Kim Cardinal Bajardi was the "unnamed" resident "offended" by public mural

Recreation of Observer Highway mural "Relationships" using photo of original mushroom cloud

Ever wonder what happened to that mushroom cloud on the Observer Highway mural, "Relationships"?  You know, the original block-long mural had a peace sign and a mushroom cloud, Yin and Yang,  on either side of the word, "relationships".

Until the Yin lost its Yang.

At an October 12, 2005 NJ Transit board meeting, one Hoboken resident complained about the mushroom cloud. One month later, the cloud was painted over.  The name of the crank and reason for disfiguring the public work of art were withheld from the public.

Now we know her identity.

Kim Cardinal Bajardi.

According to the NJT meeting minutes (thanks to the Anon who provided the link), Cardinal Bajardi  claimed the cloud was "offensive" and "inappropriate" in light of the 9-11 tragedy 4 years earlier, and claimed she represented "other concerned citizens."   


If that were true, why did Kim Cardinal and Lane Bajardi lie to Hoboken411?

On May 9, 2008 Hoboken411 wrote a piece about the "Relationships" mural, his facts lifted  from the 2006 Hoboken Reporter article.

Regular commenters like HansBrix seemed angry that the mushroom cloud was painted over because of one nameless crank:

At 1:54 PM Kim Cardinal emails Hoboken411 with "information" she "cannot post" about the mural.

Cardinal's "information" doesn't match the meeting minutes.  Cardinal does NOT disclose that the mushroom cloud was painted over because she complained to NJT board members that she was "offended" by the "inappropriate" image, 9-11 and represented other "concerned citizens."

At 3:20 PM Lane Bajardi emails Hoboken411, and attacks the "Mural" post, calling it "pretty pointless."  He redirects blame for the removal of the mushroom cloud to Mo DeGennaro.

At 5:43 AM on May 11, 2008, Hoboken411 agrees to "change the content to reflect that"--  and he does.   

Hoboken411 deletes the reference to the "nameless Hoboken resident" who "demanded" the mushroom cloud be removed, and swaps it for one about Mo DeGennaro.

Good doggy!

Why didn't the Bajardi's disclose Cardinal's role in the removal of the mushroom cloud on the public mural?  

Why isn't this censorship? 


  1. Excellent GA!!!!! Love that you can dig into this treasure trove of emails to see the back end nonsense and also the the plaintiffs smearing Moe as the person at fault. When it clearly wasn't Moe who ruined the mural

    How do you have access to all these emails again from the plaintiffs? Ohhh that's right, expert advice

  2. Lane and Kim, through their own emails, have at this point been proven to be liars in so many instances that I'm no longer surprised. The best revelation here Perry wondering, after he pretty much lifts a series of Hoboken Reporter stories, why Caren might be gunning for him. Umm, duh! What a friggin' nitwit. Maybe 411 and HR were enemies because they were fighting for Mason ad dollars

  3. My clients may lie constantly. My clients may be opposed to everyone's freedom of speech but their own. However...


    I don't really know where I was going with that. I think that was it.

  4. It's not a great leap from censoring public art to censoring online speech.

    Kimmy and Lane decide what is and isn't appropriate for others to say, see and write. Sue the infidels!

  5. It appear from these emails that both Lane and Kim Bijardi understood what they did was not right and sought to hide in the shadows.
    It is good to see that they are getting the recognition they deserve.

  6. Project Mason MayhemMarch 31, 2015 at 5:25 PM

    Some people are kinda down right now about Lane. Yeah and also Kim. But they are very fashionable liars. Today I saw some of Lane's deposition on MSV and he was impeccably dressed looking dapper and ready to lie his ass off. He really was psyched to lie his ass off and whipped out a purple tie. Looked exactly the shade of purple as the purple pillow he plopped on a City Council chair for Beth Mason's derrier. Yeah, go minion!

    Here it's more of the same. While some people look at these lies and see nothing but liars; Beth Mason saw talent. Talent she could use and develop to take her all the way to the... Ok, well she's in the doghouse pretty much with everyone in Hoboken but hey, money can't buy you love but it can buy you a lot of liars!

    1. The destructive power of of a handful obsessed haters when fueled with whole lot of money from an amoral narcissist should never be underestimated.

  7. Maybe hausfrau Kimbo should join up with her crew from the 1940's

  8. I wondered what happened to that mural. It was catchy and inspiring.

    Unsure of the backlash? What was the problem?

    Maybe a group should send a letter stating that the majority of Hoboken appreciated the mural and it's come to light fewer then 5 people were opposed to it. Would they consider commissioning something similar?


  9. Intolerant, off-the-turnip-truck hillbillies a.k.a. Minn. goobers, who insist on "appropriate" art are not cut out for city life.

  10. Blaming Seniors? Their building is on Bloomfield St they can't see that mural from even the rear side.
    Lane and Kim blaming "Old Hoboken" again. Before they were with Old Hoboken, they were attacking it. This couple started wreaking havoc from the day they arrived .

  11. I was pissed when it got painted over. For years and years I watched the mural slowly take shape and then to have it painted over because of a narcissist who thinks the world revolves around her twisted brain.

  12. Censorship of publicly funded art, free speech and control over the behavior of others at public gatherings. Hmmmm....where have we seen that before?

    1. It all seems quite fitting for a Nazi Truck, no?

    2. Yes, Nazi trucks and gestapo tactics used with abandon, all the while Beth, Lane & Sara claiming to be Jewish, attacking the only one who is - G.A.

  13. Would love to know what graces the walls at chez Bajardi. Giclee prints by Thomas Kinkade?

  14. I wonder if these people enjoy being discussed openly on the internet. It seems to me that Sara and Kim worked very hard to stay in the shadows, and now that's out there for all to see. The daily email reveals are super fun & I thank GA for making them happen.


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