"He comes to many meetings...Beware" (*NEW TITLE)

At 6:44 PM on August 23, 2010, Lane "Red Haven" Bajardi emailed Hoboken411:

Oh dear, a (potential) rat-posting!

At  7:16 PM Hoboken411 replies:

Phew, not a rat, but what  about the posting?

"Both are essentially in violation of the rules..."  ZAP!  All gone!  

So, pro- Zimmer posts "violate" the rules.  What happens to rats? 

They get sued. This rat is "Defendant No. 3" in Bajardi v Pincus.

Speaking of Pincus...

Rats must be stopped.  

At 1:00 AM on November 16, 2010  Lane "rat-catcher" Bajardi emails Hoboken411:

At 2:13 AM, Lane "Red Haven" Bajardi sends his "fresh story" to Hoboken411.

Thanks for using the "horrible picture!"

As rats go, GA must be special, because on November 20, 2010:

SeeSara Stojkovic (whom GA had never met) had her father get "new Pincus info out" to the Director of Anti-Defamation League of NJ, Etzion Neurer.   Dad even invited Neuer to lunch...
rat-catching is a family affair!  Or as Stojkovic put it: "HA HA!"

If Dad reads this, I hope you had a nice lunch with Etzion- "HA HA!"

So that's how they did it.

Hoboken411 was a primary source of opposition research  on Zimmer supporters and/or Beth Mason critics- the "rats."  Our posts were deleted, we were banned, and our personal registration information was shared with the rat-catchers.

Then MSV, GA and Patch came along, and with it a galaxy of new "rats."   

The obsessed rat-catchers could no longer control online political speech; they could not delete, moderate, ban, or otherwise stop you and I from expressing our First Amendment-protected speech.   They could not access our identities to subject us to opposition research and Lane Bajardi's ghostwritten attacks on Hoboken411.  The obsessed rat-catchers convinced themselves that City Hall was directing MSV and GA.

Enter, Bajardi v Pincus It was supposed stop the rats,  identify them and, nail the Zimmer administration.

How did it work out, rat-catchers?


  1. Wow, Sara used her pop to go after you! She needs daddy's help to be nasty? Bizarre.

    1. I believe Sara Goff-Strojkoic's father is James (Jim) Goff a professional political organizer.

  2. They are a truly evil bunch. All we did was post pro administration anti-mason opinion. Speech crimes. Perry shared our identities with Lane for op research and ghostwriting on Hoboken411. Bajardi wrote smears for years. Kim wrote for Perry too. Amazing these defamers had the gall to sue.

  3. Looks like they started gunning for Heyer in 2007. So much hatred for someone just because they dared question the Countess of Hudson

    1. In fairness it's says plain as day that he went to meetings. You don't just forgive a thing like that.

  4. As far as the suit goes, well the jury is still out as we Master Litigators say. But I'd say were somewhere between abnormally successful and disturbingly successful. Right in that ballpark.

    I use the copyrighted term Lootigation for can't-miss suits like this where I can tell my clients will get sued before it's over and I can start wowing the defendants with my skills so they can hire me too!

    I was just telling my mom as she was laying out my clothes today and fixing my bowl of Count Chocula the way I like it... Score another one for....JayZeke --- Master Litigator!!! (Cash only, all sales final. That includes you too, mom.)

  5. I love how Sarah spends all this time sending all these emails explaining to everyone what's in the Hoboken Reporter, as if no one else has access to a copy or are just too stupid to understand as well as she does. She comes off as really condescending, even to her own fellow minions. What a sad, nasty bunch. They truly deserve each other, and deserve the just rewards they are now getting.

  6. Bet's Op. No. 5March 24, 2015 at 3:59 PM

    You underestimate our powers to nail you Zimmerist rats. Haven't you noticed the effective tracking system we set up? Lane was tracking Nancy back to April 2009. That's a full year before she even started this stupid blog.

    You see how efficient the Mason Team is? You just start thinking you don't like Beth or it crosses your mind Mikie is maybe not on the up and up - we're onto you! Lane is all over it and has classified, categorized and criminalized your criminal intent. If not against Beth then you're entered on his spreadsheet as an enemy of the state and making threats against the kid. We'll worry about the details what you'll be accused of later.

    Lane is so smart, he can detect your opposition to Beth and the Russo faction before you even begin a screen name anywhere in Hoboken. He's that good!

