Councilwoman Mason Censors Speech on Facebook

The past month has seen the curtain slowly lifting on a shadowy group of  political operatives; for years they worked to advance Beth Mason's political career and destroy Dawn Zimmer's allies or anyone deemed a "threat." Their tactics were ruthless. 

The first step was identifying "threats."  If you used a screen name on Hoboken411; your private registration info (name, IP, email address) was shared.  Then the opposition research began.

Our property tax records, political contributions, financial disclosure forms, property records, bankruptcies, foreclosures, legal filings were dug up.  Some of us were photographed and/or filmed.  Vicious smear articles would sprout like stink-weed on the pages of Hoboken411.  Once laundered there, the smears were peddled to The Hoboken Reporter and other Mason-friendly press.

For years, this shadowy group effectively controlled political messaging in Hoboken.  Until Hoboken Journal, MSV and GA happened.  It is my opinion and belief that losing control of online political discourse and messaging has (literally) driven them bonkers. That is the only rational explanation for the SLAPP.   It was a First Amendment throw-down.
Free internet speech in Hoboken has won. 

 Emails in the public domain, detail years of efforts to control speech in Hoboken: targeting "threats", opposition research followed by punishing, public evisceration on Hoboken411.

Well, the curtain lifting is Iron.  The days of Pravda411 are over. 

Not surprising that Beth Mason is doing all she can to bring them back. Get this: the Councilwoman is censoring her Facebook page.

GA was sent screenshots of a Hoboken resident's attempt to contact Mason via Facebook, to query her on matters of public interest and public concern.  The  conversation started 11 days ago.

Mason replied:

Uh oh...







  1. I see the confusion here. When my client says "please contact me privately" she means "be a good sport and drop dead." Instead of criticizing my client you should be asking why Ms Harrison refuses to be a good sport.

  2. Well first of all I think its a safe bet that someone from the henchman team is managing and commenting on that page. Regardless if the councilwoman has any intention of running again its going to be very messy for her. At every appearance, debate or moment she is going to be hit up with many questions about all we have learned from these emails.

    Based on that facebook page where I don't think a single person who "likes" the page is from the 2nd ward, she is in for quite a rude awakening

  3. "Please contact me privately" is the facebook version of "I'd be happy to speak to you privately after the meeting." that Beth parrots when faced with a tough question during the public comments of city council meetings. She is a phony, a fraud, a joke. Get lost Beth and don't ever come back. Signed - Every 2nd ward resident everywhere

  4. Beth Mason claims not to be a "named" party to the ligitation. Ok, she's not named, her political operatives are named. So why can't she comment?

    Oh yeah, she has as the emails in the public now show a less than transparent "investment" in the litigation. LMAO! This woman (and her people who write this bs) are all a bunch of arrogant fabricators.

    Beth Mason isn't about to cooperate with members of the Hoboken public when she's running political operations in the courts. Justice will find her one day.

  5. Mason's replies are too well written to have been composed by the bitch herself.

    She also alludes to fighting for the people, reducing the cost of OPRA'd documents. What she's referring to there is the fact that long before she was an ATM for the Russo's, she spent her time suing the city and OPRA'ing everything. She pissed off a lot of people in those days, including her gal-pal Castellano, shoulder-padding her way around city hall, like a rebel without a clue. All her suits were settled, not won, and the only thing she has to show for all the years of her misguided efforts, is a lower cost of photocopying.

    So when we OPRA Beth's OPRA requests, we will realize a savings.

    Doesn't she have a new business venture in Virginia to run into the ground? A charmless place, soon to be known by travelers as "The Last Resort"

  6. I would suggest reposting your questions on the Hoboken Facebook page if you want a public, transparent answer from Councilwoman Mason.

  7. There is one thing that is very transparent, she honestly doesn't care what voters think.

  8. She has friviously hauled horsey's ass to court again. Did she do the same to you GA?

    How is it that he has not received a police report but had to appear? So much for Chief Farrante, the more things change the more they appear the same.

    1. Anyone can make up a story and report it to the police. Then a report filed goes to the municipal court. Someone can say you stepped on their toe walking by and they are now "alarmed" and felt "harassed" and "threatened" because you accidentally walked by and stepped on the edge of their sneaker thus "causing" them distress.

      That is the NJ criminal system and in Hoboken I've seen five legal actions in just over five years as I attend many government meetings. I've won each and every one while maintaining an open, uncensored website covering government and each of the false claims have been dismissed.

      As everyone knows most recently the claims against me and others by Lane Bajarid and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi were abuptly thrown out of court in February. In May, I will be facing Beth Mason in another bogus criminal claim.

      Each of the five claims made against me all have one similar component. They are all connected to Beth Mason and actions of her political operatives.

      Police Chief Ferrante has done absolutely nothing wrong and I was at the police station just yesterday. In fact, Chief Ferrante has already put in a number of changes upgrading the HPD. One is additional communication with media.

      Please don't assume he's done anything incorrect in this matter. That's absolutely not the case.

    2. thanks, horsey. hang in there, can't believe the crap you're subjected to by this woman. seems to me that at some point you should be able to file some sort of harassment complaint against her, the record is on your side.

  9. As long as the Mason's are around and Ricky is employed, the frivolous lawsuits will continue. No couple has done more harm in Hoboken than these two, and yet, here's Ricky, trying to redeem his soul in New York, as a spokesman for the boy scouts. Of course he'd have to join the board of a charity across the river. None in Hoboken would have him:

  10. Does Mrs. Richard G. Mason think she'll get away with perjury in court? She'll implode like Bajardi. Fodder for Above The Law. Keep the faith, Horsey.

  11. She does not respond to emails, her phone number listed on City Council webpage goes to voicemail.

    I fear if I approach in person she will treat me like she has treated Horsey. I don't wan to approach her in any manner that lacks documentable evidence to protect me.

    I never really expected an answer, not really, I just want it in public record the way she treats people.

    1. Thanks, Carol. Yes, agreed. Stay far away from her and her ilk.

    2. Long before she was Public Enemy # 1 and part of the most hated couple in Hoboken, she couldn't answer emails and phone calls from her constituents. Now that the Mason family's life is a digital-age shit storm of their own creation, she certainly isn't going to be accessible. The best place to pose questions on the record is the public portion of council meetings. She will not answer, but at least the public will know, and there will be a recording of, her hiding behind that stationery box with downcast eyes.


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