Hoboken411: "His name is..."

Did you ever suspect that your private registration on Hoboken411 was being shared?

Your suspicion might be based on the appearance of anonymous posts attacking you by name, or perhaps the creation of a specific screen name tailored to "send a message."

Bajardi v Pincus: Plaintiff Lane Bajardi Deposition
Hence, a reasonable person might believe that his/her name had been shared with whomever was posting the "message."  Right?

Such "message delivery" was not a rare event.  Victims would be likely to return fire at those whom they had a reasonable basis to believe delivered the "message."   Engagement with these "message-senders" was the foundation of Bajardi v Pincus

In GA's Monday post, we learned that "anti-Lane and Perry people" were "enemies." "Enemies"  criticized either Bajardi, Klaussen or their political views on Hoboken411.  To retaliate effectively required the "enemy" be identified.  That is where the sharing of private registrations seems to have occurred.

Note,  screen name "InfotainMe" was a 'Paragraph 130 Defendant' in Bajardi v Pincus.

If Plaintiff Lane Bajardi already knew the identity of 'InfotainMe,'  then why was 'InfotainMe' thrown into Bajardi v Pincus-  unless to harass him, subject his ISP to subpoena, cause litigation expenses and silence his political speech? 

Hoboken411 was used to mine information about both actual and prospective lawsuit victims. 

Hoboken411.com does "rudimentary checking for her real name, screen name..." after Bajardi states he "will be speaking with a lawyer on Monday to see if we can sue."  Why?  Because "she is one of the nastiest Beth Mason/ Lane bajardi/ Hoboken411 haters on the net."

That's enough to get one sued, apparently.

Another exchange.  At 1:10AM on August 24, 2010, Klaussen shared "hate mail" from reader Kate (redacted) with Lane Bajardi.   What do the Bajardi's do with this information?

It's called 'opposition research' ( "Kim did some detective work.")  

Oh, one more question....

Criticizing Hoboken411 in a private email seems to pose risks.

Of course, posting any political opinion or commentary friendly to Mayor Zimmer or her administration makes you a "paid blogger," and might get you this:

This is just a peek, folks.   

We see how the desire to retaliate against critics of Hoboken411, his political ghostwriter, Beth Mason and her surrogates is followed by requests for information and/or the person's identity from Hoboken411.   The emails show how Hoboken411 compromised his users' privacy by sharing their email communications, email addresses, IP addresses and names with others. 

Some of those compromised ended up as Defendants in Bajardi v Pincus.

Like me.  Yup.


  1. Interesting they want Ines Garcia Keim to use her position on the city rent control board to go after people.... hmmmm Abuse of public position much Ines?

  2. Detective Honey Boo Boo Bajardi is good at is finding a stale twinkie in their Macy's white sofa cushions

  3. What miserable boring little lives they lived...They definitely think of us way more than any reformers cared about them. Like country club rejects standing on Beth's Shoulders to look over the hedges, Kim and Lane and Lane saw Politics as access to wealth and power. When they failed at that, they used the courts to achieve it, the wealth part anyway... too bad they failed at that as well. Lifetime losers....

  4. This just in tio the Newsroom! Lane, you are not higher up on the food chain...
    Joe Concha is on TV and you're on AM NewsRadio!!! HaHaHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHA

  5. "The emails show how Hoboken411 compromised his users' privacy by sharing their email communications, email addresses, IP addresses and names with others."

    Isn't this cause enough to shut down Hate411?

  6. Katie_Scarlett here (and I will verify with GA if asked by her that it's really me posting) - those assholes thought I was redrider765??? bawaahahahahahhaah. They were incorrect- very, very incorrect (as in, wrong in every possible way to be wrong when dealing with guessing the anonymous poster). Oh, and the facts on one of the others they were going after, also all wrong, I'm personal friends with that person. Not surprising given who these people are, but isn't it hilarious that if they facts can't be spoon fed to them through the use of personal info provided to 411, they can't get their facts straight???

    Oh, speaking of facts: I didn't "voluntarily" leave 411, Perry started blocking my comments/holding them & then eventually deleted me (well, I think he deleted me, I really don't remember). I'm glad his site numbers went up, that seems to have been sustained all these years. . .except it wasn't.


  7. Reform knew the facts all along. We have always been smarter. Them dirtier. But once the dust (dirt) settles things get flushed out. The generators, 20/20, the hospital, Nazi Truck.

    Their little army is so small that we never needed fingerprints to tie them to the atrocities that plague this city.

