Klaussen suggests Bajardi take 3 screen names "in favor," 1 "on the fence"

Pandora's Box is wide open, and truth is flying out everywhere.

What opened Pandora's Box?   

Bajardi v Pincus.  A mother-lode of information about how the behind-the-scenes anti-Zimmer political operation works has been, literally, dumped into the public domain.

Players may vary, but the machinery continues to this day.  So, as much prurient interest exists about what's in the Bajardi documents, they serve an important purpose.  The Bajardi documents reveal the inner workings of the massive, serious effort to influence public opinion on matters of public interest and effect election outcomes in Hoboken.  The goal: elect Beth Mason and her allies, 'destroy' Zimmer and her allies- including bloggers. The lawsuit to silence Brice, myself, and chill Reform's online political discourse was an audacious, costly political operation discussed for years, and finally implemented.  (Tom Bertoli's deposition pointed the finger at Mason's "business partner" James Barracato as threatening for years we were "gonna get sued".)

Props again to Donald Scarinci for recognizing our fight was  a "defense" of free internet speech.

On that note, every peek behind the curtain confirms the truth what many of us believed was going on at Hoboken411.com.   On October 10, 2010, Perry Klaussen asks Lane Bajardi:
"...would you be interested in a few new screen names? Maybe three in favor (3) and one (1) that in sort of on the fence?
That's what was going on.  Orchestrated debates among multiple screen names intended to influence public opinion on matters of public interest and effect election outcomes: the stuff political operatives do.

Yes, that's the birth of Lane Bajardi's Hoboken411.com screen name "4th Ward Guardian".

Here for your reading displeasure is a collection of  "4th Ward Guardian" posts on Hoboken411, (as of December 18, 2014):

Hoboken 411's political battlefield was stocked with an ever-expanding army of screen names for dispatching "anti-Lane and Perry people" whom they call  "enemies."  (Of course, one needs to identify the names of their "enemies;"that's for another day.)

In a May 3, 2011 email, Lane Bajardi writes to Klaussen:
"As I figured, the anti-Lane and Perry people (HoneyDew, and there will be more) are looking to cause trouble on the tow yard site. My guess is HoneyDew is one of our major enemies hiding in plain view. 

If 4th Ward Guardian starts taking the lead role on this thread that name will be useless because it willbecome obvious it's me. xyzpdq is a non-political poster who generally doesn't weigh in much on politicsand has always led people to believe he/she lives "in the center of town" either in the 3rd or 6th.

Can I get a screen name just for this thread? Does a thread-specific name like "StopTheTowYard" make sense? This screen name would only be for the Tow Yard, and once that story goes away would not return. 
Klaussen grants Bajardi's request, and gives him a new screen name: Mark on Park.  

There are plenty of take-aways from these exchanges (and many, many more in the 9,000 emails between Klaussen and Bajardi produced in discovery, which were filed as exhibits in my MSJ.)

We see an orchestrated effort to manipulate public opinion through manufactured debate; this is the definition of political propaganda.  We see screen names manufactured for specific threads on specific topics to fight "enemies" that "cause trouble."   We understand that "enemies" have political opinions and discourse unacceptable to Klaussen and Bajardi.  We see  Bajardi simply has to ask  for a new screen name and Klaussen creates one.  We see Hoboken411.com's behind-the-scenes propaganda machine at work in 2010 and 2011: churning out screen names to attack political enemies for an author too cowardly to do so under his own name- my opinion.

What did you say?  A little louder, please.

Yeah, right.  Tell that to Pandora.


  1. The funny part of opening this Pandora's box of emails is that the very words of those who tried to destroy the reform movement in Hoboken will be used to defeat them. Their very presence behind any political candidate in the future will hurt not help that candidate.

    If the one of the goals of this law suit was to be able to point to it and say look they are in court during the November elections when the Mason-Russo faction try to get a majority again on the city council it FAILED and they themselves are cast as the antagonists.

    If one of the goals was to silence MSV and GA it FAILED as I am sure all the publicity from the Bajardi's lawsuit has only served to drive viewers their sites.

    If Beth Mason is desperate enough to try to stay on as the city council the very words of her friends and supporters will likely flood the Second Ward and wash her out of office.

    the Russo-Mason decide to run Tim Occhipinti in the Fourth Ward these emails once put in a mailer and the presence of the authors supporting him again will kill what little chance he has to win.

