Lane Bajardi: "Here's my draft resolution..." UPDATED

Update: April 23, 2015 


Yesterday's post was a soup-to-nuts narrative of how one political operative: (1)  wrote a city council resolution for 1st Ward Councilwoman Theresa Castellano and 4th Ward Councilman Tim Occhipinti, (2) lobbied for his resolution in ghostwritten article  "Opposition to Impound Lot Grows"published on Hoboken411, and (3) lobbied  under admitted screen names "4th Ward Guardian" and "Mark on Park," (created specifically for the Tow Yard thread).  

One ingredient was missing.

This alleged "opposition"was more smoke and mirrors blown from the same source. Here is what the  Hoboken411 ghostwriter (Lane Bajardi) published on Hoboken 411 regarding the ghostwritten Bajardi Resolution about a "community education campaign underway..."

Can you guess?  The "community education campaign" fliers distributed in the ghostwriter's neighborhood were written by....

The same "flier" referred to by "Mark on Park" (GA added comments in blue).

Talk about a one-man political-operative band: writer, director, producer and audience. 

GA would love the video of "Mark on Park" lobbying for the Bajardi Resolution at the May 4, 2011 city Council meeting, if anyone out there wants to cut it. *hint hint*

Meanwhile, at 9:23 PM on May 4, 2011, Mrs. "Mark on Park," Kim Cardinal, who was apparently watching the City Council meeting from home, sent this email to political operative James Barracato:

Oh, dear.


 Original post: April 22, 2015

For you jaded folk who think you've seen every soup-to-nuts example of how far a political operative has gone to influence the operations of Hoboken government... just wait.

GA was shocked at this one.

You will see that this operative also writes legislation for Hoboken's governing body to vote on.  Oh, yes.   

At 1:58 PM on March 8, 2011, Lane "not an operative" Bajardi emailed Councilwoman Terry Castellano, Councilman Tim Occhipinti and political operative David Cruz a message with an attachment, "MuniGarageLotResolution.doc.

Def. Pincus' MSJ Exhibit: BAJARDI_0008957.doc



City Council President Beth Mason placed Lane Bajardi's draft resolution on the Consent Agenda for the March 16, 2011 City Council Meeting. 

Lane Bajardi's ghostwritten resolution was sponsored by Councilwoman Theresa Castellano and Councilman Tim Occhipinti.

Here is the actual resolution submitted to the Mayor, City Council and professionals, in the March 16, 2011 Resolution package:

Castellano and Occhipinti provided no edits/input to Lane Bajardi's resolution draft

Castellano and Occhipinti provided no edits/ input to Lane Bajardi's resolution draft
The March 16, 2011 meeting minutes show no action taken on the Bajardi Resolution. 

The Bajardi Resolution was carried over to the April 6, 2011 meeting, and then to the May 4th meeting.

At 1:37 PM on May 1, 2011, Lane Bajardi emails Hoboken411, "This is the week we really rock their world... this is the week that widens the gap of the "close" races..."    Bajardi is referring to the municipal election scheduled on May 10.  He adds, "I'm also working on a story about... using the Muni Garage as a 24/7 Tow Yard, " referring to the subject of the Bajardi Resolution.

At 1:46 AM May 3, 2011, Lane Bajardi emails Hoboken411 his ghostwritten  "Opposition grows to Impound Lot proposal.doc " for publication.

In his ghostwritten article, he includes his ghostwritten resolution.

ATTACHMENT (screenshot with Document Properties)
Def. Pincus' MSJ Exhibit: BAJARDI_00044143

At 10:10 AM on May 3, 2011 Lane Bajardi emails Hoboken411:
"As I figured, the anti-Lane and Perry people (HoneyDew, and there will be more) are looking to cause trouble on the tow yard site. My guess is HoneyDew is one of our major enemies hiding in plain view.

If 4th Ward Guardian starts taking the lead role on this thread that name will be useless because it will become obvious it's me. xyzpdq is a non-political poster who generally doesn't weigh in much on politics and has always led people to believe he/she lives "in the center of town" either in the 3rd or 6th.

Can I get a screen name just for this thread? Does a thread-specific name like "StopTheTowYard" make sense? This screen name would only be for the Tow Yard, and once that story goes away would not return."

Note,"4th Ward Guardian" and "xyzpdq" are two of Lane Bajardi's admitted screen names.

An exchange follows in which Hoboken411 gives Lane Bajardi  a new screen name and log-in.


