Lane Bajardi: "Beth is Delusional... "

 Filing a SLAPP suit may cause a debilitating sense of dread

Do you think building a minor league baseball stadium in Hoboken is a good idea?

In July 2009, Councilwoman Beth Mason did.  In fact, she hired an architect to design a proposal for the northwest corner of the city, and told media she was determined to get Yankees, Mets, or Red Sox minor league team to Hoboken.

The merits of this plan is discussed in an email exchange between Hoboken411 political ghostwriter Lane Bajardi and Hoboken411.

At 11:37 PM on July 20, 2009 Hoboken411 begins the conversation with Lane Bajardi.

 read from the bottom up

As for Mason's baseball stadium plan, it died quietly shortly after it's birth.  R.I.P.


  1. Sleepless nights? He made good use of them writing hateful posts, resolutions, directives and 411 Ghostwritten articles...

  2. "almost like talking to a retard", LOL!!! hillary's team will be glad to hear that!

    ok, that's not PC but still...maybe klaussen isn't as dense as he appears to be.

  3. Those dipshits signed up to do the retards bidding and they have know for years how bad she is. They still kept doing her bidding. Doesn't that make them the ones suffering from a mental deficiency? Just saying.

  4. Of course they are bashing her!!! This was just days before Cammarano's arrest I believe. They probably figured they had a new Lord in their world

    1. correct. Lane endorsed Cammy in the runoff. The night before the big arrest Lane told the city council that taking zoning appointment powers away from Cammy was legislating sour grapes. He gearing up to ditch beth mason when they put the cuffs on ole Petey boy.

  5. Some choice quotes from Klaussen and Bajardi:

    "Beth...her dopey community meetings"
    "Beth is a horrible, dreadful communicator"
    "When sending emails...they're going into the abyss"
    "Almost like talking to a retard"
    "She is off the rails"

    And these are people who like Mason!


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