinks it is too diplomatic"

    So does someone want to provide more of an attack against GA?? We learn more and more about some people every day. First the bad things said about the QLC now here is some more. Not so nice after all

  3. Hillary's people aren't going to like this. Hannity on the other hand.... When they find out about the Nazi Truck they won't touch her with a ten foot pole. Beths best option is to scapegoat a minion.

    1. Beth Mason has no problem scapegoating a minion. In fact, it's the highlight of her phony resume.

      The good news for Beth is that Hillary has gargantuan corruption problems of her own with the "Clinton Cash" book out. The Clintons aren't running a charity in a foundation, it's a foundation where they are the charity.

      Last year the Clinton Foundation took in $600 million, mostly from foreign governments and gave out about 10% to charity groups. That's one hell of a windfall scamming the globe while trading on the office of the State Department and the good ole US of A.

      Beth Mason can only aspire to such corruption. All she can claim is she came close to destorying the local hospital and the town's finances. Oh, and she helped prop up the biggest local crime family in town.

    2. I haven't read the book yet, however I did witness Jeb Shrub of the Dirty Dynasty and his trusty cleaning lady, Katherine Harris, scrub 58,000 voters off Florida rolls-mostly African Americans- in 2000, handing the presidency to his warmongering WMD-imagining chimpanzee-human hybrid brother, George Dumbya Moron Jr. Worst. President. Ever.

    3. Is it something in the water but when facts are cited about the present, then we have to hear about a bunch of bittys complaining they couldn't figure out how to fill out a ballot and then a rant about Bush. Like how many years later? Besides there was WMD in Iraq, just not much and an Iraqi general told how it was moved over months to Syria.

      That doesn't defend in any way, shape or form the The Clinton Shakedown Machine. That's the shameless Clinton way, selling out this country every nail at a time and every nail that ain't nailed down:


      Maybe Hudson County should do a little scrubbing on the voter rolls. Anyway, let's hear more heartbreaking "felons couldn't vote" stories from 2000.

      I'm sure Hillary will appreciate it! LMAO!

    4. A-mouse, if there is "something in the water" then it's Blackwater, Shrubby's big donor who made a gazillion taxpayer dollars as the subcontractor for Shrubby's privatized war for oil.Yeah, even Shrubby knew there were no WMDs- why do you think he outed CIA Agent Valerie Plame, to punish hubby Joe Wilson who told the NY Times Shrubby was full of shit. Pretty shocking, unAmerican behavior. Instead, Shrub dispatched Colon Powell and his cartoon to the UN to get a 'pass' to make billions for Shrubby and his pals in their privatized PNAC adventure. As long as it wasn't your blood that spilled for nothing, right?

      Look, I won't debate national politics w/someone who
      (1) doesn't see the relevance ("like how many years later?") of the Bloody War-profiteering.Shrub Election-Stealing Legacy in a 2016 Jeb v Hillary race.
      (2) believes there were WMDs in Iraq.
      (3) mocks voters and cheers scrubbing voter rolls.

      As for scrubbing the 52,000 from the Florida rolls, read about the methodology, and the thousands of unlucky voters who got purged for having the same name as a felon. Yes, THOUSANDS. If is manifestly hypocritical to oppose stealing elections in Hoboken but applaud it in America.

      Finally, this is a blog about LOCAL politics. Reform is a diverse mix when it comes to national politics. No one is changing my mind, nor yours. I appreciate you despise the Clintons. I have not read this book, I probably will, but that's my business. By all means, start a blog where you may vent about the Clintons.

  4. Watch out, GA, Beth will sue you again- if she can find another pair of patsies to front it.

  5. This is all so hilarious and transparently bogus. There is no Hillary-Beth thing. It hasn't happened, it isn't happening now, it ain't never gonna happen. The only connection between Hillary and a Mason is when they deposit Ricky's check. Ms. Mason ain't going to Washington. I've got a better chance of securing a Clinton administration position than Beth does. End of story.

  6. Dressed for a funeralMay 6, 2015 at 6:43 PM

    Nice suit, Finboy. You swapped threads with the corpse?

    1. I want my suit back.

  7. I don't have many areas of expertise. But this is one where I do.

    Don't jerk the hook. Let the fish swim off with it, getting comfortable with the idea that nothing can happen and she his just enjoying a fine meal at your expense. Then jerk the hook.

  8. For crying out loud !
    What could be more appropriate then to have a family of felons selling of the leadership of the Hoboken Democratic Party to the highest bidder.

    1. I know nothing about the inner workings of this Hoboken Democratic party but how in hell is the most corrupt family in town appearing to be running it? What goes on with this thing for that to happen?

    2. it's an old hoboken tradition, anon@12:04. while everyone else in town is busy with their careers and families and lives, a hardcore OG contingent (many of whom don't have real jobs or interests/lives outside of this square mile) spend all their waking hours playing the fast-and-loose inside baseball of local politics as a way to "wet their beaks". a lot has changed for the better in hoboken over the 30 years i've lived here, but the roots of corruption and cronyism run deep and are still active. we're heading in the right direction, hopefully the end will be in sight.

  9. Bernie Sanders is looking good at this point.

  10. Mason reminds me of that Dawn dish detergent commercial. Put her in the mix and watch people scatter.


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