Beth's Brain(s)

Did you ever wonder who was at the control panel of Beth Mason's brain?

You know; flipping switches, turning gears, picking the words to exit her mouth?

Over and over,  the massive email 'document dump' reveals it is a group effort to make this Councilwoman tick.  Yes, it takes a village to be Councilwoman Mason, which is almost amusing until you realize what that really means. An unelected, unqualified group of hyper-partisans and political operatives were running the 2nd Ward, making decisions impacting the entire City of Hoboken.  That is not funny.  It is a matter of public interest and public concern to the residents of Hoboken that unelected others were in control. Residents of the 2nd Ward were mislead to believe that Beth Mason was the Councilwoman- not a rogue band of hacks and nuts. Other people really were "writing her stuff."  Other people were running amok with her dough, trafficking ill-gotten email, hiring Nazi Trucks, posting midnight flyers and playing dirty tricks.  So if you thought you saw Mason getting cues from her Blackberry during Council meetings, she probably was.

Take a peek behind the curtain on the night of June 20, 2012.   There is a City Council meeting ongoing. At 9:39 PM, Kim Cardinal emails Mason "business partner" James Barracato: 

Kim Cardinal Bajardi, back seat driver, demands that Bhalla "must recuse himself..." for a Council vote.    Imagine the blood vessels bulging as she hammered that 'exclamation point' key (!!!!!!)

At 9:41 PM, Barracato dutifully sends Mason a text, presumably to convey Cardinal's order.

At 9:44 PM,  Cardinal emails Barracato "it is time to seriously consider a recall" of the 5th or 6th Ward Councilpersons.  It is no secret: Barracato's "business partner" can afford to fund such a recall. 


Barracato picks one, then Cardinal suggest a two-fer...

 Oooh, wicked-smart. Or just wicked.

Uh-oh... it's 9:50 PM; here come more exclamation points (!!!!!!!)

Object!!!!!  Object!!!!!  Object!!!!!!   Darn, Mason's not answering her texts...

9:57 PM: incoming cryptic message:

Cardinal's next order:  Mason must investigate Bhalla!  It's "what she does best."

These email exchanges took place 36 days before Bajardi v Pincus was filed, with this repeated claim:

Bit by bit, sunlight falls on a rogue political group that operated in shadows, then used the courts to silence critics.

I wonder how that worked out? 


  1. Didn't Kim Cardinal Bajardi claim that she was just a sweet stay-at-home mom who is being unfairly harassed by bloggers in her lawsuit? She seems to fancy herself more as a Karl Rove strategist than a regular mom to me.

    I mean what type of person follows the play-by-play of live council meetings and texts messages to council in real time? A political operative, that's who.

    1. Damn straight. These clowns owe you a LOT of money.

  2. Beth I know you are reading ... or at least you are paying someone to read it for you. Don't you feel pathetic? You all sound so unhinged and crazy. You are a giant pathetic Loser. Lane, if 1010 Wins pays any attention to this, they are so getting rid of you. How can you walk around this town? Aren't all of you embarrassed?

    1. Beth Reads? Or she has things read TO her? "feed me more grapes Jimmy"
      "Rub my bunions Kim..." , " Drive me to my shrink Matt..."
      "Read to me..."

  3. God, these emails are SOOOOO embarrassing to Mason. Think about the reform council members: they have jobs/families/lives, and they manage their council work ALL BY THEMSELVES! They don't have a year-round office space or full-time staff of paid staffers, they just do the damn work. Are you kidding me?? Beth, you're living in fantasyland. You're not Hilary Clinton, get a grip.

  4. Manipulative twats controlling a miserable hull of a person.

    Why is her brain so big in the graphic? I wouldn't give her credit. It should be more like the size of a walnut.

  5. If they filed the suit in July then they already hired the attorney when this happened. What fucks. Spend your days working on a lawsuit claiming you are being defamed when someone calls you a political operative. Spend your nights being a political operative.

    There's a special place in hell for assholes like them.

  6. My takeaway from this is that Tim isn't Beth's puppet. Clearly Beth is the puppet.

    And I agree these emails are completely embarrassing for Beth & company. What were they thinking when they pulled the trigger on this litigation?


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