Truth and Avalanches

The Hoboken Reporter creature-feature called 50,000+ emails produced by Plaintiffs in the discovery phase of their litigation  an "avalanche."

Political columnist Al Sullivan referred to the discovery emails as "a massive number of documents that may well reveal the behind-the-scenes manipulation that has made Hoboken such a political sewer over the years."  

The actual discovery request was for 7 years of email to/from twenty-two persons including, but not limited to: Hoboken elected officials,   Hudson County political operatives, campaign operatives,  politicos, reporters and columnists.  GA is not going to publish their names.  The point is, Sullivan got it right.

In fact, there is more truth in Al's column this week, (carefully couched to slip past the HR's editorial talons) than has been covered anywhere so far on the genesis of the lawsuit. Sully called it "classical warfare with anonymous people on both sides flinging insults at each other."  He also referenced Tom Bertoli: "While Bajardi claimed not to be responsible for casting on-line barbs at Pincus, written depositions given by one-time Mason ally Tom Bertoli disputed this..."

So, although not taken much further, Sullivan introduced the notion of "both sides" engaged in Hoboken's heated political discourse before one side asserted they were defamed by the other side. The story of how the other side conducted years of "warfare" on one side is buried in an avalanche.

The how is what Sullivan calls "behind-the-scenes manipulation."  The how is many different stories. 

Greg Bond, a better Canadian import than maple syrup, published his analysis on his blog "Whats Up With Hoboken?"  It's a thoughtful piece, with questions of the rhetorical kind. 

The trial's last word may belong to Judge Patrick Arre, but I agree with Al.  Just as this suit was implemented to influence the 2012 an election, so may revelations about "relationships to various political players" because that is the bloodsport of Hoboken politics.

Councilman Mike Russo said once at the City Council, "Hoboken politics is a full contact sport."  He's right, of course.  This lawsuit was a 2 1/2 year political beating, the proofs are in an avalanche.  


  1. Good article by Greg, one wonders if perhaps plaintiffs were "victims" after all...but just not the type the HR meant.


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