    Ok back to the salt mines. I'm here at the Mason Civic with Ryan, Smitty and Matty putting the final touches on the Mason Civic Relocation Program. Kim is raring to go and packed up but hubby wants to stay close to Beth. (Lane I'm your designated handler so can you please stop calling her? She doesn't want to speak to you right now. Hint: consider using the one way ticket Matty dropped off for you.)

    I'm so close to being Op. No. 3 I can almost see the crack of FinBoy's butt and savor the smell of a Mason family check as Op No. 1! You're next FinBoy!

    Boy this is exciting.

  7. That he went along with it says something about her upbringing, might explain the direction her moral points.

  8. Kim: "Mark Heyer comes to many meetings.... Beware."

    Your SLAPP sure taught him a lesson! "HA HA!"

  9. Speaking of the devil....

    There's nothing quite like finding 4 people, none of whom I could have picked out of a police line-up in 2007, discussing their intense dislike and mounting distrust of me.

    And why was that, Kim? Because I went to "many meetings"? Actually I never did. One or two ZBA meetings on a nimby basis and a few council meetings. Too much inside baseball for my taste. To be more specific, too many jerkoffs like yourselves.

    But not just you four lovelies. I was never deep into reform either. I'm not wired for it. Growing up in Cook County makes you immune to too much political loyalty. Ask any of the mainstays, they'll tell you. Though I gather as things have transpired that you all never bothered to ask anyone. Just like no one bothered to find out if Nancy was doing graphics for Kids First before putting her on the nazi truck. Ready, shoot, aim.

    Speaking of Barracato. I've now seen the email where Perry Klaussen gives Lane my name. A rules violator, says Perry, because I have 2 IDs. Forgetting that people got 2nd IDs because Perry kept putting their first ID in perpetual moderation if they didn't toe the party line. Also forgetting that he gave Lane at least 10 IDs so as to let Lane pretend to share Lane's opinion on Lane's articles.

    I've also seen the email where Lane gives my name to Barracato. And the article where Barracato pretends he figured it out himself. A tip to you folks because you're not especially good at what you do - any narrative that involves Barracato "figuring something out" is going to be a non-starter with anyone familiar with his "work". Lacks, as they say, verisimilitude.

    But this one takes the cake. "He goes to many meetings". You people see how fucked up you all were now, don't you? He goes to many meetings? That's a criticism? Then right away you start filling in a narrative to go along with your worst suspicions about someone you're making no effort to know. Circling the wagons, eating your own paranoia like hash brownies.

    You see how you brought Beth down with you too, don't you? Not that she was ever any prize. But you all brought an intense ugliness to this city and you made yourselves part of the completely unacceptable package deal that would have come with electing Beth. You assholes, that's who. Look no further. You have found the enemy and he is you. You folks on that email, plus that nitwit Barracato.

    Lane likes to blame the other operatives on Beth's payroll for Beth's failures. He has somewhat of a point there. But they never wrote that horrible stuff about Glatt. I don't even like Glatt, but that's just foul. I'm sure you said worse stuff. I'm sure it's all coming out, boyo. Little by little, day by day.

    Getting Beth meant getting you and all your viciousness. You and your little friends were the albatross around her neck. Blame the other operatives all you like. Or all you need to so you can sleep at night and not face the fact of your own involvement in Beth becoming a pariah. Especially when you stack that failure up against this failure. But it was you.

    They're bookends aren't they. Beth's failed career on one end, this failed lawsuit on the other. A nice symmetry. You're all in the middle, all essential to both. You still don't understand why it keeps happening; what the two failures have in common. And the truly magical part - you still think you're smarter than everyone else. Like it ever had anything to do with intelligence.

    1. Beautifully written & incredibly spot on. Good for you Info.

    2. "...eating your own paranoia like hash brownies."

      Home run.

    3. I know exactly what you mean.

      I could not believe that I was targeted by this group BEFORE I started my blog, all because they had shared my H411 private registration in 2009 and knew what I was posting there. Lane Bajardi was calling me a c*nt in mid-March 2010, BEFORE I started this blog. In 2010 he referred to me in numerous emails as "Pinc*nt".

      The obsessive tracking of political discourse online, the targeting of "rats" then the open warfare on political discourse at the City Council WHILE THEY WERE ATTACKING ALL OF US UNDER SCREEN NAMES, with easels, fiery speeches and in vile, ghostwritten smears on Hoboken411. We all knew who was doing it; the emails prove that and much more: the organized effort to silence dissenting political discourse, with support from elected officials.