    A couple from the dark side did cross over, though reform still raises an eyebrow or two, but the rest of them are delusional.

    We knew the truth, all along. They hated us for this? Yet they denied it to no end and then continued to lie, cheat and steal. How does one live with themselves?

    Reform lives well on this side of the country club fence. We are enjoying the many parks, honest government, better schools, flooding initiative plans, fiscal stability to name a few. Although, what's a club without a pool and tennis courts? Oh, yes that was the dark sides promise...

    1. Yes, it's true.

      We did know all along but they operate in the shadows, so maintained enough plausible deniability to file a mountain of claims against us. They got a big hand from the Hoboken Reporter who painted the pair as an innocent "Hoboken couple" and me as a person who "threatened" their toddler. Absolute bullshit.

      Their claims forced us to expose them, to expose what and who they really are. Knowing the facts was not enough; we had to prove why we had a reasonable basis to believe what we wrote was true. We slogged through 540 days of discovery, 2 1/2 years total of very costly litigation, but we did it.

  8. Wasn't a female in town threatened physically after her identity was revealed? Is that correct?

    1. Yes, someone threatened a female in town based on information that that female posted as Katie_Scarlett. Additionally, someone else called the workplace of the female they believed to be Katie_Scarlett and spoke to the office manager to try to get her fired. The woman who threatened Katie_Scarlett was a candidate's wife, and indicated verbally during the harassment that her information came from none other than Lane Bajardi. The 2nd individual is a certain nincompoop who is pro-reform or against depending on his meds and apologized for his misstep during a more lucid period. During that apology, he stated his information came directly from Perry Klaussen.

    2. Nincompoops, Inc.March 4, 2015 at 4:54 PM

      Let me guess. That same nincompoop that posted Kurt Gardiner's telephone number on Craigslist, and Gardiner's phone rang 150 times in 24 hours.... the nincompoop 'allegedly' did this for a certain miscreant whose name rhymes with Jerry. Nincompoop's name rhymes with Cory.


      Between calls and text messages, local blogger Kurt Gardiner’s phone rang almost 150 times from 7 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 2 to 11 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 3.

      Apparently, someone posted the Hoboken resident’s cell phone number on Craigslist.com along with various ads, including one offering free tickets to the Jets playoff game.

      Another post purported to be from “Mrs. Gaffney” offering to pay workers $23.58 per hour to clean three floors.

      A third post offered a free plasma TV, furniture, and a bike.

      Gardiner filed a police report for harassment. He also told the police that he thought the attack might be in retaliation because he has a local blog called the Hoboken Journal, in which he posts his political views. In the last year, many of his views have been in favor of current Mayor Dawn Zimmer, who ran in several election battles last year.

      His phone rang 150 times in 24 hours.

      Gardiner suspected the harassment was coming from a fan of a competing local blog, and he told police this.

    3. Nincompoop "Cory"! Ha! That he is, a real loser.

  9. Mason MinionitisMarch 4, 2015 at 2:18 PM

    Could be true but I didn't read in on Mason411 or the Mason Reporter so no, it's all lies! Lies I tell you and if you repeat this, I will sue you. We all follow Beth's motto, "Unless there's proof...." Even when there is proof, well we will deny it again and again.

    Us Mason Minions are all victims. That's our story and we're sticking to it.
    - From the Beth Mason political operative handbook - page one, para 2.

  10. Kim's a detective, huh? I hear she cries on demand. Wah. Call her "the Crying Detective"

  11. When can victims file a SLAPP back?

  12. I assume Perry gave up my Hoboken 411 ID to Lane Bajardi too. What about Barracato? Was he in this loop?

    1. Definitely. Same interests, same goals. Destroy the enemy. Klaussen, Bajardi and Barracato put politics before everything else. They wanted everyone to join 411 so they knew who everyone was. Not a droplet of honor between the 3 of them. They know your name if you gave it to them. If you ever said a bad word about the 3 of them or Beth, they were tracking you and possibly looking up other information about you.

  13. Why would they need to include InfoTainMe in the 'Paragraph 130 Defendant' list if they knew that person's identity? I guess because they were so often wrong or they didn't want to show their cards as to how they knew? I always figured them throwing every user id name besides Horse and GA was all about fear and trying to stifle all the negative press Mason was getting. Pure SLAPP. As Bertoli said they obviously wanted GA and Horse to destroyed

    What sick awful people

  14. Exactly. They knew the identities of other Paragraph 130 Defendants as well.

    They targeted these individuals and forced them to finance a legal defense. There are angry people out there. I suspect they are not going away.


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