Cardinal asks Barracato: "It is Saturday... what happened?" 10:47 AM on May 12, 2012 in an email titled, "Groundhog Day:"

Was something supposed to happen on Saturday? What about Groundhog Day?

In 2012, Punxsutawney Phil checked his shadow on February 2-- not May 12.   

Hmmm, this is cryptic.  Cardinal is asking "again... what happened" as thought she expected something to happen on that Saturday.  The reason she is asking Mason "business partner" James Barracato is because she believes he knows why 'it' didn't "happen".

I can't imagine what was supposed to happen on Saturday, except that's the day most Hoboken residents receive their copy of The Hoboken Reporter.

Now we know! 

Cardinal was talking about The Hoboken Reporter.  More specifically, something that she expected to find in it- a story!  Cardinal seems impatient, as if she wanted to see it published- my opinion, so don't sue me!   According to Barracato: "they" (Dave Unger? Gene Richings? Steven LaMarca?)  "said they are doing it."

But they didn't!  Oh, no! What was this story Cardinal expected to see on May 12?

Based on the email, the story included a PHOTOSHOPPED .pdf  of a page from this blog, which  James Barracato gave to The Hoboken Reporter for a story about "pro Nazi-bloggers."     Barracato created his PHOTOSHOPPED  "GasChamberHeader.pdf" on May 2, 2012- ten days before Cardinal sent her "Groundhog" email.   

GA knows this because the moron left electronic fin-prints on his .pdf- click image to enlarge.

CLICK HERE to read how GA foiled this Barracato smear

How fascinating to discover Kim Cardinal knew about the story- a political smear on Hoboken Reform bloggers- expected to see it "on Saturday."

Alas, the Groundhog saw his shadow and went back in his burrow never to come out again! 

These emails demonstrate political operative Barracato's collusion with a newspaper for a political smear,  the press' initial cooperation with him in a coordinated effort to influence public opinion against  bloggers allied with a different political faction in Hoboken.  That one political faction can access the press to write stories favorable to one faction over another, is a matter of public interest and public concern.

So, when your "smear" story doesn't appear in the Saturday paper, what do operatives do? 
They talk.

In fact, Kim Cardinal Bajardi and political operative James Barracato talked a lot in the months before and after the July 26, 2012 filing of Bajardi v Pincus - but not at all in 2011.

What a coincidence!  This email exchange occurred 75 days before Bajardi v Pincus was filed.

Below is a chart filed in my Motion for Summary Judgement (chart undisputed by Plaintiffs).  The data was drawn from Plaintiffs Lane Bajardi  and Kim Cardinal Bajardi's Verizon Wireless phone records returned in discovery.   The chart is a breakdown of calls made to/from each Plaintiff  and James Barracato, Beth Mason, Perry Klaussen and Tim Occhipinti.

To clarify, many other political figures in Hoboken were found on the Plaintiffs' wireless phone records, data which was analyzed and filed with court documents, not shown. Some of them noted in my Memorandum of Law Supporting Defendant Pincus' Motion for Summary Judgment:

Don't you wonder what the "talk" was about on May 12, 2012?


  1. "I am more than a little pissed they forwarded a document I gave them to Pincus". Well of course he was since it was manipulated to make GA look bad.

    Keep up the great work GA. Hoboken owes you for all you have done to expose this scandal

  2. What are you trying to say with all these names listed in the Bejardi's twins wireless speed dial? Doesn't everyone call Michelle Russo, Matt Calicchio, Terry and Timmy as part of their regular civic issue activities?

    I hope you aren't calling them Beth Mason political operatives? I heard that's an instant $2,000,000 payout for even thinking that in the land of OZ?

    I'm just a sad imitation of a liefest SLAPP suit and bludiamonds?

  3. Lane Bajardi made 113 phonecalls to political operative James Barracato in 2012. Wow. When was he hired at the radio station?

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  4. Guess who still loves Barracato? Fellow Nazi truck scumbag Barry Brendel. Whatta surprise.

  5. It's obvious but needs to be stated for the record: what a bunch of liars. Political spin is one thing, but these members of the Beth Mason team have been proven to be nothing more than a bunch of liars...and by "proven", I mean by their own words from their own emails. The people of Hoboken have learned a valuable lesson: never trust Beth Mason or anyone associated with her, end of story. Because they are all a bunch of liars.

  6. Beth Mason is a case study in what happens when you hire inexperienced political consultants with no positive track records. Even if she were to fire her current staff and change her approach it is doubtful she can survive the next election, but it is her only hope to get reelected. She had an opportunity to hire a top notch Hudson consultant early in her political career but those chose not to do it. He eventually moved to Florida. She better hope that her enemies do not hire him to run the campaign against her and her allies. If they do, she's DOA.

    1. I think I know who you mean. Yeah, he is top notch.

  7. Wow! Great reveal GA! I mean it was pretty obvious that a hit-job was in the offing back when you received the document in 2012 discovered Baracato's fingerprints all over it, but this email exchange seals the deal. And we have the added bonus that the Cardinal/Bajardi duo were in on it mere months before they sued you.

  8. I wonder if Lane was in digital drag and using Kim's address and Identity so he could continue in politics while working the Midnight Shift on AM Radio ?


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