Source: Nazi Truck news a "hit" on Barracato, "everyone is angry"

Dish alert!

Did anyone else find it really odd that out-of-the-blue two major players in the 2012  'Nazi Truck' debacle reached out to pro-reform internet media to (finally) fess up about who they claim rented the truck.   

To recap, on February 25, Noel Torres,  owner/driver of the Nazi Truck, contacted MSV  because he "wanted to clear up any misunderstanding that the Move Forward co-campaign manager Joe Branco had been involved in any way with the Nazi Truck." The next day, the Move Forward co-campaign manager Joe Branco wrote on GA:
Noel and I spoke and he stated he felt remorseful about that whole incident. He said he wanted to set the record straight. I forwarded his number to Roman. That's it. Roman interviewed him and called me afterwards for a comment. I wanted to get to the bottom of this just like everyone else did and truly know who was behind this travesty. 
Okay. So that's why 862 days AFTER the Nazi Truck made its October 16, 2012 debut at Wallace School, these parties reached out to MSV.   Yeah, sure.  

GA does not doubt Torres' statement; I believe it. 

In fact, both Branco and Torres pointed the finger straight at Beth Mason "business partner" James Barracato. 

My first thought was: Barracato's one of them. Why are they turning on him?

GA called a source who said, "Wow he must have really pissed somebody off. This is a hit."  

I prodded further. My source added, "This kind of thing doesn't happen without approval from someone high up."

The past few days, GA has been trying to get more information about the real reason for Barracato's own people coming after him. 

Here are notes from my conversation with a (very) reliable source:
Carmelo's people are angry. All this email stuff is alarming people on that side, all of this email stuff really scaring people, all of them. Every day email comes from another direction.  Russo, real alarmed.  Not happy he is in court docs... the Russo-faction. Carmelo is holding Barracato accountable all of the stuff, the emails getting published. Barracato is the focus of it- it is his lawsuit. They were pissed off at the Nazi truck a waste of money and personal against you.  Typical of Barracato.  He wasted money... and Carmelo believes that Barracato had something to do with Stack dumping him.  Really upset... Russos... Barracato is at the center.. None of this would have happened if he hadn't talked the Bajardis into this lawsuit... Carmelo is holding him accountable... Carmelo blames James for him getting dumped and the problems they have... It's James manipulation behind the scenes..... it's everything... Carmelo getting dumped from the Assembly seat.. James has his dirty little fingerprints on everything.. everything James touches turns to shit... they don't want anything to do with him... he burned bridges...a lot of people know he burned Bertoli...Bertoli was good to him... how he stabbed Bertoli in the back... Beth's money may not matter anymore.. it may not matter that James brings Beth's money... that every time he touches something it ends up worse than when he started...
So that is all according to my Earwitness.  GA believes him/her.

It seems to GA that the architect of the biggest political debacle in 21st century Hoboken history, Bajardi v Pincus, is being recognized for his 'achievement.'

Barracato's midnight flyer for the Occhipinti campaign: October 29, 2013


  1. The fact that Joe Branco has been so close to Carmelo Garcia adds to the idea that this was a hit was a calculated hit.

    1. They are all delusional if they think Carmelo isn't as much to blame for his predicament as Mason is for hers. People don't like him purely because of the things he has done. Same for Mason. Two peas in a pod and both in denial as to how they got there.

  2. Not too late to run ?
    The crook's son.
    The war has just begun.
    Words used like a gun.
    This should be fun.

  3. Wow. Betcha Beth is still to dumb to dump him, tho.

    Karma, baby.

  4. Couldn't have happened to a bigger, more deserving scumbag.

  5. No tears for anyone who took Beth's money from her "business partner."

  6. I have to come clean: I've re-read this post three times. There's just too much to savor in just one sitting. I may even come back to it again later. So good.

  7. The punk called the old man a criminal. whoa

  8. Gosh I'm bored. Bored, bored, bored. Does anyone want to sue someone. Or does anyone want to be sued? You can start by suing someone and then they can sue you back because you had no reason to sue them in the first place. It really can be a lot of fun. Who wants to start?


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