Scarinci Supports GA, Horsey and Free Internet Speech

NJ Constitutional scholar Donald Scarinci on the side of GA, Horse and FREE INTERNET SPEECH

Donald Scarinci may be known statewide as a politically-connected powerhouse, 'rainmaker', closest friend of New Jersey's Democratic Senator Bob Menendez and "Number 9"...

But what some don't know about the ├╝ber-powerful Scarinci is that he is a Constitutional scholar and a blogger.

That's right.  One of those.

Scarinci's blog is called Constitutional Law Reporter and that is what he blogs about.

GA didn't know that, until I read his Opinion piece in yesterday's politickernj, "Grafix Avenger & Hoboken Horse Defend Free Internet Speech."   It begins: 
"Socrates said, “While I may disagree with what you say I will defend to the death your right to say it.”  Socrates would be proud of Judge Patrick J. Arre in Hudson County."  
Woo-hoo! And it only gets better.

Not only is Scarinci's piece a stern repudiation of The Hoboken Reporter's simplistic, one-sided, partisan drek titled "The Bounds of Free Speech,"  it is a condemnation of the lawsuit itself.

Mr. Scarinci writes:
"Let’s face it, even those of us with Rhinoceros skin are bugged sometimes when anonymous blog posts misstate facts and say the most awful things. Imagine the cottage industry for lawyers if everyone took them to court. Worse yet, imagine America if people were afraid to speak their mind? America without free speech is not America."
Not in the Land of Monsters at 1400 Washington Street. 

That's where monsters pick "victims" and "antagonists," call Patrick Ricciardi's criminal theft of the mayor's emails a "scheme" (like a pissing-in-the-beer-keg frat boy prank), call stolen emails "leaked," imply non-defamatory statements on GA should have been removed, "(the post can still be found on her site)" among other spiteful flourishes (or favors).

The monsters also practice censorship;  they censor unflattering facts about their 'side.'   So, the monsters deliberately OMITTED  the "victim's" years of partisan political ghostwriting for and the "victim's" own "impolite" postings attacking "his antagonists" numbering in the hundreds.

 Wants to "bind" the FIRST AMENDMENT

With the monsters living in Hoboken's  Fourth Estate, GA was heartened to read Mr. Scarinci's stalwart defense of free internet speech and his praise for Judge Arre's decision.

In fact, GA emailed Mr. Scarinci to thank him for his "defense of free speech online and acknowledgment...after a fighting a scorched-earth SLAPP for 2 1/2 years."   

I was delighted to receive a reply, which I'll keep private.  To summarize, Donald Scarinci "applauds" defendants' decision  to stand up and fight for the principal of free speech and not capitulate and/or give "an apology that should never be given."  His letter ends with: "...keep on doing what you're doing."

Thank you, Mr. Scarinci for sticking up for the people who stuck up for the First Amendment.


  1. Scarinci whacked Beth Mason with a 2 x 4.

  2. It doesn't hurt to have an ally like him and Menendez.

  3. Bride of MatznersteinFebruary 19, 2015 at 4:23 PM

    You would think a major statewide political figure like Scarinci would be the one who is thin skinned having a close friend in the US Senate. But if you thought that, you'd be wrong.

    As it turns out the one with a political hack mentality toward American liberty is a local editor who makes her living off the First Amendment. She should stick to low brow chick lit, obviously better geared to her intellectual capacity.

    As for Mr. Scarinci, that's a big nod to American freedoms across New Jersey.
    That's something we can all be proud. Rock!


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