On the morning of May 3, 2011, Hoboken411 posts Bajardi's ghostwritten article, "Opposition to Impound Lot Grows" and a .pdf of the Bajardi Resolution.

Lane Bajardi's new screen name, "Mark on Park" lobbies for his ghostwritten resolution.

Another Lane Bajardi screen name lobbies for his ghostwritten resolution. 

On May 4, 2011, the City Council passed the Bajardi resolution with several revisions.   

The Bajardi Resolution was revised with 3 new paragraphs; 7 original paragraphs were kept and 6 original paragraphs were omitted.  Bajardi's title was shortened to: "Resolution Rejecting the Proposed Use of the Municipal Garage Site as a 24/7 Impound Lot."

At  1:09 AM on May 5, 2011,Lane Bajardi sends his ghostwritten "Tow Yard UPDATE.doc" to Hoboken411 for publication.

Def. Pincus' MSJ Exhibit :BAJARDI_00044294.doc

At 1:30AM on May 5, 2011, Hoboken411 published Bajardi's ghostwritten update about the passage of his revised resolution.

Any ideas why this not-a-political operative would ghost-write a resolution to direct the usage of  Hoboken's Municipal Garage site? 


  1. What devious sinister little creeps !

  2. WhereAs Lane Bajardi was unemployed for 2 years
    WhereAs Lane Bacardi spent countless hours in the service of "not paid for friendship " with the love of his life, Beth Mason.
    Therefore it be resolved Lane Bajardi was and may still very well be a PAID POLITICAL OPERATIVE with PAID Legal Services by Shell Companies owned by Beth and Ricky ( must be okay with the lawyers ) Mason

  3. WHEREAS Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal gave Defendants 50,000 emails in discovery

    WHEREAS the 50,000 emails proved both lied like rugs in their complaint

    WHEREAS people of good will hope they and their dunce lawyer will suffer the legal consequences for filing and litigating a frivolous complaint

  4. Whereas Timmy and Terry don't write their own stuff.

  5. G/A I have learned never to email any personnel things to people. This keeps getting better and better.

  6. Didn't the Plaintiffs write a certification AFTER they gave you all this evidence? Which Cohen certified as truthful??????

  7. It is UNBELIEVEABLE to me that Lane Bajardi wrote resolutions for the council minority. They need to GO.

  8. With a "friend " like Bajardi, Mason really doesn't need enemies.

  9. What awful people.

    This all began with the city being not in compliance with state bidding laws. The towing contract bids, which had for years called for bidders to have a tow yard in Hoboken, allowed only one bidder - the only towing company that had a yard within city limits - to meet the requirements of the bid. Creating a bid structure that allows for only one bidder, even if inadvertently, is illegal.

    So, when it was time for the city to put out the annual bid for the towing contract, the requirement for a tow yard in the city was removed. Russo and Castellano made a lot of noise, suggesting that it was unfair to inconvenience people whose cars were towed to have to leave city limits to pick up their car. Russo and Castellano demanded that the city come up with a list of all city-owned properties where out-of-town companies might keep towed vehicles.

    The municipal lot on Observer was one of several on the list. From GA's story, you can see what happened next. The crisis-manufacturing crew spread the word with the above effort and papered the neighbored with flyers, all so that Terry and Tim could be helped in their "close races". As if.

    What reprehensible lying a-holes.

    1. Thanks for that, and for mentioning the fliers. I will add that in an update- I found electronic evidence the fliers were created by Lane Bajardi.

      Note, Lane Bajardis screen name "Mark on Park" mentions "finding" a flier at his door, and he "and his neighbors are very upset."

      Manufactured crisis is right.

  10. do beth, terry and timmy actually DO anything as council people?? cuz these emails reveal that all the is work done by lane/kim/sarah/perry/james, and the three stooges only role is to show up (or not) at the council meetings.

    outrageous, disgusting, then ALL should be kicked out of those positions.

    thank you, lane and kim, for proving what we all suspected: they are all a bunch of lying frauds.

  11. Judging from pictures, this isn't too surprising as he appeared to be Peter Cammarano's left arm.

  12. The people behind the suit are complete morons. Only a moron would allow all this discovery to come out.

    And you notice that despite all their dirty laundry coming out, they have absolutely nothing to show for it.

  13. when is Lane's day of reckoning?

    Oh wait.... everyday since his lawsuit was tossed! Ha!!!!!

