"nominate perry b"

Funny how a group of political operatives with a little legal help could churn out complaints against their various political targets.  It went like this:
  1. Step 1: Get the right legal mumbo-jumbo on said Complaint 
  2. Step 2: Nominate a willing signatory
  3. Step 3: Get it in the hands of Hoboken411's political ghostwriter.
A 4:54 PM on December 22, 2010, Mason "business partner" James Barracato emails Jaime Cryan, Tim Occhipinti and Lane "not an operative" Bajardi.

read from the bottom up

At 11:40 AM on December 28, 2010, Beth Mason's attorney Steve Kleinman sent a "Confidential Request for an Investigation" ELEC form to James Barracato. The form was filled out except for "persons bringing the request"; those (3) name fields were left blank. 

At 12:16 PM Barracato forwarded Kleinman's partially-executed ELEC complaint to Lane "not an operative" Bajardi.


All ready for somebody's John Hancock!

"Nominate Perry B.!"

GA has not found the usual slime trail on Hoboken411; it appears no one volunteered to sign the ELEC complaint-- unlike the Bhalla complaint..."nominate Perry B.!"

Speaking of Ravi and well, Steve Kleinman, here is an email exchange from 2008.

 On February 22, Lane "Red Haven" Bajardi wrote Hoboken411:

Ah, 2008 when Bhalla was a "good guy."


  1. A la Prince maybe Kleinman can call himself the lawyer formerly known as scumbag.

    Let's ask the Sandwich-Head formerly known as Biancamano what he thinks.

  2. I'm curious if it's unethical for Kleinman to do this? It's one thing to write a complaint on a client's behalf for them to sign. Beth Mason isnt signing, its for a bunch of operatives. Maybe its kosher. Anybody know?

  3. As time goes by and more e-mails surface, the slimy side of Jamie Cryan is certainly starting come into focus, appears very eager to jump in and support the sleaze bag cause. This email makes him look like Barracato's lapdog, an eager puppy at his beck-and-call ready to obey.

  4. Good one Timmy! (He nominated Perry Belfiore.)
    And down goes another Hoboken Hindenburgh!
    Oh the humanity.....

    Somewhere Ravi is chuckling over all this inane turnabout.
    Beth Mason's attorney Steve Kleinman however is surely not.
    Yep, Beth Mason blown to smithereens again!

    Handing in my Mason Minion card now. I quit. Good job GA!

  5. I think its important to understand that in the Mason/Bajardi world "scumbag" is a compliment - shorthand for "Beth really ought to hire that guy." That's why "scumbag Kleinman" transitioned to becoming "Mason's scumbag lawyer Kleinman" without anyone blinking an eye.

  6. What if Kleinman contributed in some way to the Bajardi suit. If so Beth would be an underwriter. She denied making any contribution to it, and it would be so out of character for her to lie...

  7. "Ravi's got his turban in a bunch"

    WTF does Lane Bajardi mean by that?

    1. Lane should talk. He gets his straight jacket in a twist

  8. He's a jerk. But I don't think he's a bigot. He would tap into the bigotry of others if he thought that would work. Like he got caught doing with blood diamonds. All they cared about was winning. They'd use bigotry if it seemed useful. They could turn around the same day and feign outrage at bigotry. Completely amoral the whole lot.

    1. If you use bigoted hate speech then you are a bigot.
      When you refer to women using the c word then you are a misogynist.

    2. Does Lane Bajardi make turban wisecracks on 1010WINS?

    3. How would anyone notice? It's like 3 o'clock in the morning between traffic and weather.

  9. Isn't Steve Kleinman the lawyer for Beth Mason in the bogus criminal charges against Horsey? That case is still going on too right?

  10. Ok, let's change it to - Steve Kleinman, once and future scumbag lawyer.

  11. Would this sort of coordinated activity by Tim's campaign manager with Mason and company be seen as an in kind contribution? To the extent the campaign is having others do its bidding and those actions cost money, wouldn't it be Tim's responsibility to disclose those on his campaign filings?

    Makes you really wonder how much stuff you could find in these emails if you really wanted to turn the whole wad of them over to the press, to the board of elections or just make them publicly available for all to see.

    The people behind this suit are some of the absolute dumbest people I have ever seen. To go through all this trouble, spend all this money and just watch everything blow up in their faces. It is just mindblowingly stupid.

    1. Stay tuned. I hear fresh ELEC violations are on the way, courtesy of Lane and Kim, the best friends reform ever had.


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