Lane Bajardi: "as discussed... proposed resolution is attached" (ANOTHER!)

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Only 8 days after Lane Bajardi sent his Muni Garage resolution to Tim Occhipinti, Theresa Castellano and David Cruz, the Schmaltz-King of Hoboken was at it again.

Yes, Lane Bajardi wrote (more) legislation for the City of Hoboken, then like before, trafficked it to anti-Zimmer officials on the Hoboken City Council.  Moreover, this time Mr. Bajardi clearly layed out the political and strategic purpose of his resolution:
"...(the) proposed resolution for New Business is attached as a means to aggressively fight the misrepresentation of your record on development and move the First Ward forward."
At 1:00PM on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 Lane "not an operative" Bajardi emailed 1st Ward Councilwoman Theresa Castellano, Anthony Pasquale and David Cruz an attachment, "MuniGarageReexamintionResolution.doc."

Bajardi's detailed instructions to Castellano began:  
"I'm not trying to put words in your mouth... " 
then he proceeded to put words in her mouth.  Bajardi "suggested" Castellano introduce his attached resolution to Hoboken's City Council , "suggesting" more detailed instructions about what the Councilwoman should do before, during and after Bajardi's Resolution is introduced.  Lane Bajardi instructed the Councilwoman:
 "A press release with the resolutions attached (including the resolution to stop the Impound Yard) should then be sent out on Thursday morning." 
 Oh. no... he's not a political operative.

At 3:28 PM, Lane Bajardi forwards the email and attached Bajardi resolution to Terry's son,  John Castellano.

Def. Pincus' MSJ Exhibit: BAJARDI_00042948.doc


I'll bet you're wondering what happened next?


 Apparently, Castellano shit-canned Lane Bajardi's resolution.


  1. HA!! he probably stayed up all night to write all this nonsense and then even the people he's working for in a totally non-political operative manner just blow him off for being the blowhard that he is. i love how he thinks he's a mover-and-shaker, calling the shots and pulling strings.

    what a huge, sad, delusional joke.

  2. WHEREAS I am full of hot gas

    WHEREAS lighting a match close to my engorged ego or uni-brow (it hops around on my forehead when I lie- which happens when my mouth moves) will cause combustion

    WHEREAS I am so full of shit I make an excellent fertilizer

    WHEREAS why doesn't anyone (except my lunatic wife) recognize my superior political operative skills?

  3. What a jackass!

  4. The sad truth is that if a person with this much energy, drive, commitment and communication skills dedicated themselves to honest and fair government for all, they could most likely do some real good for a town. Alas, the focus was not on the good.

    What an enormous waste.

    1. In all fairness, his communications skills suck.

    2. I disagree, Anon @7:48. As much as I despise Lane for everything he's done, I do think the emails show he can spin. I don't like or agree with what he wrote, but nonetheless. Those H411 posts were straight out of Breitbart or a sleazy British tabloid.

    3. He was so bad at spinning that he had to censor people who disagreed with him and ripped him literally to shreds. His skills sucked.

  5. Not like he had to go to work the next day... OR WAS HE working?

    1. Lane was working. He was working strenuously to advance Beth Mason's political career. Over years, he did so even as he had no day job for well over two years.

      Everyday of his life was getting up, plotting to attack Zimmer and reform with his screeds on Hoboken411 and see Beth Mason and the Russo clan rise up and take over the city.

      He lived every waking moment of his life to see that fate befall the city of Hoboken. This is another perfect example of the many political operative hats.

      Excellent series! Thank you very much Grafix Avenger!

    2. He was working. If he didn't get paid for it (like he claims) then he's an even bigger douche than anyone ever imagined. Bertoli assumed he was paid, everyone did. There's nothing defamatory about getting PAID for WORK.

  6. As it says in the constitution or one of those other big yellow documents, we hold the tooths to be self elephant. It's implied that every tooth (client) has a self elephant constitutional right to be a complete douche bag. Or whatever kind of elephant they choose to be. My client has chosen to be the douche bag kind of elephant. He has a protected right to do so, and by golly he's doing it up big! He could one day get his picture next to douche bag in the dictionary. His name could even become a synonym for douche bag! I might even have to ask my mom to buy the Master Copyright Litigator add-on to my kit!

    Score another one for ... JayZeke --- Master Litigator!!! (cash only, all sales final)


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