  14. They should be paying Lane their city council salaries.

  15. Now that it's public knowledge that the Hoboken City Council was manipulated into passing even one sentence of a resolution written by a deeply disturbed, morally bankrupt, unemployed nobody, the ordinance should be rescinded and those who had inside information of this machination should receive their comeuppance.

  16. My client has already testified that all of his services were under the heading of campaign volunteer.

    In this case that should be taken to include:
    -writing legislation to improve his quality of life.

    -getting elected officials to sponsor and co-sponsor legislation to improve his quality of life.

    -getting the president of the city council to put his legislation to improve his quality of life on the agenda as if written by others.

    -ghost-writing articles about how the elected officials are "leading the charge" to improve his quality of life.

    -writing comments where he pretends to be various people in various parts of town in support of the elected officials who pretended to be the authors of legislation he wrote to improve his quality of life.

    -writing and circulating fliers which he delivered to himself and then feigned outrage at as they were detrimental to his quality of life.

    I ask you - what campaign volunteer hasn't done all that? Just the lazy ones!

    Score another one for ... JayZeke --- Master Litigator!!! (cash only, all sales final.)

  17. It Takes a BajardiApril 23, 2015 at 7:06 AM

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  18. For whom does the bell toll? It tolls for Mason, Castellano, Russo and Occhipinti.

  19. Kim Cardinal's bitching to NJ Transit results in the defacing of the public mural on Observer Highway.... Lane Bajardi ghostwrites resolutions for the City Council... what next? Oh yeah, these control freaks SUED 12 people for writing truth and truth-based opinion.

  20. Any chance the Council can revisit this and put the tow lot there with an entrance to the tow lot right in front of Mark on Park's building?

  21. Horsey is reporting the buzz that Mason is out in the cold, has totally lost old guard support and Raia is running his boy Biancamano to replace her on the City Council.

    The Russo clan controlled Hoboken Democratic Committee is dumping Cryan. He is out and being replaced by Mason, who as part of the deal will not run for re-election in the 2nd Ward.

    Expect the same sort of denials by those involved we saw when Garcia got dumped by Stack right up until it happens.

    1. Yes, very interesting! We know the end of the story before Mason gets to write a face-saver. It looks like all forces are gathering on every front to anoint the next 2nd Ward Councilperson. Not so fast, Dark-siders!

    2. We need someone to defeat the dark siders of Biancamano and Liebler if Mason is not running. And even if she is we just need a decent person to step up to defeat those 3. The reformer who steps up will have the support of the whole town

    3. I dream of someone to run against Russo. I live in the 3rd and will never for for Russo or Raia.

    4. Liebler was paid by Raia to run one of his failed mayoral campaigns and it is doubtful he will run against his old boss's boy.

    5. You are assuming that some people have the same loyalty or sense of ethics that you probably have. That would be a mistake

    6. No, I am assuming some people just do it for the money.

  22. Great update GA!!!

    I am no lawyer but I hope a SLAPP back happens and this sordid tale sure helps show a jury how some people who said they were not political operatives certainly were. I imagine a jury would make a nice judgement for you and Horse after what you have been through

  23. Got to love it, Frank "Pupie" Raia is going to run his straw man Peter "Sandwich Head" Biancamano as a replacement for Elizabeth "Dog poopie picker upper" Mason. for city Council.


  24. i wonder if al sullivan will "break" this mason news from his "insider" sources this weekend??? or will he ignore it, as he's done for everything related to these plaintiff emails??

    this update is classic, GA. what a bunch of lying frauds, how does lane live with himself? probably thought he was right clever to be playing the system and pulling the strings behind the scenes...until this ill-advised lawsuit and subsequent email dump.

    not feeling very smart now, are you lane?

    1. There's no way that Lane hasn't figured out a way to make this into "this was all part of his master plan" in his head. His arrogance seems boundless.

      It's too much to hope that he's sitting somewhere sulking, but I really hope he is. And I hope his nasty wife is too.

  25. Are we supposed to believe there was no remuneration paid to the not political operatives? Really? All those hours invested in such an elaborate campaign on multiple fronts and no remuneration? Really? LOL

  26. Sue the bastard.

  27. This crazy little prick got away with his shenanigans all these years, even scored a decent job. A normal person with his skeletons rattling around would not have sued nor let it go to discovery. Surprised a CBS competitor hasn't picked it up yet.

  28. Boy Lane really is a great community Organizer... Good to see he didn't lose any friends over all the "defamation" he endured as a "not a political operative"

  29. Lane was "unemployed" for 2 years... wow, he must've invested well...
    Maybe he was a Bell Hop at Hotel Beth in Virginia?

