It takes Mason's village (and an HPD leak) to smear a Sacs

At 9:27 AM on March 24, 2011 a HOP bus driver and Hoboken's Director of Transportation and Parking were arrested following an altercation at City Hall.

At 12:24 PM on March 24, 2011, Lane "Red Haven" Bajardi sends Hoboken411 "what [he] has so far." 

[true and correct excerpt] 

At 6:11 PM on March 24, Lane "Red Haven" Bajardi sends Hoboken411 an update to his ghost-written article.

At 7:40 PM on March 24, 2011, political operative James Barracato emails Lane Bajardi: 

At 8:01 PM on March 24 Lane "Red Haven" Bajardi replies to political operative James Barracato that he wants "Kim to look at it."

At 8:31 PM on March 24, Kim Cardinal replies to Lane Bajardi and political operative James Barracato.  

[true and correct excerpt]

At 11:51 PM on March 24, 2011, Lane "Red Haven" Bajardi sends Perry Klaussen the "Plan for Tomorrow."

At 12:08 AM on Friday, March 25, 2011, James Barracato sends Hoboken411 "Beth Mason Statement..." and cc's Lane Bajardi.     

At 12:17 AM James Barracato sends Lane Bajardi a list of media outlets he is issuing the "Beth Statement" to and asks, "Any more?"  

At 12:58 AM Lane Bajardi replies, "Don't forget Al Jazeera and Urban Times news."

At 12:30 AM on March 25, 2011 Hoboken411 emails Lane "Red Haven" Bajardi:

At 2:25 PM on Friday March 25, 2011, James Barracato sends Lane "not an operative" Bajardi an email with an attachment.  

Barracato's attachment is a photograph of a "Confidential,  Not for Public Use or Distribution" memo from Mayor Zimmer to Council members.


At 12:36 AM on March 30, 2011 Lane Bajardi begins an exchange with Hoboken411.

The exchange shows both Bajardi and Hoboken411 are already in possession of the Laney-Sacs police report.   

At 1:04 AM on March 30, Lane Bajardi sends Hoboken411 instructions "to be blurred" on the Laney-Sacs police report.

At 1:15 AM Hoboken411 emails Lane Bajardi an attachment: the Laney Sacs police report with redactions 

Def. Pincus' MSJ Exhibit- BAJARDI_00043226.pdf

page 1 of 4- additional redactions (red) of privileged information by GA

At 3:21 AM on March 30, 2011, Lane Bajardi emails Hoboken411 his ghostwritten article:

Def. Pincus' MSJ Exhibit- BAJARDI_00043230.pdf
page 1 of 5
Later that morning on March 30, 2011:

Should any doubt remain whether the police report was (1) properly obtained or (2) leaked to Hoboken411:



  1. The treatment of Sacs will go down as one of the more disgusting things that Morte did. This whole smear was awful and great job by GA here on another investigative reporting laying all of this out so clearly. Too bad local print media doesn't come even close to the work GA and Horse are doing.

    The way Sacs was treated at meetings was disgusting. Their hope was to drive a good, smart employee away by abusing him. I don't think it was a coincidence that so much $$$ was stolen from the Parking authority prior to Sacs and that some people were very upset that access to that treasure trove ended so they took that out on Sacs.

    Also just another of the countless examples Mr "Not a Political Operative" completely acted like someone on a political mission. So much for the foundation of that frivolous lawsuit after seeing these emails

    Not sure if you can answer this but did the plaintiffs time period for appeal pass or are these people looking to further embarrass themselves?

    1. Thanks a lot. This one was hard because of the volume of emails exchanged on this subject.

      Yes, it was disgraceful the was Sacs was treated by the Mason-Russo-Castellano-Occhipinti minority, and Mason's political operatives.

      I can't answer that, sorry. Be sure these are plaintiffs who appear to take every available opportunity to embarrass themselves, if such opportunities exist.

    2. I remember the son of felon and former mayor Anthony "Tony" Russo and his godmother taking great delight in almost no stop attacks on Sacs at every city council meeting it was like most things connected to the Russo family disgraceful.

      Anthony Russo's crimes and his not paying the hundred of thousands in fines to the people of Hoboken.

      The sworn kickback testimony of the owners of the towing company that had a city contract under the Russo administration that precipitated Michele Russo in getting her nickname.

      The untold thousands of dollars for years of medical benefits that Anthony and Michele Russo got from the City after they were supposedly cut off after Anthony's multiple felony convictions.

      Michaels now infamous FBI video with Solomon Dwek where he set up the mechanics of taking thousands of dollars in bribes.

      It is funny to see that now that the power and fortunes of the Russos is fading
      Michael Russo is trying to change his loud, fat, nasty son of a thug image to be more acceptable to the changing of the voters in Hoboken with the hopes at least staying on the Hoboken taxpayer payroll and continuing the old family business.

  2. Some more confidential city email leaked to political operatives by Beth Mason I see.

  3. Heard way back that the Sacs incident was set up. A council person's name came up, and not Mason's.

    1. Payback for change from quarter-fed parking meters to automated ones. City parking revenue way up, missing quarter revenue way down. One councilperson real ticked off. They wanted Sacs out.