    If one of the objectives was to try to drive people back comment to Perry Klaussen's Hoboken411 blog you only need to scan that site and see the almost total absence of comments of any kind.

  2. Not-paid-for-thinkingMarch 2, 2015 at 1:50 PM

    Did Timmy Occhipinti pay Lane to manage 3 IDs for him and one "on the fence". Or was it just another one I those things Occhipinti never asked about like why 575 paid workers were necessary.

  3. I can't think of anything dumber than this guy filing his law suit. When does "pulling a Bajardi' enter the lexicon? It means sticking a fire cracker in your own ass and lighting the fuse.

    1. Stick of dynamite more like. I have to think there are 100's more emails like this

  4. Everyone on Team Mason knew about all these shenanigans all along, and everyone on the reform side always suspected them. The challenge is how to get this story out to people who aren't involved in either side, voters who might not read MSV and GA, or who might occasionally check out 411 for movie listings. Local businesses should be aware of Perry's shadiness, as it should be a factor in their future advertising decisions.

    1. A juicy story like this spreads quickly. It will certainly be a big part of the November.

      I am not worried about 411 it is already dead. Any sane person who reads more than the movie timetable understands the crazy hatred behind the editorials.

      Remember when Beth Mason tried very hard to keep her working relationship with the Russo family on the down low ?

      I would watch for Russo and Castellano crews to try to put more public distance between themselves and Mason's crew. Previously they tried to piggy back their agenda on the Mason's money train.

  5. Wow. Good thing they didn't have full time jobs to hold down during this mess.

    What I don't understand is that they thought people on reform's side were double and triple posting. However, Perry had everyone's IP address, so he should have been able to tell if that was or was not the case. I find it odd that he didn't.

    I wonder how many more names Lane had that we don't know about. What a hateful bunch.

    1. Most of their actions are the textbook psych. definition of "projection". If they ever accused anyone of pretty much anything, it's because they themselves were engaged in such behaviors, usually on a much grander scale.

  6. Bajardi writes "I'm cooking a piece on Lenz and Marsh's relationship to Joe Vas"

    Wtf does that mean? He's a cook?

  7. This guy is one big turd and more! So full of himself for a small statured loser.

    1. He has no control over his genetics, can't we limit things to describing people's actions?

      He has free will, he choose this path, can't we just stick to that.

      Calling out his hight is no better than the H411 posts about dwarves or people with some weight to lose.

  8. This is all great and all but we need to pay attention to sleeping dogs. Russo's and Ramos even Garcia are loving that they are off the radar...

    It was just a few months ago Garcia was FIRED from the HHA.

    1. It was all but notarized that Garcia will not be returning to the Assembly last week.

      Let the other dogs sleep for now.

  9. Will someone from the council ask Beth Mason to resign?

    How can anyone stand by and allow a councilwoman to sit up there when she is responsible for arranging an Anti-Semetic movement in town!

    Councilwoman Beth Mason is responsible for Nazi Flyers and a Nazi truck!

    The fact that the Council nor the Mayor has not asked for her resignation is outrageous!

    1. Mason MinionitisMarch 2, 2015 at 6:28 PM

      Now now, simmer down there Anonymous. You could find yourself on a Google subpoena by one of Beth Mason's political operatives? Or would it be one of Beth Mason's civic issue oriented activists?

      It's so tough to keep up with her and all their bullshit.

      Look if it bothers you so much, you should get some friends and sign up and go ask her to resign yourself.

      The council members didn't say a word when she announced the SLAPP suit. Reform likes to sleep at the wheel. One day it's going to catch up to this town.

    2. You could read some of the emails at the next City Council meeting just to watch her squirm.

    3. So can you!

  10. The 4th Ward Guardian posts are vile. What a nasty man. What was his wife's screen name?

    1. Honey Boo Boo Bajardi

    2. Honey boo boo Bajardi. effing hilarious.

  11. Well not like any of us are surprised by this. If it were anyone but a Mason minion, that person would have been banned for registering multiple IDs. Of course, having an opinion that deviated from the Mason script also was a ban-worthy offense as was having a brain. Only morons, robots and Mason minions allowed was the way that site was run.


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