  30. hmm... unemployed but working on a campaign? Technically, NY State unemployment forbids unreported " Paid work in which you drew a salary and volunteer work.-Work which was volunteer or professional services non paid": Available to Work
    To collect unemployment benefits, an employee must also be available to work. "Available to work" means there is nothing preventing the employee from accepting a new job, should one come along. Here are some examples of situations that might lead a state unemployment agency to find that an employee is unavailable for work -- and, therefore, ineligible for benefits:
    The employee is unwilling to work certain hours or days. If you have a history of working part time and are looking for part-time work, some states will still consider you available to work as long as your schedule isn't too restrictive. In other states, the agency will expect you to be ready to take a full-time job, if one is offered. The less flexible you are about your work schedule, the more likely the agency is to find you unavailable to work.
    You have no way to get to work. You won't be expected to commute across the state to find a new job, but you must be able to get to a job that's reasonably nearby if one is offered. If you don't have a car, can't get to work by public transportation, and can't come up with alternative arrangements to get to a job (such as a car pool), you may be deemed "unavailable" to work.
    Your personal life limits your time. If you are planning to take that once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world, don't expect to receive unemployment benefits while you're gone. Vacations and travel may mean you are "unavailable" to work. Similarly, if you don't have childcare arrangements and can't show that you could make them quickly if a job were offered, you might not be eligible for unemployment benefits.
    Actively Seeking Work
    It isn't enough to be unemployed. You must also be looking for work in order to be eligible for unemployment benefits, and you must undertake an active job search. What constitutes an adequate job search depends on your field. If you were laid off from a minimum wage job at a fast-food franchise, for example, an active job search might consist of going to similar establishments, asking about job openings, and completing job applications. If you were laid off from a professional position, you might respond to job postings, send out cover letters and resumes, and attend any interviews you land for potential positions.
    States verify your job search in different ways. Some may simply ask you to confirm, in your weekly benefits claim, that you are seeking work. Others may ask you to provide more detailed information about what you are doing to look for work, and may even ask you to list three companies you applied to recently.
    You also may not turn down suitable work, if it's offered. What types of work are suitable depend on your prior position, earnings, training, experience, and so on. Generally speaking, the more similar an offered job is to work you've previously done, the more likely you may be penalized for turning it down. And, the longer you've been collecting unemployment benefits, the more you will be expected to accept some compromises in pay, commute, and job duties to get back into the work force.

  31. I still can't believe he wore a suit to council meetings... even if he had been employed, he's on radio, he could have dressed casually... What a weird little turd.

    1. Most employed people would have stopped off at home and gotten out of their work clothes before going to a CC meeting. Well either that or they would have skipped the meeting altogether b/c most employed people don't have the time to screw around at CC meetings constantly toting an easel and exhibits so they can make a spectacle of themselves.

    2. He was home all day in sweat pants allegedly unemployed and dressed up to go to the meetings.

      To me It was all part of a show from the matching little black pants suits he and Beth wore to stuffing a purple pillow under Mason's butt because he thought she looked small in the City Council chair on TV. To pretending he had any community behind his multiple screen names, press releases and resolutions.

    3. "Kim and I are still in our pajamas..."

  32. LaDouche and Kimbo by a 5th floor walk up overlooking a mural they hate to the south and a municipal lot that stores salt. trucks, police cars and abandoned vehicles awaiting auction, and they expect the city to change just for them? The height of arrogance... They say college matures you and teaches you how to be a grown up. I guess that's why Lane acted like a child and Kimbo like Veruca Salt

  33. If Bajardi were to sit in a chair like the one in the image, his feet wouldn't touch the floor and we'd be staring at the bottom of his elevator soled shoes. Still, he is not responsible for his height, but he is short in stature in every way.

  34. does anyone know people who know lane and kim? curious as how they are taking this daily shaming, are they still playing the "hoboken couple" victim card? do they try to defend their actions in any way?

    for a group so well-staffed and experienced in opposition research that was always in ready-attack mode just a couple of years ago, it seems very odd that we haven't heard any pushback -- never mind rebuttals -- at all from plaintiffs, team mason or beth herself (cuz she writes her own stuff). what gives?

  35. when is Hoboken going to realize that Lane is an ego-maniac who thrives on all this public banter about him? And stop giving political operatives a bad name by referring to him in this manner. Lane has no clue as to what works and doesn't in the world of politics. If 1010 WINS gives you the world in 20 minutes, Lane can give you all he knows about politics in one.


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