  4. They are such ugly people. What motivates them to drag down instead of trying to build the up the community. It was deplorable how they treated Ian Sacs. I'm grateful to GA for revealing these twatwaffles for who they really are. Despicable.

  5. Hey, some of you guys write good. Can someone help me with a, lets say, writing assignment? I need to make this Sacs thingy sound like something a "campaign volunteer" might do. It's for a meeting with my insurance company. I can't explain right now.

  6. These emails, and probably countless others we haven't seen yet, reveal the destructive strategies of these sick and twisted minds. It was painful to watch Mason, Occhipinti, Castellano and especially Russo abuse, berate, belittle and harass Director Sacs and others at times. I hope with this new evidence, Sacs files a lawsuit against them because, at the end of the day, they were his employer.

    But the bigger issue for all Hoboken residents is how our local police department was used in these events and others. It was easy for certain councilmen and their operatives to set up Director Sacs and dispatch officers to GA's home for a private inquisition at the request of Occhipinti.

    If our police department is on call to fulfill the requests of a bunch of corrupt low-level political nobodies, what does that say about our law enforcement officers and their top brass? What has been done to discipline or dismiss the officers involved and what measures have been taken to clean things up in a police department whose sole purpose is to protect and serve the broader community who no longer trusts them?

    1. The HPD is laughing their asses off at these type of comments.

      Hoboken is the wild west. You and all the newbies from the suburbs aren't use to this type of fraternal order. The boys are raised to become cops. They know it's a cushy gig made up of intimidators and drug pushers. In the end the citizens have no protection from the hudson county mounty.

      Nothing is going to change.

  7. This is one super story sleuthing through 49,000 emails to tell a story. I'll differ (once again) with the major change in management of the Hoboken Police Department. I think there's been statistical improvements already proving out under Police Chief Ken Ferrante and expect it will continue.

    Also ran into a long time officer yesterday and unsolicited he made reference to the same improvements with some pride. It's agreed that what was revealed in the past is bad but also let's look at the present and future with optimism.

    Professionalism is the watchword and things are moving forward in a positive direction. We should all want that for our police department and our community.

    Expect the progress to continue and see another sorrowful chapter in Hoboken history closed.

    1. It is good to see the progress in turning "Hoboken's Finest" from a hollow knee-jerk phrase to actually being reflective of the Hoboken Police Department.

      FYI - Ian and his family are happy, healthy and doing just great today.

    2. If the officers involved in Sacs and GA's cases are not disciplined or terminated, if the entire force isn't put on notice that they are not Mason's private security detail, if they don't stop using H8411 as their mouthpiece and start treating citizens with respect, then we can assume that nothing has changed.

      So far, we have a chief who lives in subsidized housing though he can afford better, preventing a family who truly needs it to move in, and his fiance who runs the taxi & limousine office at city hall is about to become an assemblywoman. Seems like old times.

      Remind us of how things are better?

    3. Multimillionaire real-estate and bar owner Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano also live in taxpayer subsidized luxury.

      Many of the Russo do family too.

      The old guard set up the system years ago and took advantage of it.

      Not much can be done now.

    4. Voting out Castellano, Russo, Mason, Occhipinti and Romano and anyone they support would help.

    5. The old guard hate the new police chief and the candidate for the 33rd Assembly seat because not only they do not control them but they actually support progress in Hoboken and have worked at ending the power they once had.

      I hear one old guard matriarch is terrified that they will take away her control of the Democratic Committee in June 2nd.

    6. @ anon 2:12 PM

      First, for any discipline there has to be policies and procedures to be implemented. Some action would need to be taken by the injured party. GA did not file a lawsuit against the City of Hoboken or any employees so your expectation of discipline or termination years after the fact doesn't withstand any due process requirement.

      The recently promoted police chief lives in Marine View. If you think that means that he should be automatically evicted, you should take public action to see the existing rules establishing residency changed.

      Since you only have the courage to make your comment among a list of anonymous commenters failing to even assume a screen name, one would imagine you lack the courage to do anything other than whine.

      There's a number of changes already implemented at HPD. Complaints are down, new standards of patrol including on the waterfront are underway and a serious effort to root out serious crime in the area of the HHA.

      MSV will likely do a follow-up story on these changes. As for the new police chief, his professionalism is one I've personally witnessed over years and grace under fire whether we agreed or disagreed on matters having a direct bearing on his job and compensation.

      I'm not the only one who sees all this as a positive and wishes to see it continue. Political culture doesn't change overnight but the professionalism starts at the top. The areas which matter most to the public at large in Hoboken deserve to see continued progress in these and other areas.

      With no hesitation do I stand firmly in backing Ken Ferrante as the Hoboken Police Chief. His professionalism wlll continue to exert itself and filter throughout the department.

      Of this, I have no doubt.

  8. An interesting insight as to how news reader Lane Bajardi's twisted mind worked in distorting the facts to turn news into political hate propaganda.


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