      These people simply wanted to stop any discourse they could not control. They demonized me and Horsey because we were effective and people were reading us. Years of scheming, years of planning, then the lawsuit. All of their peeps knew what liars they were, and that the suit was a fraud. They rooted for our defeat; GA heard some were wishing we would "go bankrupt." They wanted us gone.

      The conduct of these 4 is so out-of-proportion with the reality of the prize: a shitty ward council seat in a mile-square city. Imagine my shock that Sara Stojkovic was working with her FATHER to destroy me in a smear operation using the NJ-ADL in 2010, when I did not know WHO Sara Stojkvic WAS. But she hated me that much- becuase of my online opinion. Imagine the hypocrisy: Sara Stojkovic running to Etzion Neuer with Daddy while she was fraternizing with persons attacking Stan G. as a blood diamonds dealer on nj.com.

      It is all too bizarre. At the end of the day, this is all about one political group trying to silence another.

    4. How and when will these people pay the price for their action? Exposure of their activities and embarrassment in the local community are only particle payback. The people of Hoboken want justice.

    5. Nice try infotain but u are wasting your breath. They aren't going to read what u wrote and think about whether it's true. They're just going to see if there's some way they can use it in court. They aren't capable of self assessment. Trying to talk sense to them is a mistake.

    6. We get justice at the polls, with our VOTE.

      Justice is delivered by cleansing the body politic of these people and their candidates. Justice is educating and registering voters and prying their fingers off the levers of power. Justice is supporting the institutions these people have worked to break- like the public schools.

      That is justice. The kind of empowerment these crude individuals tried to prevent by controlling all media (blogs, press) in Hoboken.

      They still have the press, btw. They lost the battle to end the blogs.

    7. We also get justice when we see a certain city councilperson spend vast sums of money to barely hang on to her seat. That right there shows us how much of a price they are paying to stay relevant politically. And even then, the person spending all that money looks like a complete fool for spending all that dough.

      Unfortunately the fool has no idea how foolish they look so they keep writing those endless checks. That is what fools do, repeat the same stupid stuff over and over again.

  10. Sara's Father is the guy who along with his daughter arranged the aid to Kenner LA where the HPD racism scandal occurred
    Back then Sara was "googley -eyed " for Mike Russo
    After she learned she couldn't control Zimmer, she moved on to Russo. Funny since she now tells the NY Times she left Zimmer because of Andrew Amato's support to Zimmer, yet her Dad was trolling and stalking every Old Guard politician trying to get them to support his daughter's " Vote Hoboken" Candidates. When upstanding folks like Cunningham and Zimmer learned this, and when they were told by Bajardi and Sara they had no control over their own campaigns....Hoboken, where else can 4 people like Sara, Lane, Kim and Beth all converge and becomes such loyal "friends"

    1. Who the hell is this Sarah person to think she could "control Zimmer"? Who is she to have a set of candidates? What, exactly, is it that makes her a power broker in any way, shape or form? And did anyone ever fall for her charade? Who the hell is this woman and why did she feel she had any influence over anything in town? I truly don't get it, Team Mason all live in fantasyland but this woman might actually take the cake. WTF?

    2. Sarah is a real piece of work. She is despicable & rude. I hope she and her jolly old hubby leave town.

    3. Never heard of this miscreant called Sara Goff-Strojkoic's. Is she jewish? I ask, because its deplorable that Mason would produce a Nazi van and pay for it. Is Sara too a jew cloaked in an anti-semite shawl?

      This Sara person is no one in town. She was just a lap dog for Beth much like Gumby. Another fool wasting their life.

  11. What a bunch of sub human cretins.
    If Bacardi was so worried about his safety, why did he continue to live here? What kind of person does that?
    In the words of Tom Vezzetti: "You're a fake, phone and a Fraud"

  12. I'm cross posting this on MSV too: It occurs to me that these people were plotting the demise of others, especially others' careers & lives (bankruptcy, oblivion etc). That's pretty heinous, but what's interesting is at least one of them had a lot to lose- Sarah's husband is employed in a high profile firm and position. He is easily found online (very distinct name). And while they're sitting around hatching plots to undermine the careers of others (or drive them into bankruptcy etc), her husband is cc'd on some emails, ostensibly putting in his two cents & easily a part of this. His employer is a big company who wouldn't like its name smeared with this crap. So are the Stojkovichs worried yet? I would be. Turnabout is fair play.

    1. Branko supposedly posted too.

    2. I have not seen any proof that Mr. Stojkovic was involved in any of their political operations other than being copied on emails. I am redacting his work email where it appears.


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