Coming in July: Count SLAPPula Rises

source: Pincus' MSJ email exhibit: BAJARDI_00037084.htm

As you've heard by now, the trial of Count SLAPPula has been postponed until mid-summer.

GA is not sure why, unless SLAPPula prefers bad news breaking when folks are paying less attention.

But you know, lies ferment in the heat and can really stink up a courtroom.  Better to have put this dud out of its misery now; the laughter would have died by August.

Instead, the midsummer production of Count SLAPPula Rises  will show in a Jersey City courtroom, to the delight of horror fans.

What's the plot?

Count SLAPPula is expected to describe how "offended" and "alarmed" she was that a Horse served her a trial subpoena.  Count SLAPPula may even re-enact how the Horse came charging at her, shooting lightening bolts from his red-rimmed eyes, snorting fire from his flaring nostrils. She may bare her chest to show the outline of a horse shoe where she was "forcefully smacked" with the "court documents" which offended her.  She may say the Horse had wings and flew like Pegasus with the subpoena which alarmed her, that the envelope was shooting death rays or was it covered with thorns?  

This might be what you call a "summer-proof" event.  In other words, stock up your popcorn and let the herjury begin!


  1. I hope the stenographer is ready to type the following multiple times:


  2. I live in the 2nd Ward and I am truly embarrassed that my elected representative can't structure a sentence. It is scary how poorly this woman writes, no wonder she has a staff of people to write on her behalf. Imagine this verbal diarrhea in spoken form during a city council meeting? Oh wait a minute...

    "I cannot stand by permit hatred to silence those who seek to expose those who seek to silence those who seek the truth and justice on behalf of the people." ????????

    1. I understand how you feel. Don't blame yourself- unless you voted for her. Then it's all your fault!

    2. Have you ever talked to her? The woman is not bright, average at best. Ruthless and narcissistic, yes. She will try to destroy anyone who gets in her way in the remorseless manner of a sociopath. Her friends know this which explains their obsequious behavior, their fawning and lapdog attentiveness. If you're loyal and stuff enough pillows under her ass, she'll even pay for your lawsuit.

    3. She has friends? Surely you jest.

    4. Dickie is in the process of buying her some new better friends because the old ones just didn't work out.

  3. I don't live in the Second Ward but as a human being I am embarrassed by her actions.

  4. Beth doesn't need to communicate clearly because Ricky's money does the talking.

  5. Bring plenty of garlic to the trial.

  6. I can't help but admire the complete lack of ethics my colleague Steve Kleinman is displaying by dragging this stinking corpse into a courtroom. Scumbag di tutti scumbags as my pizza guy would say.

  7. Beth if me and Mrs. RedHellivin are to continue covering up for you, we expect a six figure or better commitment to cover our considerable arses.

    We just had our first campus visit down here and the glimpse isn't good. Your reservation is confirmed but Ricky is clear on the other side of Hades. It's like he doesn't even want to spend eternity burning in hell with us.



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